[MECH/FUN/RPG] Ghast Wars - Experience the terror of the Apocalypse [1.0.1-R1]

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    THIS PLUGIN IS DEPRECATED, please look at Monster Apocalypse!

    == Overview ==
    Ghast Wars is a mod for those seeking some extra challenge in their Minecraft experience. This spawns as many Ghasts as you like, as often as you like, in the overworld, similar to natural spawning. In addition, this makes Ghast bombs explode twice as strongly (rendering obsidian as your only absolute defense), leaving a fire and explosion immune silverfish in their wake. Team up with your friends, and fight for your life! Video and screenshots coming soon.

    Download version 2.0 here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/ghastwars/files/5-ghast-wars/

    == config.yml ==
    World Name: world
    # ghasts will only spawn on the world named here
    Ghasts per player: 6
    # the number of ghast spawn attempts on each target
    Spawn extra Ghasts at night?: true
    # if enabled, uses the same algorithm as normal but ON TOP of the normal one with its own settings after the sun goes down.
    Spawn silverfish in explosions?: true
    # if enabled, ghast explosions have a chance to spawn silverfish.
    # While enabled, this plugin make silverfish immune to fire and explosion damage,
    # as well as making them explode on death :)
    Explosion radius (Edit carefully): 2
    #The explosion power for ghasts, not recommended to change this
    Percent chance of spawning a Ghast: 10.0
    # percent chance that one of the passes as set above will actually spawn
    Percent chance of spawning extra Ghasts at night: 10.0
    # see above, night algorithm
    Percent chance of spawning a silverfish in an explosion: 33.0
    Minimum spawn distance: 50
    Maximum spawn distance: 90
    # distance in blocks from the selected player to spawn
    Always spawn period: 120000
    Night spawn period: 120000
    # time between spawn runs, in milliseconds. Default 2 minutes.
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  3. blainicus
    Please add a small changelog, maybe some screenshots, and make sure it works with latest rb
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    I ended up using all of this code and providing functionality for the same setup to Monster Apocalypse. You can remove the thread if you like, or whatever you need to do. There was only ever one version of this plugin, and the screenshots would simply be of ghasts as it prints no chat messages. I'm relatively certain it will work with any future version of minecraft as the code is extremely simple and none of the methods called (other than the event system) have been changed.
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