Inactive [MECH/FUN] Spire v0.1 - Build a spire to induce intense lightning storms [1000]

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    Spire - Smite your foes with redstone controlled lightning madness:
    Version: v0.1

    Hello Bukkit. This is my first plugin - it allows you to make a spire which, when powered by redstone induces localised lightning strikes.

    I am of the belief that the best plugins are those that just work, this means no playing with signs.. etc. To build a spire, simply construct a diamond block with at least 3 iron blocks on top of it. Then, power the diamond block with redstone - be sure to stand a little way back! Every time the diamond block receives a rising edge from its input (low to high) it will shoot lightning.

    I then highly reccomend you hook it up to a redstone clock circuit to make a continuous storm. This makes for awesome fun.

    Spire is tweakable through the yml config file it generates in /plugins/spire/. It has three variables.

    • Safety: This determines a safe zone around the base which can not be hit.
    • Range: This determines the possible range of the strikes outside the safety zone. Note, due to the laws of probability, higher values will result in a less dense storm.
    • Strikes: The number of lightning strikes to be induced upon each trigger.

    Warning: this plugin may lag some clients. Use with caution!




    • Build-able redstone controlled mechanism for inducing lighting.
    • Attach to clock circuit to create storms.
    • Configurable safety, range and strikes per trigger

    Download Spire
    Source Code

    Version 0.1
    • Released!
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    Boy that looks fun...possible night/day configuration? Day off, and night on?
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    Grammar Troll

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    August O'Beirne

    Great Plugin, Just What I Needed. Thanks sooo much!
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    Aww thanks guys. I was thinking of making a version with a gold block that would target players and monsters. Would there be any interest in something like this?
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    This is an awesome plugin! Lightweight and it works. The gold block idea would be cool, but it could be disastrous if put in a populated area or near the spawn point. Is there a way you could have it hook into Permissions or check operator status? When it doesn't rain out, the spire can cause fires. On my server we have a dense area of houses that is pretty flammable.

    Either way, awesome plugin! My friends and I have been having some fun with it.
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    The plugin works by detecting redstone current changes - I don't think there is a way to easily check who operated the mechanism, i am also weary of adding bloat to the plugin. However, i believe that something like the fantastic Worldguard plugin may allow you to add these restrictions.

    Perhaps i shall make a separate plugin for targeted lighting.

    Glad your enjoying my plugin!
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    @Grrrr159 do you use craftbook? Cause in craftbook circuits you can create a clock with a sign a block and a lever and it will trigger the lighting every 50 ticks..

    What I did was set it up on a day/night clock so the lightning only strikes at night. All of this done via craftbook circuits.
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    THX ! really funny plugin :D
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    The goal behind the plugin was to provide a cool actuator for redstone circuits. Because of this i don't want to include anything in the plugin that should be done through redstone and redstone related plugins (like craftbook/falsebook). If you want to add it anyway, feel free to adapt the source code, just please reference me.
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    No, I found that it lagged my server too badly. (I run it from my desktop) Thanks for the advice though.
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    Try turning the strikes variable down? Chances are its the client lagging because it has trouble processing all the graphics.
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    It would be really great if you could have an option to ditch the redstone currents and just have the lightning be continuous by itself. Redstone in SMP is pretty dodgy and will always be until Notch fixes it up a little bit. Sometimes my redstone torches don't work on my server. Besides, having a configurable option (on/off) for the redstone activation would keep the plugin lightweight! I hope you add this :p
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    Very cool! Not sure if I'll use it ATM, just because then everyone on my server will use it too...and it will be a lightning-filled world, but, just wanted to let you know this is VERY cool.
  16. Can you give me .schematic of that tower on screenshots?
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    There is a pretty bad glitch. That could eventually lead to a blue screen of death. There are sky world maps where there is no ground so when the tower is built there, the lightning goes down infinitely. The very exact instant you strike void, the server freezes. Probably trying to process the - value of the ground the lightning is trying to hit. Can you fix this?
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    Oh man...this plugin is entirely worth it. I've been looking for a way to increase the natural lightning strike rate like I've seen done on a client mod in a youtube video. I failed to find such a mod, but, for the sake of being "artificial", I turned the range on the strikes WAY up, the safety range WAY down, and the number of strikes to at least 10, then connected this to a redstone clock connected with a transmitter a la RedstoneChips. Works like a charm! Now I can explain to my friends that "they've angered the minecraft gods" :p

    P.S. The actual spire just happens to be on Prof. Oak's house :D
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    This has caused me and one of the other people on my server to learn how to create a random number generator out of redstone. We now have an 8-bit LFSR feedback loop hooked up (which generates a series of 255 semi-random numbers) and are using runecraft to wirelessly power a lightning rod for our mage tower. Such an awesome mod.
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    Liking what I see so far, and I would definitely be interested in a spire that can target mobs/players, if configurable. Maybe a separate plugin for that would be best, though.
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    Daniel Newell

    hey great plugin.... till i put permisions on.. now it dont work :(

    Edit: Nevermind
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    Thanks for all the feedback! Bugfix version coming soon for the skylands.
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    Just installed this on my second server! One of my favorite plugins. Keep up the good work! You should put up a donate link.

    Also, do you think you could add Permissions support, or maybe Op status check?
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    is there a issue with the safety if the spire is built at a different height? i made one a block low of the player and i keep getting hit in a 25 block radios
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    Alex H

    you should make it so that you place a sign on the block with the info so that each lightning rod can have its own radius and ammount of strikes
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    I like the idea of one made out of gold that targets players and mobs, if you decide to make it can you make in configurable that you can make it zap only players, or only mobs?
    Really nice plugin though, I enjoy having intense lightning storms come out of nowhere. >:D
    I rate this plugin 77 boxes of pizza out of 79 boxes of pizza :p.
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    Suggestion: is it possible to make range depending on the height of the spire? e.g. Higher spire shots farther.
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    Awesome plugin! Thank you for writing this.

    I found a memory leak but I don't know if it's in Spire or Minecraft and/or Bukkit. If I keep firing off lightning via Spire, my server consumes more and more memory until it eventually hangs.

    16:14:53 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-1112-g54a13b2-b1240jnks (MC: 1.8.1)
    16:14:56 [INFO] Spire version 0.1 is enabled.
    Best regards,
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    Hello all, thanks again for your feedback.

    Im just returning after a very long break from development. Will be shortly updating with a few bugfixs. No idea about that memory leak though. Will look into it.

    I will have a think about how to add admin support, but its not clear how it will work. Also in the interest of simplicity i will avoid signs, but will definitely consider size = range. I like things that you can just build and they work. No fuss.

    Gold monster killing spire also in the works.. but don't hold your breath! I have a university degree that takes up most of my time.
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    Ohmygod! The lightning should end up on monsters around the tower so basically the tower can be turned on at night and it will protect all the buildings built around it from bad mobs!

    EDIT: Looks like I should have read your last post! xD Still. Update this NAO! :D

    Or of course get on with your degree - thats much more important.

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