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    EffectiveArrows -the bow is now an effective weapon!
    PluginVersion 2.5.3
    ServerVersion /version: git-Bukkit-0.0.0-905-g9277096-b1000jnks (MC: 1.7.2)
    Download EffectiveArrowsv2.5.3

    • Spout

    • Toggle between arrow types by left clicking or if you are using the SpoutCraft launcher you can use the , and . keys to cycle forward and backwards through arrow types.
    • GUI for users using the SpoutCraft launcher.
    • Seven unique arrow types:
    1. Normal: Just the standard arrow, uses one arrow per shot.​
    2. TNT: Explodes on contact, by default uses one arrow and one tnt per shot.​
    3. Lightning: Strikes area with lightning on contact, by default uses one arrow and one diamond per shot.​
    4. Fire: Lights hit area on fire, by default uses one arrow and one wool per shot. Now emits smoke when flying!
    5. Iron: does four damage instead of two, by default uses one iron ingot and one arrow per shot.​
    6. Diamond A.K.A Razor: does six damage, by default uses one diamond and one arrow per shot. They are razor sharp!​
    7. Smoke: Releases a cloud of smoke upon hitting something, by default uses one gunpowder.​

    Permissions (These are super perms):
    The use of permissions can be toggled on/off in the config file if off it will allow players to use allowed arrow types (specified in config) while ops can use all. If permissions are enabled the use of arrows is based on the following nodes, note these are the Bukkit-integrated super perms so you cannot use third party permission plugins like permissions:​
    Or use EffectiveArrow.use.* to use all arrows!
    I highly recommend using bpermissions for managing super perms.​

    1. The arrow effect works both on contact with entity and blocks; however with blocks there is a small delay.
    2. I would be more than happy to implement new features/arrow types if they are well balanced and the requests are well thought out and politely phrased.
    Upcoming features! (open)
    Eventually custom arrow looks for each arrow type A.K.A. You will be able to see the wool on the fire arrow, the tnt on the explosive arrow and so on. Exciting stuff!

    Features/Tutorial (open)

    Before reporting that you can't switch arrows while using permissions look here:
    Installation (open)

    Remember this plugin uses super-perms which are built into Bukkit not third party applications such as Permissions. To use this you must use a permission handler that directly effects Bukkit permissions (I recommend bPermissions). I understand this is a little hard to grasp seeing that they both do the same thing.

    Fixed for Spout update! Sorry guys.​
    Fixed for RB 1060!​

    Previous Versions (open)

    Explosive arrows can now be effected by world guard and other such plugins that effect explosions.​
    Gave the ability to toggle whether or not to use the old method of banning individual arrows while ops can use all. The banned arrows and whether or not to use permissions can all be found and changed in the config file. Rewrote some sections of code. PLEASE DELETE CONFIG FILE UPON UPDATING!
    You no longer have to give permission for normal arrows. Stopped the plugin from crashing the server if setup incorrectly :). Removed old code. Improved efficiency due to removal of repeated checks of the same condition. Added hidden feature.​
    Completely implemented the * node. Explosive arrows remove themselves now so no more lag in blown up areas. Fixed a bug where you could switch arrow types in chat. Fixed a bug do to two Runnables conflicting (resulting in an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception). Improved code efficiency. Removed the timer setting in the config file due to the new changes. PLEASE DELETE CONFIG FILE UPON UPDATING!
    GUI now only shows when a player is interacting with a bow and arrow (note: this means it enables and disables on left and right clicks, the item held change event cannot handle scrolling well). Customizable GUI location! Removed redundant code.Added EffectiveArrow.use.* permission node. PLEASE DELETE CONFIG FILE UPON UPDATING!
    Added the ability to customize the size of the explosion for the explosive arrow. Added config file to change the item needed to shoot the arrow. Added GUI for users running the SpoutCraft launcher. Added the ability to cycle through the arrows if using the SpoutCraft launcher using the , and . keys. Fire arrows now emit smoke while flying. Made some code more efficient. PLEASE DELETE CONFIG FILE UPON UPDATING!

    You can now customize the blast radius of the ExplosiveArrow and we now have Bukkit integrated permission support. PLEASE DELETE CONFIG FILE UPON UPDATING!
    Emergency fix for a weird bug. You can now adjust how long it takes arrows to activate after hitting blocks. Ops can still use banned arrows so if you want this to be op only just set all arrows to banned. PLEASE DELETE CONFIG FILE UPON UPDATING!
    Added config file now you can have only the arrows you want to have! Added two new​
    arrow types iron tipped and diamond tipped which do 4 and 6 damage respectively.​
    Did a rewrite of code. Each arrow type is now it's own class! What does this mean for you? Config file will be coming shortly and more arrows will be added! Also players now can only switch to arrows they have materials for.​
    released plugin!​

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    I'll download the new version of CreeperHeal and test it out now!

    Okay, still doesn't work with V2.3, but the dev said there are a lot of new fixes coming out in 3.0, which he plans to have out by next weekend. I will keep you posted.

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    OK thanks! If you have any features you feel need to be added feel free to message me.
  4. Great smooth working addon btw. Wondering about a few more features you could add and maybe a est line.

