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    The Werewolf
    The Werewolf version 2.2
    New BukkitDev page: here
    please post your questions/suggestions there
    The Werewolf is the werewolf plug-in created to bring you the ultimate werewolf experience!

    It’s ideas are based of various myths/legends and and our personal ideas about how the plug-in should function.

    If you have any suggestions for the plug-in or need help, please tell us in the comments! We (Firemars and me) are a dedicated team and will try to read and answer every single one!

    RPGOverhead v1.0 is required for the latest version! This plugin will ensure compatibility with as many other RPG-style plugins as possible. It can be downloaded here.

    We recommend that you also download both the Spout.jar for your server and use the SpoutCraft client so you can enjoy the full Werewolf experience!

    The Werewolf features:

    Almost every feature is customisable in the config file! All the features named here are the default settings.

    • To become a Werewolf, you have to get bitten (attacked) by a wolf or Werewolf at night and contract the Wolven-infection (small chance). This infection turns the Human into a Werewolf when they step outside the next night. It can be stopped by staying inside the night after contracting the infection.
    • A Werewolf automatically turns into his Wolf-form at night.
    • A Werewolf can sprint in Wolf-form by using the shift-key.
    • A Werewolf cannot wield weapons (low damage) while in Wolf-form, but does high unarmed damage!
    • A Werewolf cannot wield Armor while in Wolf-form, but has a high natural defense! When turning in a Werewolf, the player drops his armor.
    • When in wolf-form, all wolves are friendly (unless another Werewolf controls them).
    • Prevents your wolves from being damaged while you are offline.
    • Werewolves are very vulnerable to “Silver” (Iron) weapons.
    • A recipe creates an item that cures Werewolves and turns them back into humans, when using the item, there is a 1/4th chance the user is cured. There is no way of telling wether the user is actually cured until the next night.

    Visuals & Audio [FONT=Arial](Requires Spout and Spoutcraft!)[/FONT]:
    • Achievements (Notifications):
      • [FONT=Arial][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=Arial][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=Arial]The Infection - Contract the infection[/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT]
      • The Werewolf - Turn into a Werewolf
      • The Packleader - Have some wolf-companions
      • The Spreader - Infect a human
      • New Sherrif in Town - Kill a fellow Werewolf
      • The Cure - Make a Werewolfism-cure
    • When in wolf-form, character skin changes to a Werewolf skin.
    • Howling sound when a character transforms

    • thewerewolf.togglewerewolf..............allow toggling of werewolf status
    • thewerewolf.toggleself.......................allow players to toggle their own wolf status
    • thewerewolf.infectwerewolf...............allow infecting players by command
    • thewerewolf.infectself........................allow players to infect themselves
    • thewerewolf.cure...............................allow players to use the cure
    • thewerewolf.infectother.....................allow players to infect other players by hitting
    • thewerewolf.becomeinfected............allow players to become infected by hitting
    • thewerewolf.thewerewolf...................allow players to enable/disable the plugin

    Toggle Werewolfism.................................../togglewerewolf [PLAYERNAME]
    Toggle Werewolfism on yourself................/togglewolfself
    Infect player with Werewolfism.................../infectwerewolf [PLAYERNAME]
    Infect yourself with Werewolfism................/infectwolfself
    Toggle plugins on/off state........................../thewerewolf


    Look in the %server%/plugins/TheWerewolf/config.yml file for these options. I only describe the more important/harder to understand options here.
    • Modifiers.Night.Resolution changes the update cycle speed. Slower servers should insert higher numbers
    • Modifiers.Hardcore, hardcore mode makes werewolfs drop their items and disables them to talk properly
    • Files.Skin for a custom skin file
    • Files.Howl for a custom howl noise (when turning into a werewolf)
    • Disallowed.Items Insert any number of comma separated (spaces are ignored) item materials or id's here. Werewolfs can't use these items in any way.
    • Multiplied.Weapons are the weapons which do extra damage to a werewolf
    • Recipe.Materials for a custom recipe, again item name or item id, or null if spot should be skipped (going from topleft corner to the right, then the next line etc.)
    • Recipe.Result for a custom cure item
    Possible Future Features:

    • Customizeable per-player/per-group skins
    • When transforming to and from Wolf-form, the characters emits particles (similar to those of a Nether-portal).
    • Instead of damage prevention, despawn wolves while you are offline.
    • Whole new achievement screen with custom achievements.
    • Abitilies:
      • Growl - Stuns nearby hostile creatures
    • Anything else you submit!
    Known Bugs:
    • Please help with this plugin by submitting any bugs you found while playing!

