[MECH/FUN] QuickStrasse v0.8.2 - Fast roads [928,935,953]

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    QuickStrasse v0.8.2

    QuickStrasse allows you to easily make high-speed roads, good for convenient access to your mines or connecting two cities far from each other.

    This plugin is still rough around the edges. Don't be surprised by errors or bad behavior until v1.0.

    Feature Summary
    • Create your own roads easily.
    • The plugin detects your direction; you can cross a road perpendicularly without fear of being caught in it.
    • You can take the road in either direction.
    • Your road can be inclined.
    • Sometimes the plugin actually works!

    (This video has not been accelerated)(Video from v0.7)

    User's Guide

    About The Developers

    Want to ensure your bug or suggestion isn't lost in the thread? Post it on our issue tracker.

    To create a road, line glass with wool (any color). The glass can go straight and turn corners. Both sides of the glass must be wool for the road to function. A user cannot easily get off the road once travel has started. Take care to place "stations" every so often so the user can get off.

    Permission Node (open)

    • quickstrasse.use - Use roads.
    Configuration Options (open)

    • outsideRoadBlockId - The id of the block to border roads. Default is 35.
    • insideRoadBlockId - The id of the block for the middle of a road. Default is 20.
    • tickDelay - The tick delay for teleportation. Default is 0.
    • roadMaxHeight - The maximum Y that roads are allowed to function. Default is 128.
    • roadMinHeight - The minimum Y that roads are allowed to function. Default is 0.
    • usePermissions - Check permissions or not. Default is false.

    Download Latest Version
    Download 0.8.1 - For RB 935 and previous


    Known Issues
    • Chunks don't refresh fast enough
    • A closed loop of roads is a bad idea
    • Straight-up/down roads do not currently work

    Change Log
    version 0.8.2
    • Updated for RB 953
    • Removed tick delay configuration option
    version 0.8.1
    • Added configuration options
    Older Entries (open)

    version 0.8 - See post
    • Inclined roads work.
    version 0.75
    • Updated for 766.
    Version 0.74
    • New Moving System! (Speed back like the 0.72)
    • Stair movements improved a little bit.
    Version 0.73
    • New support Craftbukkit 617 & MC 1.4.
    • Changed transport system, QuickStrass 0.73 is currently in Smooth Mode.
      (END OF THIS PLUGIN?)This plugin was based on a previous glitch who as been fixed.
    Version 0.72
    • Improved detection for stopping the player if a block is on the way.
    • Support ups and downs, stairs roads.
    Version 0.71
    • Improved roads moving positions. (Center of the road)
    • Support horizontal-corners.
    Version 0.7
    • First public release.
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    For everyone asking about the texture pack in the video, you can find it here: SunSheBouncyPack(v03) I have no intention of supporting or updating the texture pack.
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    Hi fluff,
    first off: thanks for resuming work on this nice plugin. I was looking for a while on the old thread but didn't install this plugin because of missing support & development. Now I could finally introduce it on my server.

    About the new Version: I didn't like the "early snap" on the traveling either. 60° is much more comfortable and behaves more "as expected" naturally. Backward traveling I would expect to face the proper direction...but it would be definetly more fun going all the time faceing back ^.^

    Would it be possible to restrict Quickstrasse-traveling to "roads" build above Y = 124 ? I would like to use Quickstrasse for kind of long-distance transport system. This may be more easy to implement than permissions, isn't it?
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    Thanks for the response. Adding a configuration option to only allow roads to work above or below a certain height is easy. I'll add this after the road logic is complete. Please add it to the issue tracker so that I don't forget.
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    Mighty Mackinac

    Add a second option to turn this off please. I have a road system set up but i also allow users to make their own on any level they want.
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    I would also like to see a config option for the block type required on either side of the glass, and maybe even the glass itself. :) Great looking plugin though.. thanks!

    Also (of course), permissions support would be fantastic.

