[MECH/FUN] PVPGunPlus v1.0 - NOSPOUT - GunPack alternative [1.5.2]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by orange451, Feb 23, 2012.

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    I was on the mc-war server today and they have a modified version of this plugin. You could aim(zoom) by clicking with your left mouse button, and the gun wouldn't fire. Can you add this to the plugin?
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    I want to keep some things private for my server :)
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    I may have stumbled upon the most fun gun of all time.
    Of course, you have to be in creative or god mode unless you want to kill yourself instantly, but it truly is fun to shoot mobs and get launched into the air ;)
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    Pretty sure this means my Java is out of date, but what does this mean?

    I can't update my Java on my server either, so if this is the case then phooey.
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    Can you make it permissions for Group manager Essentials?
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    orange451 you made this?
    this is awesome man.
    put a donation button up on the main thread.
    also put this in the BukkitDev area like all the other plugins.
    thanks man!
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    How do I update my Java?
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    I love the firebullets, but you don't provide the source, so I can't edit the plugin properly and remove the following lines (decompiled):

    public void onImpact(double mult, EntityDamageByEntityEvent event) {
    if (!this.dead) {
    this.dead = true;
    if (this.gun.explode)
    explode(this.bullet, 4.0D, 1.0D);
    if (this.gun.tinyexplode)
    explode(this.bullet, 1.5D, 1.0D);

    if (this.lastCollide != null) {
    if (this.lastCollide.getType().equals(Material.LONG_GRASS)) {

    if ((this.gun.firebullet) &&
    (this.lastCollide.getType().equals(Material.AIR))) {
    setBlock(Util.MatchPlayer(this.gun.player), this.lastCollide, Material.FIRE);


    Having a flamethrower would be great, but I just can't let such destruction ravage my server. Can you add a config option like:
    So it doesn't ignite blocks?
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    is this plugin going to be updated for minecraft 1.4.5? Because I really need this for my server and it wont load :(
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    Are you using the latest Java? It should work with 1.4.5
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    Yes I am using java 7 update 9 (or something...9) and I am using craftbukkit 1.4.5. R 0.3... It still won't run. Could it be another plugin?
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    instead of just writing 1.4.2, can you also write what version? because I am using R0.1 and it's not working (1.4.5 came out btw)
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    Well i have a 1.4.5 server run off craftbukkit, i installed pvpgun.jar and it doesnt work, i installed pex.
    and i dont know why it isnt working?
    Its like a plugin thats invisible plz help!
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    Yes it would be nice

    What is pex? I had the same probalem

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    Oh orange, theres no config file :)

    Also, can you change it to right click?

    if it doesnt work, put the guns in your plugins folder thats what i done it worked!

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    Give me a link to the exact java version needed please:)
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    well it works for me.

    unfortunatley i asked my provider to install it, but i KNOW its java 7, and i think its sun java.

    Well, this plugin is continuing to be awsome for me :), i am loving the guns, and they still greatly affect my server :D

    edit: uhhhm.. could you PLEASE add groupmanager support?

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    Can you use a normal download instead of this Host-A-Hosting link? Sorry, normally i wouldn't care but the download gives me a weird html format that cannot be installed on a server...
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    Despite the plugin not working with 1.4.5, I LOVE it. I still play it on 1.3.2, and it's amazing.
    I made some custom textures with a tutorial, over here!
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    Could not load 'plugins/PVPGun.jar' in folder 'plugins'
    org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/orange451/PVPGun/main : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0

    what did I do rong?
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    Same error as me
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    You need Java 7
    It does run on 1.4.5, I'm running a server with it just fine.
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    i can confirm that.
    u need java 7, and on my server (Endcraft.net) it is running fine.

    i only use 2GB ram, it makes almost no impact on it.
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    on mcwarfare the guns are named the gun you have selected how do you do that
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    what is pex?
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    Aha! I have figured it out. It seems that you have to uninstall java 6 from your computer for this plugin to work, I am not sure why but it worked for me.
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    Hi ! I like this plugin but i have some issues with it. I can use the weapons (so it seems that everything is working well) and I can edit some, but I can't edit all (for example I can change the rocket launcher stats but not the shotgun ones) nor create new guns (I copy the stock guns to create new ones but nothing happens when I restart the server and I try to use them). Can somebody help me please ?

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