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    EffectiveArrows -the bow is now an effective weapon!
    PluginVersion 2.5.3
    ServerVersion /version: git-Bukkit-0.0.0-905-g9277096-b1000jnks (MC: 1.7.2)
    Download EffectiveArrowsv2.5.3

    • Spout

    • Toggle between arrow types by left clicking or if you are using the SpoutCraft launcher you can use the , and . keys to cycle forward and backwards through arrow types.
    • GUI for users using the SpoutCraft launcher.
    • Seven unique arrow types:
    1. Normal: Just the standard arrow, uses one arrow per shot.​
    2. TNT: Explodes on contact, by default uses one arrow and one tnt per shot.​
    3. Lightning: Strikes area with lightning on contact, by default uses one arrow and one diamond per shot.​
    4. Fire: Lights hit area on fire, by default uses one arrow and one wool per shot. Now emits smoke when flying!
    5. Iron: does four damage instead of two, by default uses one iron ingot and one arrow per shot.​
    6. Diamond A.K.A Razor: does six damage, by default uses one diamond and one arrow per shot. They are razor sharp!​
    7. Smoke: Releases a cloud of smoke upon hitting something, by default uses one gunpowder.​

    Permissions (These are super perms):
    The use of permissions can be toggled on/off in the config file if off it will allow players to use allowed arrow types (specified in config) while ops can use all. If permissions are enabled the use of arrows is based on the following nodes, note these are the Bukkit-integrated super perms so you cannot use third party permission plugins like permissions:​
    Or use EffectiveArrow.use.* to use all arrows!
    I highly recommend using bpermissions for managing super perms.​

    1. The arrow effect works both on contact with entity and blocks; however with blocks there is a small delay.
    2. I would be more than happy to implement new features/arrow types if they are well balanced and the requests are well thought out and politely phrased.
    Upcoming features! (open)
    Eventually custom arrow looks for each arrow type A.K.A. You will be able to see the wool on the fire arrow, the tnt on the explosive arrow and so on. Exciting stuff!

    Features/Tutorial (open)

    Before reporting that you can't switch arrows while using permissions look here:
    Installation (open)

    Remember this plugin uses super-perms which are built into Bukkit not third party applications such as Permissions. To use this you must use a permission handler that directly effects Bukkit permissions (I recommend bPermissions). I understand this is a little hard to grasp seeing that they both do the same thing.

    Fixed for Spout update! Sorry guys.​
    Fixed for RB 1060!​

    Previous Versions (open)

    Explosive arrows can now be effected by world guard and other such plugins that effect explosions.​
    Gave the ability to toggle whether or not to use the old method of banning individual arrows while ops can use all. The banned arrows and whether or not to use permissions can all be found and changed in the config file. Rewrote some sections of code. PLEASE DELETE CONFIG FILE UPON UPDATING!
    You no longer have to give permission for normal arrows. Stopped the plugin from crashing the server if setup incorrectly :). Removed old code. Improved efficiency due to removal of repeated checks of the same condition. Added hidden feature.​
    Completely implemented the * node. Explosive arrows remove themselves now so no more lag in blown up areas. Fixed a bug where you could switch arrow types in chat. Fixed a bug do to two Runnables conflicting (resulting in an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception). Improved code efficiency. Removed the timer setting in the config file due to the new changes. PLEASE DELETE CONFIG FILE UPON UPDATING!
    GUI now only shows when a player is interacting with a bow and arrow (note: this means it enables and disables on left and right clicks, the item held change event cannot handle scrolling well). Customizable GUI location! Removed redundant code.Added EffectiveArrow.use.* permission node. PLEASE DELETE CONFIG FILE UPON UPDATING!
    Added the ability to customize the size of the explosion for the explosive arrow. Added config file to change the item needed to shoot the arrow. Added GUI for users running the SpoutCraft launcher. Added the ability to cycle through the arrows if using the SpoutCraft launcher using the , and . keys. Fire arrows now emit smoke while flying. Made some code more efficient. PLEASE DELETE CONFIG FILE UPON UPDATING!

    You can now customize the blast radius of the ExplosiveArrow and we now have Bukkit integrated permission support. PLEASE DELETE CONFIG FILE UPON UPDATING!
    Emergency fix for a weird bug. You can now adjust how long it takes arrows to activate after hitting blocks. Ops can still use banned arrows so if you want this to be op only just set all arrows to banned. PLEASE DELETE CONFIG FILE UPON UPDATING!
    Added config file now you can have only the arrows you want to have! Added two new​
    arrow types iron tipped and diamond tipped which do 4 and 6 damage respectively.​
    Did a rewrite of code. Each arrow type is now it's own class! What does this mean for you? Config file will be coming shortly and more arrows will be added! Also players now can only switch to arrows they have materials for.​
    released plugin!​

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    Nice! I was wondering, is it possible for a bow to shoot two arrows, like one quickly after the other with only one click? That'd be my only feature request :p
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    I know that it is possible to shoot 3 arrows at the same time (like a shotgun shot, with spread).
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    title is missing version, post is missing changelog
  5. I'm currently using the FlamingArrows plug-in.

    Can you make the required materials configurable, and include the option to use 'damagable' items. (like the Flaming Arrows that uses 5 damage off of a flint and steel each shot).