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    Is it possible to set one way roads?
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    This is possible, but it'll take some work. Please add it to the issue tracker; I won't start on it until the basic road logic is complete.
  9. I feel like a noob and that this question has probably already been asked, but does this plugin feature the ability to change the speed multiplier. I like the idea of it, and it seems like quite the awesome plugin, however, it's a wee bit quick for my liking.
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    Hi Fluff, and thanks for the great work. You have no idea how happy I am to see this great plugin back.

    Our users are reporting a lot of lag using 0.8, which was not present in version 0.75. Specifically, your entire Minecraft game freezes out and lags on you completely, decreasing to what seems like 1-2 FPS (on a very good machine normally running much higher).

    Do you think this could be fixed?

    EDIT: This problem seems to have fixed itself. Strange! Good work Fluff!
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    Fluff you're an amazing man. Very good news that you continue dev of this awesome plugin. Thanks :D
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    question: are you able to go up and down when there like a mountain or so?
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    You can currently go up and down if the road is like a staircase. You cannot yet go straight up or down.
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    Mighty Mackinac

    Are there plans for this? make for a cool looking elevator.
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    There is a reason for an issue tracker. ;)
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    Mighty Mackinac

    lol yup. On it, like a bonnet.
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    Don Redhorse

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    Needs Permissions like it wont work unless ur X rank a little group manager and this = Awesomeness
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    To me, Permissions support, other types of blocks, etc. aren't so crucial. If you can get the lag and stuttering down that would be amazing. Or, if there was a way to load the chunks on the path of the path first so you don't end up moving through nothing.
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    The next version will have a configuration option to allow server owners to tweak it until it performs well. Preloading chunks is a difficult task; by the time you're close enough for me to figure out "hey, I might want to start thinking about loading that chunk", the server is already trying to push it to you. Extending the range of the preload check to make it useful is too costly for the onMove and onTeleport events. It just lags the server down too much.
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    is there any chance you'll add in a config option to change what the road is made of?
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    Here's another idea: it slowly accelerates at the beginning, and then decelerates at the end. Of course, I also have what I call "short lines", only about 10 blocks long, and I'm not sure how well that would work out.
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    Would like to know too please ? xD
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    Nice plugin however sometimes we get dced or stuck even if a stretch of road is too long without a stop.
    It was so bad even I got stuck and getting dced with message "Moved too fast, hacking?"
    I luckly got out by spending loads of dirt on trying to block both sides of the road, once I did that I reconnected and got off but that was just... realy annoying.
    Also more annoyingly I couldn't teleport out of the lane.
    Even with that problem, I like it more than minecarts.
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    please make permission support for this :(

    edit: maybe make the speed little bit lower, so the chunks load maybe better :D
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    0.8.1 released.

    There's plenty of configuration options now. If you don't want to fool with it, don't worry; the defaults will work for you just fine. Please note that if you want to use Permissions, you have to turn it on in the config file. Also, you probably don't ever want to set the inner and outer road ids to be the same thing, ESPECIALLY not something like sand, grass, or stone. However, there's nothing in the plugin to prevent you from doing so; if you want to screw up the config and do bad things on your server, that's your business.

    Of particular note to server admins is the tickDelay option. If you're having difficulties with QuickStrasse doing bad things (stuck on roads, chunks not loading, disconnected, etc.), increase the tickDelay. Personally, I wouldn't increase it much past two, but whatever you need for your server to work. Of course, there's a downside; the higher the tickDelay, the slower players will travel on roads. It also won't be smooth. However, that's the best that I can do.

    I'm hoping the next update will have vertical travel.
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    Awesome Fluff !!! I love your work and all players of my server are very happy that you continues the SunShe 's plugin :)
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    thanks so much for this I combined it with turnstile plugin to make it so you had to pay and it works perfectly :D
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    As far as I can tell, this plugin continues to work with 818. Let me know if you find any problems.
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    Mighty Mackinac

    Yup im having no issues. Excellent work!

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