    A BIG thanks to everyone who made this plugin possible! Especially the lead-designer of this plugin, Firemars. New features will be added through him!

    The test team (Minecraft Names) A-Z:
    • Daanie
    • DutchyDev
    • Firemars
    • Pimmi
    • Supershoarma
    (They also came with cool ideas for the plugin)

    The default skin:
    Beelzabeth, check him out, he makes some awesome skins!

    • v2.2 - Unnecessary update!
      • fixed tiny bug which shouldn't occur?
      • changed name of speed modifier for ppl having trouble running
      • split Speed in Speed_Multiplier and Jump_Multiplier
    • v2.1 -
      • Improved running, you won't need to use shift anymore
      • Higher jumping
      • Fixed a bug where RPGOverhead couldn't be found
    • v2.0 - bug fixes:
      • TheWerewolf would initialize faster than spout
    • v2.0 - features:
      • Extending RPGOverhead to enjoy maximum compatibility
      • added 2 commands + permission nodes to change yourself into a werewolf
    more... (open)

    • v1.5 - bug fixes:
      • armor wouldn't drop while in hardcore mode
      • angry wolves captured from other players would attack their new owner
    • v1.5 - features
      • splitted hardcore mode in chat-scramble and item-drop in config file
      • chat-scramble only occurs between wolfs and players (players get the text scrambled)
      • chat-scramble messages are now editable
      • insta-friendly of wolves can now be disabled
      • werewolfs armor will act for every damage source (also fall damage!)
        • sources can be disabled (armor won't act)
        • minimum damage of 1 even if armor would lower it to 0
      • werewolfs growl when other entities target them
    • v1.3 - Corrected tiny console bug
    • v1.2 - Implemented some user ideas:
      • Customizeable items which a werewolf receives extra damage from
      • Customizeable recipe/cure item
      • a command, /thewerewolf, to turn the plugin on or off
      • optional 'hardcore mode'
        • Werewolfs drop their items and can't pick them up
        • Werewolfs can't talk, all they do is make beastily noises
    • v1.1 - Fixed bug where players would never turn after being infected
    • v1.0 - Initial release!
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    Testing your plugin, working great except for sound and skin. Also, config file (at least the download adress for skin and sound) keeps reseting at server restart. Maybe this is why we can't get skin and sound ?

    CB #1060, Spout 1.0.2 client and Plugins:
    Thanks for the plugin :)
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    Awesome, thank you. No issues for me.
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    It keeps resetting, so that means you change it. What exactly do you change it to? Maybe the code crashes on some illegal character or so...
    Also, do the sound and skin work while in default settings? Else, that would be a spout related issue.
  5. work great for me, awesome and thanks for your work
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    On my upcoming server I took Mobdisguise and made it so that the race of my server "Werewolf" can use it to turn into wolfs. But I like this plugin better, so I was thinking can you make it so that there is a config option that instead of turning them into the wolf skin they turn into a wolf?
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    Looks amazing!
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    Changed the sound and skin location, to host them on my webserver. But with default settings, no skin or sound either. Also, Spout command windows does not log any skin or sound download, but it does when it's Xp bar from mcMMO or sounds from BiomeSounds. So maybe a spout related issue ?
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    Could it be possible to change the “Silver” (Iron) to gold and make the recipe to cure Werewolves customisable? Otherwise, great plugin. I'm sure my fellow friends are going to enjoy this!
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    Awesome, i HAVE to put this with my vampire plugin in my folder! Thanks man!
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    This looks amazing!

    Have you heard of the card game 'The Werewolves of Millers Hollow'?

