[MECH/FUN] RemoteDet v0.3 - Remote Detonate TNT with a button [1000]

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    RemoteDet - It's C4 for Minecraft
    Version: v0.3

    Allows you to remotely detonate TNT using a handheld stone_button as a remote. This is my first mod and I am new at this, hope you like it. Many thanks goes out to the all the source code I read through.

    I would recommend also downloading HigherExplosives mod to get your money's worth out of TNT, and this mod.

    • Blow up TNT remotely
    • Toggle /rd to enable stone_buttons as a remote
    • Permissions enabled ( remotedet.remote)
    Download Jar
    Source Code

    Toggle the remote using /rd.
    While holding a stone_button in your hand. right click a block of TNT to arm the remote.
    At a safe distance left click the air while still holding the stone_button.
    Watch your TNT mountain/mining effort/elaborate Trap go kaboom!

    Video of the plugin by Rooftops

    To do list
    • More then one TNT linked at a time.
    Version 0.3
    • Added Permission remotedet.remote

    Version 0.2
    • Added check to make sure TNT is still there.
    Version 0.1
    • Plugin released.
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    Daniel Few

    Heya. This sounds really interesting and i can't wait to give it a go :) i'll give you my feedback tomorrow :)
    Good Luck with your first plugin and have fun.
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    sounds cool, ill check it out....[tnt]:rolleyes:
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    testing right now :)
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    Haha, Sweet :)
    I now have the ultimate suicide bomber now.
    MoveCraft Car + Tnt In The Boot/Trunk + Driver + Remote Detonation = Extreme Fun!
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    Made a little video for ya :D
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    Thx added the video to the to the OP. I am working on enabling the more TNT to be armed at once. Glad you guys liked it.
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    Permissions? :/
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    I thought about it but not sure why anyone would need it. Does it need Permissions? Honest question, I can add it if you still think it needs its. Was just keeping it as performance friendly as possible. :)
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    That's pretty cool! Im going to use it for my giant tnt tower!
  11. Just tried this on bukkit #767 - great fun, and works as described.

    .......... many thanks for a fun plugin.
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    Id love to see the premissions on it so i can select the ppl i want to have it sort of like a privilege
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    Same thing, in fact. Ingeneer go!
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    @deathkiller @jlu will do. Should have an update either tonight or tomorrow, depends how much time I have tonight.

    @deathkiller @jlu added permissions. Use remotedet.remote to enable.

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    Oh, thanks dude! ;)
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    Nice work thx :)
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    I love this..
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    Thank you, I will be updating it this weekend to include the option to make explosions instant. I tried adding in multiple buttons, to more then one TNT but couldn't get it to work properly. I still want to update it to work with multiple blocks of TNT though. I believe I have a solution to get that to work properly, just need more free time.
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    You told 812..
    But it says
    [console] Unhandled exception executing command rd in plugin Remote Det v0.3
    [In multiplayer..]An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command

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    I've tested it against 812 and didn't get any errors. Can you provide more detail on the on what you were doing and what else the error said? Also what mods you have installed and I will look into it. Thanx
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    I have many mods installed:p
    I tried unistalling them and tryied with that but nothing...
    any other ideas?
    Only that was the errors messages/...
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    Do you have other mods that use commands? If so do they work, and which ones?

    Do you use permissions and have the latest version?
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    Yea everything that you said i have..
    all works perfect exept 2...the shop and the remote det
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    Really at a loss here, as I can not duplicate the error. I would say wait till a 1.6 recommended build is out.
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    It wont:p
    They told it i think..So i will wait till 1.7 xD
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    does this now work with multiple tnt?
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    This is GREAT! Thanks for uploading.
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    No sorry it does not at this time, I have been busy working on other things. I have thought about making this configurable to be an instant blast.

    @billofbong thanx glad you like it/
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    Its very usefull to kill people, Boobytrap there base, and detonate when they walk inside
  30. Putting my +1 in for multiple TNT with 1 button, that would really make this epic and useful!

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