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    NetherFire - Bring on the heat!
    Version: 0.2.1


    NetherFire is a plugin requested by @uvbeenzaned who simply wanted Netherrack to catch fire when powered by redstone, that is what NetherFire does... and more...

    Basic Usage:

    Drop "NetherFire.jar" in the "plugins" directory and restart the server or reload the plugins.
    A folder appropriately named "NetherFire" will be created in the "plugins" directory along with a YML file named "Config.yml".
    By default, NetherFire writes the default Config when it creates the file:
    Disable on the following worlds: vanilla, creative
    Only light Netherrack relative to the power source: false
    Global radius: 2
    Custom radius per world:
        explosives: 5
    The options are fairly self explanatory, 'Disabled worlds' being the worlds this plugin won't run on, 'Only light relative Netherrack' is to use the old mode of only lighting up whatever blocks are directly powered, 'Global radius' and 'Custom radius' is the radius the fire will "spread" to from the source block(s), Custom radius is so you can set a specific world to have a higher/lower radius, obviously... :p
    The last 2 options will only work if 'Only light relative Netherrack' is set to false.

    Warning: Do not use a ridiculously high radius, 2 means 2 blocks, each side, from the first lit Netherrack.

    Example (open)

    Sorry for the crappy Paint screenshot, but it's late and I'm tired... :D

    Once you have set up the config file, you don't need to reload or restart the server, just type the command "/netherfire reload", and, assuming you have permission, the settings will be reloaded.


    To use the reload command, the player must have the correct permission node.

    If Permissions is not installed, the player must be an Op to use the reload command.


    • /netherfire reload - Reloads the config file.
      • 'netherfire.reload'

    • (0.1) Light up your Netherrack with redstone!
    • (0.2) Configurable disallowed worlds.
    • (0.2) Option to make the fire "spread" over a configurable radius.
    • (0.2) Configurable custom radius' per world.


    NetherFire.jar - Hosted by Dropbox [diamond]

    Known Problems:
    • Pistons pushing Netherrack into a redstone current will not trigger fire, there is currently nothing (nothing that requires some hacky workaround) I can do until there are some piston events. :(
    • Placing Netherrack in a place that would normally ignite with the "spread" option enabled, won't ignite, trying to think of a way to deal with it, unless it's not a huge deal to people...

    Possible Features:
    • Suggestions?


    Version 0.2.1
    • Tried to implement piston stuff..... failed.....
    • Removed some deprecated methods since RB #1000
    Version 0.2
    • ZOMG@#! Huge update! :p
    • Added world blacklist.
    • Added "spread" option with configurable radius. (I am unable to test this on a truly busy server so I am unsure of whether or not it causes lag and how badly. :( (Hopefully none))
    • Custom radius' per world.
    • Option to use the classic version. (Only ignite the directly powered blocks)
    • Command to reload the config file.
    • Some information displayed in the console on loading the config. (Too much?)
    • Hopefully it works fine. ;)
    Previous Versions (open)

    Version 0.1.1
    • Placing netherrack next to a redstone current will now trigger the fire.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release. [diamond]

    *If your wooden house or forest burns down because of this plugin, it is probably my fault... xD
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    Haha love the little footnote :p
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    Yes! Woohoo! Thank you so much! I will enjoy this! More suggestions will be coming your way.

    Suggestion, can you make the plugin where it will detect if redstone is beside it when you place the netherrack down? The reason I ask is because I would like it to work with pistons when they move the netherrack blocks out to meet the redstone wire or current. Otherwise, great plugin just tested it! Love it. :)

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    @uvbeenzaned Currently, there are no piston related events, when they do get added, I will find a way to get that working, if it doesn't get fixed by Mojang because I suspect that is a bug. :)

    @Kohle :D
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    Could you have it so if one netherrack is lit, the nether rack at the same level touching it will also be lit. Maybe add this as an option to turn on in a config file.
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    @Vynlar Whenever I try to do that, I fail miserably, when I do work out how to though, I will definitely add it. :)
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    Would it be possible to make an option so that the fire remains when the power is removed? Looks like a really cool idea!
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    @Yoshanuikabundi Sure, but what would make it any different to lighting them with a flint and steel?
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    Okay thank you so much. I am hoping to learn java soon. I started on a project in eclipse and just can't seem to get some sample code loaded right. Sometimes I just wish that everything was in C# or C++ because I would be way better at it. Can't wait for piston events!

    Oh can you add the same option I mentioned but with a use block place event please?
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    If you need any help with that, I know a way that I would do it. So you can PM me.
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    @uvbeenzaned Way ahead of you, I did that a few hours ago, forgot to upload it... might wait for @Vynlar 's help with lighting up all connected blocks. :)

    @Vynlar Thanks, PM'ing you now.
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    Okay great thanks again.
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    Ok uploaded v0.1.1, added the block place event but no lighting all connected blocks, yet...
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    Downloading it now. Thnx.

    Yep it workz.

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    Cool, this will be useful for my dungeon!! Thank you! =)
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    I just came up with this idea independently, glad I checked to see if it had already been done. Any chance you could add multi-world support? Specifically, I'd like to be able to disable this on a per-world basis.
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    Won't we have a problem with this in the Nether because every block is almost Netherrack. Or, I suppose it could just be disabled for the Nether when multi-world support is added.
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    I thought the exact same thing. We could either add a limit on the spreading, or disable it in the nether. I think the first would be best.
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    Yes I agree. Should it be in a radius of blocks or a square formation though?
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    Maybe just it can only spread to another block, say 10 times, in any shape.
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    Yep, that is how it should be, still trying to work out how to do it, though. :confused:
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    Looks good!
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    Also make the size or the radius configurable in a yml file if you can.
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    I'd still like to disable this on a per-world basis, even with a configurable spread radius. My server has a world called "vanilla" that does not have any play altering plugins enabled, and another world called "tnt" where all the destructive plugins are turned up to max and players can get as much free dynamite as they want. So having the ability to configure per-world really is a necessity, I think.
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    Oh sweet! Thanks for taking my suggestion to mind.
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    It went well! Great! I got another suggestion for ya if you don't mind. Can you detect if the fire was put out that was controlled by the redstone and light it back up? Thanks for keeping me posted.
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    you have wrote the wrong name =)
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    Shame... :(


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