    It's based on an old game called 'Mafia'

    Here's a video with game instructions + power details:

    Villager - Have to get rid of the werewolves by making elections during the day time.

    Werewolf - Get to eat/murder a villager each night
    Witch - has 2 potions: 1 to kill a character and one to save a character
    Seer - Can reveal the identity of any character in the village

    There are many more powers, the possibilities are endless and there is another version of Werewolves called 'Ultimate Werewolf'.

    Wow if this could be implemented somehow into Minecraft it'd be amazing!
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    by any chancevwould this change curent vampires into wearwolfs . or is this compatible with the vampire plugin at all?
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    Awesome plugin !!

    I have some little ideas :
    • Higher jump in wolf-form (2-3 blocks)
    • Nightvision by altering the HUD like the jack o'lantern mask effect
    • The possibility to climb walls as ladders
    • A werewolf skin per player
    • The possibility to not be attack by monsters in wolf-form
    • The possibility to prevent wielding tools but be able to break blocks easier
    • The possibility to hide the title of the player when he is in wolf-form
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    Please add command to turn the plugin on/off.
  15. iam using permissionsbukkit everything work but when a player is infected he never turn into fullwolf naturally (he stay out the night after).
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    hmm really strange... The latest spout does seem to have quite a lot of issues so maybe it is conflicting with other plugins or spout just can't handle the requests... I'm no spout expert tho....

    sure, will put it in the next update

    Next release should have compatibility with the vampire plugin, I'm going to contact the developer currently maintaining the plugin now

    I'll see what I can do, some of those should have been in version 1.0 but couldn't be implemented yet. Now bukkit and spout are updated it might be possible.


    hmm I see what you mean, quite a fail on my side.... Will throw out an update as soon as possible to fix this

    Thas quite an awesome idea. I still don't really understand the game though. Seems like it can be done.

    I might ask for your help if I ever start working on this idea

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  17. Amazing! It's a perfect start to a great plug-in! It's hard to even think of a problem with it. But... wait there is a huge problem. If I were to put this on my RPG server everyone wouldn't want to find the cure to being a wolf because...being a wolf has no bad-side. You can't wear armor? no big deal they will just run around hitting everyone.

    Solution -
    1. Wolfs can't pick up items and when they turn to wolf they drop all items.
    2. When a player talks while in wolf form there text would turn into these lines of text. (no matter what they type).
    %35 a. *Grunting Noise*
    %5 b. *Growling noise*
    %10 c. *HOWLLLLLLLLL!*
    %50 d. *ciring sound*

    Sorry if it is not clear. I didn't know how to show the percentages.

    PLEASE RESPOND:rolleyes:
  18. thanks for the fix !
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    wow, that's kinda radical.
    I will add an option 'hardcore mode' where these things are enabled, implementing them shouldn't be a problem
  20. Thank you!
    I cannot wait for you to add that in because this is gonna be such a HUGE improvement to the server!
    P.S. Nice idea putting the useless item as the cure!
    P.S.S. Can that item be changed in a texture pack???

    How does the infection start?
    Does an admin need to start it?
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    - The item can be changed yes. It's a regular minecraft texture, you just are unable to get it in any way except for hacking (or this recipe of course)

    Please read the description, you have a small chance of being infected by being attacked by a wolf or werewolf at night
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    I like the idea of dropping all inventory :cool:
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    @Lwss, raulx222, _GWG_SheepKiller
    Implemented all your idease
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    i think you should be able to grow when you become a werewolf u grow like a half a block
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    I think it is hard to do even with spout..
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    as I said under possible future features:
    When in wolf-form, the character actually turns into a wolf!
    but with the current spout version that's not possible yet....
  27. that makes sense sorry for being such a lousy reader.
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    Need a custom sound for werewolf taking damage.
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    i got an good idea do an alpha Werewolf when an normal werewolf kills 100 (can be changed in config) he becomes an Werewolf alpha he will have other skin (Scary skin) he will walk and sprint faster he will jump higher and he will be stronger (damage and defense) and he will get less jump damage. ^_^
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    When you say that they can't talk what do you mean by that?
    They can't use chat? Or just howl when a player hits them?

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