[MECH/FUN] PistonSmelter v1.6.1 - Push blocks over lava, using pistons, to smelt [MOVED]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by feildmaster, Jul 3, 2011.

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    PistonSmelter! v1.6

    Has found a new home!

    UPDATE: Fixed download link, added new blocks to refine. (IT'S EVEN MORE FUN!)

    Original source and download available in the change log!

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    Update: Added Video!
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    Tomi Joo

    OMFG Thank you again :)
    Thank you soo much :D
    Also, That's for the credit :)
    I'm also about to make a video now about it :)
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    @Tomi Joo Have fun, the video I made was being evil to me. xD
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    Tomi Joo

    @feildmaster Upoading the video now :)
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    Sweet. Can't wait to see what you made. ;D
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    changelog has to show two last versions outside of a spoiler

    nice plugin btw :) but it would be nice if it took a while to smelt (but I don't like schedulers/timers either...)
  9. Plague.Plague!?!?! Plague said this is a good plugin? Jeez feildmaster, this must be something special :confused:
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    WAT. :O I thought this was impossible. *checks source*

    That's a pretty good method. :O
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    Who's that Plauge you speak of? :p
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    Could you make it so if the smelted block is pushed off of the lava with a piston, it turns into the item (same as when broken) - that way we can make huge forgeries, with long chains to smelt tonnes of ore, and just have a dropchest at the end to catch it all :D
  13. damn it! :D
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    Can you make pistons break normal blocks like the mod? I can't find the plugin works that way. I would like a automatic cobblestone generator, not just the stone generator.
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    I fail to see which rule says you need two visible changelogs. Unless you're going by the fact the example goes by 2 changelogs. Then you're making up rules. =P

    And thanks. (Timers would complicate it...)

    I don't know about that. Try it yourself. :p

    I could, maybe at a later date... It doesn't sound very interesting to me.

    Never used the mod, what would you want it to do...?

    EDIT: I almost forgot about you @Specops343
    If you want to detect a long chain, it gets even more complicated... For the request you were trying to do, if someone added a block to the piston then pushed it, it wouldn't prevent it. ;)
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    Hope you find it as fun as I did when I made it. It amused me for about an hour. (Probably because a girl was using it, and was getting WAY too exited about it. >.>)
  17. :p
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    this one (from terms and conditions of the site): The Bukkit Community Staff reserves the right to modify these and any other guidelines found throughout the site and forums at any time and without notification and an Administrator's word is final.

    if you want to be pedantic ;)
    But it's a rule added by EvilSeph, just not yet written out in the submissions guidelines.
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    But it looks so ugly..! A hidden change log is much better. Besides, if they want to see the changelog it's not too hard... :eek: But i guess you have a point. there is a "can modify guidelines" thing. How about just the last 1? (the most recent that matters)
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    I agree with the ugly-ness.... but you better do what Plague says :p

    (Almost every plugin has this somewhere in the comments: "changelog has to show two last versions outside of a spoiler" Haha!)

    -Kohle ;)
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    @Kohle ONLY because he went and said it everywhere... :p

    Here, I am fighting to change it to 1. ;)
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    @feildmaster Haha, good luck with that. Plague might do it himself :p
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    @Kohle - Surely he'll bend to reason.

    @Plague - Reason being:
    1- The most recent change is the most important​
    2- Only one looks very clean cut​
    3- More is shown below in spoilers!​
    4- Make it a "set in stone rule" ;P Personal rules on a large public forum should be set in stone before enforcing them, no?​
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    @feildmaster Nice try :p I bet Plague is gonna come on here sometime soon and tell you to change it haha.
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    @Kohle - As long as he comes on and replies his thoughts, like a sensible mod should, it's fine. :)
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    @fieldmaster I am not making these rules. Trust me if I did they would be like 20 times more strict ;)
    So I just enforce them, meaning I write that I want the log thing to those posts that do not have it, because they should have it according to EvilSeph. And that's it for me ;)
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    @Plague , @EvilSeph made the rules? well bugger. I guess I'll go complain to him then. ^^
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    Hello, i think ive found a bug. It work great, but i tried using sticky pistons with sand, and when i retracted the piston and broke the glass, the glass kept reappearing everytime i broke it, and i WAS getting glass drop.

    I dont want ppl to get unlimited supply of glass (and might work for others too!)


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