Inactive [MECH/FUN/RPG] Monster Apocalypse - A Complete Rework of Minecraft Mobs. [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by blainicus, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Can we blacklist 1 bloc (exemple sand) just for 1 type of monster (exemple skeleton)?
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    No. I'm afraid you'll want to look into biome control mods if you want to make very specific adjustments.
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    my config file keeps returning to default, is this a common error? And if so, how is it fixed?
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    I feel kinda stupid asking this, but I guess I dont have a choice. how do u set the spawn points for the mobs to spawn? I've checked the commands and tried them, but it doesnt seem to work.
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    I've had this problem; watch your server log, and if you see it generate a severe error, find that error and fix it. I think it resets to default if there's a major error. Try making a config file, then saving a copy somewhere else, then testing it.
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    Make sure you have spawnpoints enabled in the config, the commands won't work if you don't.
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    Was this ever answered? This is the only option within Monster Apocalypse that I haven't been able to get to work properly. In game I have yet to see a zombie do any piling.

    Other than that, the plugin is amazing. Thank you for all of your hard work!
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    My config file reset when i load this plugin
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    They pile, trust me. :eek: A friend and I built a treehouse network, and there were little gravel piles everywhere from them trying to reach us. Their pathfinding sucks, though, so they don't really take advantage of their piles.
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    Yeah it worked.
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    Can anyone help me?
    Every time I load up the server, I get at least 3 errors for each mob saying "error adding drop to drop list...(etc)"

    Anyone know what's up? I am running r4, so if that makes difference, please tell me ONLY if it will be fixed in the next update.
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    Clean up your post (move the config to a pastey link), then we can talk.
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    Is this, or will this, be updated for the 1.2 release, and subsequently, the next bukkit build?
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    Very likely. Perhaps not if it breaks most of the plugin.
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    That's what I'm worried about. The zombies now have pathfinding, which pressures them to assault doors instead of just blindly running into a wall.

    I truly hope you update this, I'd LOVE this plugin.
  17. Hi, i'm having an issue, i've activated all the inteligence stuff for zombies, ( diging, and torches breaking ) but they don't do any of that, they don't break blocks or anything x/ help ? :)
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    Is anyone else getting an error with R4?
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    Does this disables blazes ability to set people on fire?
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    You need to set a list of breakable blocks.

    I've heard of people having trouble with R4, but not an error message (rather, finicky behavior).

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    Is it possible for you to ever add support to the naturalistic spawn lighting min/max? No other thing out there does this, and this seems to go really close to it. In fact, I'd take just about any add-on that only allows spawns in moonlit or lower, but the only other's dev. completely disappeared a while back.

    Otherwise, I'll probably use this just to set a whitelist for grass/stone/gravel and tell people to keep their floors something other than those to prevent house-spawning. Nobody wants to put a torch every five blocks.
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    Clean enough now for ease.
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    Check the config, it already has this. :)

    Thank you. Your problem is pretty simple, craftbukkit enums have to be in all caps, they all look to be the right names but without caps.
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    I see:

    "Bonus monsters per player: 4
    Percent chance of spawning a monster in bonus waves: 100.0
    Minimum light level to spawn: 0
    Maximum light level to spawn: 2
    "Minimum light level to spawn naturalistic bonus: 0
    Maximum light level to spawn naturalistic bonus: 2"

    I have it set to 2 to test overworld, it must have to do with non-normal spawns (Like, vanilla game spawns is what I'm talking about), because they can spawn in moonlight (A light level of 4). I'm looking specifically to alter what all mobs can spawn on in terms of light level, which this doesn't seem to do.

    Edit: "Enable Spawning changes?: false" -->Does this need to be set to true to change anything, then? If that's the case, it should be thrown way up at the top, IMO.
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    No, it doesn't affect custom spawns. You will need to disable natural hostile spawns, if you only want them below light 2. Naturalistic spawns is a separate node from vanilla spawns, and while you can run both at once, is essentially a superior replacement.

    Basically, 'spawning changes' is all of the vanilla spawn options, such as chance, count, replacement etc for just natural spawns. Disabling this disables those checks only, everything else is unaffected.
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    so say I'd like to change this:
    Have monsters spawn with same stats/etc as a vanilla server, but reduce the likelihood of creepers by 20% and have monsters only spawn at a light level of 4 and below//Moonlight. What exactly would I change?

    PS: Thanks a heap for the responses. :D I just dont feel like any of the values are very clearly defined.
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    Disable natural spawns.

    Enable naturalistic spawns.

    Naturalistic light levels 0-4, default period/tick settings on naturalistic spawns should give you vanilla spawn rates, and then play with the naturalistic spawn distribution settings (for example, creeper 17%, and 21% on each other one).
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    Enable natural hostile spawns?: false
    (Keep natural passive spawns: true is OK, right?)
    Enable naturalistic bonus spawns?: true

    Then under
    "Naturalistic Bonus Spawns:"
    I'd change
    chance: 100.0---> say, 50.0? Can I leave the rest at 100, or do I need to adjust Enerman~Wolf all to make sure they add up exactly to 100 between of the others?

    And then I wouldn't touch the "Natural" spawns, correct? Or should I set their rate to 0 so they're not double-spawning by keeping natural passives at true?

    Should I change anything with passive/animals between the two groups to keep them functioning normally?

    Thanks a heap for your help, if I can get this to work correctly and everything goes smoothly into 1.2 you'll probably be getting a donation from me :D
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    can't wait for this to be updated :)

    best plugin [diamond][diamond]
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    Naturalistic spawns shouldn't affect animals in any way, and you can keep vanilla passives on.

    Here is an example of how to set up your naturalistic spawns. All of your enabled types need to add up to between 100 and 101 % chance. This basically just lets you tweak the proportions of monster types, it does not affect spawn rates. If a type is not listed, it is spawn false.

    spawn: true
    chance: 16.0
    spawn: true
    chance: 21.0
    spawn: true
    chance: 21.0
    spawn: true
    chance: 21.0
    spawn: true
    chance: 21.5

    Hope this helps!

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