    1. Being about to add customized required mats to use an arrow type. (been hoping to make lightning arrows use Lapis Lazuli, and change a few other items around)

    2. New arrow: Hookshoot: 2 funtions.
    When used on blocks allows you to teleport to that block (or pull you to it, check out HookShot plugin for so nice user pull effects).
    When fired at Entity(creature, pvp, player) Does damage and pulls them closer to you! Great for antikiting.

    Thanks for your time.
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    I've been working on the customized ammo; however, it may take me a while I've been really busy lately. The grappling arrow sounds amazing will add soon.

    So how would the arrows work I can make it so you can fire a grappling arrow but then how should you pull yourself in? I want to keep the ease of use so I don't want them to have to switch held items...

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    teleport arrow would be simpler, same idea just faster
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    Yeah that's kinda what I was thinking but a grapple arrow would be more balanced and realistic....
  8. looking around in salamijacks source for his pull effect. Hookshot source

    import org.bukkit.entity.LivingEntity;
    import org.bukkit.entity.Player;
    import org.bukkit.event.vehicle.VehicleExitEvent;
    import org.bukkit.event.vehicle.VehicleListener;

    seems he used a vehicle mech for movement? don't know still digging!
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    Yeah I know I looked at the source. I know how to do it I'm just not sure if I want to... Maybe by holding shift who knows? I can get it to work but I'm not sure user-interface wise how I'd set it up.
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    4. Fire: Lights hit area on fire, uses one arrow and one wool per shot.
    Can you fire with this mobs/players?
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    i tried using explosive arrows two days ago, the arrows are still there
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    If you are asking if it lights mobs on fire yes it does.
    As in the physical arrows? Odd the arrows are supposed to despawn after a certain amount of time, is this in a high traffic area? If so that may be the cause will look into tis further.
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    Would it be possible to have fire arrows leave a trail of smoke sprites? I think the ghast fireballs have the effect.
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    what is the name of the mod or plugin in the video that shows a status bar when you break a block?
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    Yes it would be possible I am working on adding in-flight effects so tnt arrows don't go as far and fire arrows emit smoke (and maybe light).
    Just a texture pack.
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    Dude that works on Single Player ??
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    What? If your talking about the status bar yes it does.
    Anyways just released a new update folks hope you enjoy it.

    Smoke has been added along with some other stuff :)

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  18. is the new fire effect intentional? where the arrow lands fire is set(normal/no damage to environment), then the block underneath is destroyed replaced with the cube of fire. (new/damages environment) (tested on stone slabs and dirt)

    after more testing, does this to just slabs
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    So wait it destroys stone slabs?!? checking this immediately...
    *Edit* Did not touch the fire code so no clue why it's doing this now... fire cannot burn above half slabs so if it lands on a stone slab this is the only way to still have a fire so the question is keep the destruction of slabs or just make fire arrows that land on slabs do nothing which one? (this is an open vote feel free to state your opinion.
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    Help! The plugin wont make a folder so it wont work. I have no other plugins. Why wont it work:confused:

    Oh I need Spout...:oops: Sorry I missed that. Now it works and it is beast :D

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    Glad you enjoy it! Remember to use the SpoutCraft launcher for the GUI :) Remember to read the notes section it can help a lot.


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    Hate to be a bother but it actually is not working. I am trying to fix it myself but if any1 would like to help. my problem is that my run says effective arrows is enabled but when I left click nothing. I have spout the server plugin so I don't know why it is not working. Also I cant use spout because I have WinRar Archiver so it is an archive not a program.
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    Ah this is because you have not given yourself the permission to use arrows at all :) Use bpermissions to give yourself the EffectiveArrow permission nodes.
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    Thanks. it works now:D Sorry this is my first week with my new bukkit server.
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    No problem there was a learning curve for me too.
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    Amazing. I'm loving the smoke effect for the flaming arrows. However, I'm having an issue. There's text on screen that says "Arrow type: flaming" or normal, or whatever type it is, but it never disappears. It's always on screen even after switching to another weapon or dropping the bow entirely.
    I'm using the latest versions of Spout, this plugin, and Spout Launcher. Just last night I actually updated everything.
    Here are some screens:


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    That is intended but why is the arrow text there technically it should be right above the armor bar... odd

    Also the arrow type was intended to be ever present. Try new version, moved arrow type bar to be less annoying.

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    Oh, I see. Also note, it isn't like that in the vanilla Minecraft launcher, just the spout launcher. In vanilla it just pops up a chat line. It also only appears up in the middle of the screen like that when I F11 into fullscreen. It's over the armor bar when in windowed mode.
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    I can't send custom text lines to the vanilla it was intended as a Spout only feature. And yeah with a little testing I noticed that the Spout scaling method is a little odd. It is intended to be ever present so that you can always see the arrow type in the event that you want to switch while holding a different object.
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    Hi skeleton,

    For the plugin, you recommend bpermissions, but you also have spout required.

    on the bpermissions page, it clearly says:

    Confirmed incompatabilities:
    • LWC
    • MCMMO
    • Spout
    • BukkitContrib
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    Hmm. Now I'm at an impass. Do I use the vanilla Minecraft launcher or use the Spout launcher in the default resolution. Is there a fix for this? I would be happy with the regular chat notification in the Spout version.
    Also, the OP says Plugin version 1.5 and download version 2.1

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