Inactive [MECH/FUN/RPG] RadioBeacon v1.2.5 - build radio towers, navigate using compasses! [1.2.5-R2.0]

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    RadioBeacon - build radio towers, navigate to them using compasses!
    Version: 1.2.5

    Help your players find each other or other places of interest by building radio towers, broadcasting signals to be picked up by anyone within range and the proper equipment.

    Works great on "random spawn point" (solitude/apocalypse) themed servers.

    • Uses existing in-game items (iron blocks, bars, compasses)
    • No commands or client mods needed
    • Antennas continuously transmit, larger antennas transmit further
    • Message can be included in transmissions
    • Tune compasses to received transmission, navigate to the source
    • High-performance and light-weight implementation
    • Receive transmissions even if chunk is unloaded
    • Antennas are affected by weather
    • Relay antennas for retransmitting messages
    • Multi-world aware

    BukkitDev page - includes full documentation, additional screenshots, source code



    More screenshots & introductory tutorial

    Change Log:

    2012-05-19 1.2.5
    • Replace HashMap of Player with UUID; fix potential memory leak/future incompatibility
    • Test with CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R2.0

    2012-04-30 1.2
    • Add configurable mobileRadioItem to change item used for radios (compass)

    2012-03-09 1.1.2
    • Add /toggleradio for players to turn off their portable compass radio
    • Ignore saved antennas from worlds not loaded

    2012-03-04 1.1.1
    • Add sorting to portable compass radio received signals (nearest first)
    • Add radiobeacon.create and radiobeacon.addmessage permission nodes (ticket 2)
    • Add configuration options to disable signal lock and compass targetting
    • Improve message when user builds beyond maximum height
    • Ignore cancelled events
    • Update for CraftBukkit 1.2.3-R0.1 beta build (ticket 5) and 1.1-R6 recommended build

    2012-02-13 1.1
    • Add relay antennas

    2012-02-09 1.0
    • Add options to enable/disable mobile radio tuning by shift/left/right-click
    • Add options to increase mobile radio range when compass is held continuously (scan bonus)
    • Add option for asymmetric broadcast/reception radius on fixed antennas
    • Add option to disable verbose logging
    • Fix bug where copied config.yml defaults were ignored on initial run
    • Add AntennaChangeEvent custom event other plugins can listen for

    2012-02-06 0.10
    • Add mobileMaxRadius configuration option to cap compass radio reception
    • Add weather-affected compass options, mobileRadiusStormFactor and mobileRadiusThunderFactor
    • Allow clicking attached sign (not only the iron block) to receive signals at a fixed antenna
    • Configuration documentation

    2012-02-01 0.9
    • Initial public release
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    When on 1.3.1?
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    Love the idea - It's fantastic. But, I can't get rid of any radio towers. Destroying the antenna, deleting the redstone power, destroying the block itself and covering where it was with obsidian - it still broadcasts. Reload, restart, nothing. I can't even do it by deleting the contents of the antennas.yml. It just re-instates the antennea. Get this- I even deleted the plugin folder - they STILL boradcasted. It was a nightmare. It's a shame , I really wanted to use this plugin.

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