    I'd like to use: (consider all elements configurable)
    Flaming Arrows (light): Wool and Flint & Steel (Good use of Wool BTW) Will not set blocks on fire.
    Flaming Arrows (heavy): Coal and Flint & Steel Sets a radius on fire (configurable) and will burn flammable blocks (like leaves and such)
    Explosive Arrows (light): Uses gunpowder but does a smaller explosive radius.
    Explosive Arrows (heavy): Uses TNT and does a TNT sized explosion. If possible to reduce range for weight, this would be good too.
    Lightning Arrows (light): Fires a single bolt, uses configurable # of dust.
    Lightning Arrows (heavy): Fires an explosive bolt, uses Redstone Ore. (I have it able to be mined on my server. >.>)
    Net Arrows: Uses String/Cobweb, stuns/slows down the mob.
    Light Extra Damage Arrows: Requires Iron Ingots, but has a chance to drop the ingot on impact at the targets location.
    Heavy Extra Damage Arrows: Requires Diamonds, but will has a chance to drop the diamond on impact at the targets location. Does increased damage.
    Firefighter Arrows: Uses a bucket of water (as above, empty bucket can drop at impact location), Drops a source block at arrow impact point (does not work in the Nether), good for putting out those fires from the Heavy Flaming Arrows.
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    First off I'm not going to make heavy and light versions of each arrow, nothing against the idea but this is for combat and I don't want players cycling through 20+ arrow types. As far as the arrows themselves are concerned:
    Flaming arrows light blocks and mobs on fire (will look into flint and steel)​
    Explosive arrows have a blast radius of two and are actually weaker than normal tnt (for game balance)​
    Lightning will remain the same since I'm not going to make another version​
    Ice arrows will work as net arrows when they hit a mob, and will freeze water when they hit a block.​
    The extra damage arrows will probably be replaced by the shotgun/twin arrows​
    Thinking of adding explosive arrows you can shoot then detonate remotely.​
    Also thinking of adding teleportation arrows (think I should?)​

  7. Teleportation arrows would be awesome if they were two stage:
    1. Hit a target
    2. Fire the arrow, the target appears where it lands.

    My argument for Heavy/Light arrows was to allow less expensive version of each arrows.
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    I understand and I think it is a great idea; however if you were in combat and you had to cycle through 20 arrows it would defeat the point. Do you think I should completely void ice arrows and just stick with basic net arrows?

    Ok scratch that multi arrow is off but heavy hitting arrows will be added let's say tomorrow.

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    This seems like a wonderful balanced plugin for archers, however i do ask that can you make a enable/disabled option for each set of arrows? For example i like the flaming and explosive arrows, however i don't really want people to be shooting lightning at people. Also the heavy/light types of arrows seems to be very beneficiary. Also i ask if you can maybe add customization for the required objects/tools needed to fire a specific type of arrow? If you do so then you won't have to worry about people complaining about why some materials are needed to fire a certain type of arrow.
  10. I think you should make the whole gambit and leave it to the particular server to decide what they get and don't. Let them choose the variety.

    Also: Having to cycle through all those arrow types adds one major element of realism to this: You have to dig the right components out to switch arrows.

    You could also get damned clever and make it only cycle through the arrow types you have the stuff in your inventory for. >.>
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    I am actually already implementing that :) Maybe as soon as I have some more spare time I'll add in the config file along with a whole gambit of arrows, some just silly others wicked and let the server ops choose. Anyone want me to make a sister plugin for swords?
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    While this is a great plugin, and I hold absolutely nothing against it...
    "The bow is now an effective weapon"

    I want you to go onto any PvP server and see how 'useless' the bow is in default state ;)

    And incase this is read in a hostile way, please don't mistake it for one. I'm just teasing, since the bow (in my opinion) is actually too powerful, even in vanilla :p
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    Great Start
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    Well if your using it for spelunking it is truly useless pvp is another story all together! By the time I'm done with this though Everything will be configurable so you could make it as powerful or useless as you want.
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    Could you add iConomy support please.
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    It goes off of the items in your inventory for realism... So what would you like supported?
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    that e.g. if you shoot an electronic arrow that it cost like $10 oder something else, you know what i mean?
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    Make the fire arrow shoot out ALREADY on fire. Because thats what happens when you shoot a arrow through fire.
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    Could I be the first person asking for permissions support? I can't find anything relating to permissions. and I would really enjoy it so only certain people could use the razor arrows. :/
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    Will do! It will be found in the next update.
    I'll look into permission support, only reason I havent added it yet is because there is no permissions integrated into bukkit yet.
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    Causes a permissions error that shuts down Permissions plugin. This isn't the only plugin that's doing it. Dreamland and Giant Trees also cause it. But until it's fixed I can't use it. :(
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    Oh that
    that's weird... maybe I'd check with the permissions folk on that one. No idea why.
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    I cant Picking up the explosive arrows ,especially when I shooting it rapidly , meanwhile when you are staying in the area with arrows ,you will be lagging so hard.
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    You cant't pick up explosive arrows due to vanilla minecraft, any arrows effected by an explosion are not able to be picked up. Also the lagging is due to the fact that you're spamming an arrow equivalent of tnt.
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    Yea , Exactly ,, so how can I Fix it ? I cant remove those arrows even Im using Mcedit and all of us cant enter this area because of lagging so hard.
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    I have had some minor trouble with this when testing my solution was to have everyone run far away enough that the arrows deswpaned... Any suggestions for future features? Oh by the way next release the arrow that detonated will despawn automatically.
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    The only thing that is blocking me from using this over flaming arrows is the 2+ second delay for anything to happen when hitting blocks. otherwise this is awesome. (still in need of permissions for archer related classes in RPG servers)
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    I am working on the permissions but I am swamped this week! Also I will add a option in the next config to allow you to change the time till the arrow activates. Also flaming arrows has been discontinued. You could just ban the use of bows for non archers as a temp fix.
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    Once the config file includes a way to modify the explosion radius of the explosive arrow, this plugin will become a welcome part of my server. I tested it out and it's pretty awesome. Can't wait.
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    Then look out for version 1.7 A more configurable config is my next update :)
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