[MECH/FUN] QuickStrasse v0.75 - Fastest Minecraft Transport [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    [MECH/FUN] QuickStrasse v0.75 - Fastest Minecraft Transport [CB 1.3.1-R2.0]

    QuickStrasse - Fastest Minecraft Transport
    Version: v0.75 (Beta)

    QuickStrasse allows you to make easily speed (highway) roads,
    really convenient for your mines and/or connect 2 cities far from each other.


    • Create your own roads easily.
    • The plugin detect your direction, cross a road perpendicularly without fear of being caught in it.
    • You can take the middle road in any direction.
    • For builds a road, you need Whool and Glass, check the video for more details.

    QuickStrasse 1.0 is now ready! ( Click here )
    If you want press on the button "Like" of this post, i do not retain you to do it. [​IMG]
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    Haha, that's awesome!

    That reminds me of those moving sidewalks you see in airports. Or like on the Jetsons! [​IMG]

    Very creative. [​IMG]
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    Will this be detected as speedhack with NoCheat?
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    Rofl, ahah true! I was not think to that xD, And for NoCheat i dont know :p But it's not my main problem. Maybe in the futur i will see that with the author. :D
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    nice avatar! nice name! nice idea!
    when you add
    -> Detection for continuing corners.
    -> Add the ups and downs, and/or vertical roads.
    im so gonna love this =)

    lucky star xD
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    This is incridible, can whait for permission support thou.

    If every dev that "quit minecraft" was like that...
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    I really like the idea. Can you add a config file with the ability to change block types and road speed ?
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    Very very nice idea. Please continue working on this, this can become such an amazing mod. I would definitely download.
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    I will, and want add so many things, it's only a pre-version beta. But, it's the begin of the week-end and the week-end, im not behind my computer or can't be on it often. due because i'm not at my home.
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    Ok, thanks.
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    I... am just... so... amazed. Definetly getting this.
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    The class files are obfuscated?
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    We got a stealer?
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    Awesome and easy. Perfect for my server Thanks XD

    @SunShe Hiya again i've found a bug (?) but when i speed on the glass and there is something when i'm supposed to stop i fly back to the beginning. Saying this is you don't already knew it (wich you probably did) Don't stop Working on this plugin. XD

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    Yea, at this time must be have nothing in the way of the "glass&wool" road, if no the server will be teleport you back to the start and show you a beautifull warning on the console ^^. I working on it.
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    i just played with the addon, we made a subway with a 500 blocks length road, and a 3blocks stop in the middle (or close by) so you can load the chunks, and it works perfect, its fucking amazing!

    Also bugs / "disapointment" found:
    "disapointment is a too strong word"
    • When you end your glass road and hit a wall or a block you get bounched back, (yeah i saw the server log and that it has reported. sadly.
    • Sadly it cant do any turn, would be awesome if it was possible.
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    Nice! I had never tested for a distance like that. [​IMG]
    Thank you.
  20. nice plugin

    k├Ânntest du noch folgendes einbauen?:
    Change blog type (z.B Stone drum herum instead of Wool and Wool instead of Glass)
    Speed Change
    Kreuzungen ( man bleibt stehen und guckt in die richtung in die man weiter fahren will und schreibt /go )
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    When using this 'road, the person is not sped along on either the middle nor where they entered at, but rather offset from the middle to being on the line between the glass and one side of the wool (always the same side). I am guessing that you are clamping the player location to 0, you need to either add 0.5 to it if each block is one, or add 8 if using pixel distances to make sure the player is actually in the middle. Makes it hard to go through if there is only one block opening at points at head-height. :)
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    I know!!, Dude, it's exactly what i mean with "Improve detection and monitoring of roads." At this time is by block, it's not a question of "0.xx".
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    mine wont even download there is an issue with the jar file
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    Infact thank you, a simple +0.5 is great and more clean. It look better. ( center of the block )
    Horizontal-Corners will be comming, almost finish it.
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    This mod is great fun!
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    What texture pack is that? :S
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    Enjoying plugin thus far. What I would like to see is a way to configure the needed blocks of the highway. I would like it to be a lot harder to make then wool and glass. I was thinking of making mine obsidian for where the wool would be and perhaps glowstone for the glass.
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    lol my own. i have called it "SunShe Bouncy Pack". lol if you want it, i can give you a link for download it. Almost all my old server members of mine comunity got it, lol. some realy dont like and some like it much.

    Soon 0.71 with:

    * Improving roads moving positions. ( center of the road )
    * Support horizontal-corners.

    i think i will modify my video too.

    @scott1997880 you welcome.
    @atomicben thank you.
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    Of course I want it!! LOL. if not why would I ask :S


    Thanks in advance

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