Inactive [MECH/FUN] MoArrows v2.4.0 - Add new arrow types and customize bow damage! [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    Intro: Tired of bow usage being a joke? Want to add a new dimension of excitement to PvP battles? Wish there was more depth to archery in Minecraft? If you answered yes to any of these, read on.
    Each arrow has it's own unique ability that adds more versatility to archery in Minecraft. In addition, this plugin attempts to solve the huge degree of imbalance between melee and ranged attacks in vanilla Minecraft. I was amazed that a player could empty half a stack of arrows into a diamond clad attacker and still not get a kill. This plugin provides the capability to even the playing field between bows and swords and make PvP battles much more dynamic. There is now an alternative to a bunch of tanks wildly swinging blades at each other! The overall goal is to make archery more playable, particularly in PvP servers.

    For the latest downloads and information, please visit the Bukkit Dev page at

    - More arrow types!
    - poison, explosive, (NEW!) compression, teleport, lightning, slow, razor, piercing, fire, net, doombringer
    - Perfect for a Ranger class!
    - see -this page- for detailed descriptions of all arrow types.
    - Beefy damage system!
    - Customize all base and crit damage levels! You decide what damage the bow does!
    - Replaces default crit system with a newer, sexier one
    - See -this page- for notes on physical vs. special damage
    - Take your time and aim.. damage is increased when crouching (sneaking) while shooting!
    - Customize arrow damage over time effects (fire, poison, etc)!
    - Heavy armor reduces bow effectiveness.. it's hard to shoot with plate armor on!
    - For advanced users, you can customize the damage penalty levels!
    - Control who can use what arrows with new permissions support!
    - Add arrow cooldowns!
    - Add item costs for arrow types! Want the player to have TnT for an exploding arrow? No problem!
    - Add up to 10 item type requirements (64 items per requirement max) per arrow!
    - (You will never need more than this.)
    - WorldGuard support! Keep those deadly arrows out of safe regions!
    - If a region does not allow PvP, the arrow does no damage.
    - Towny support! Keep those deadly arrows out of non-PvP towns!
    - If a town has disabled PVP, the arrow does no damage.
    - Factions support! Add protection to faction zones!
    - Enable or disable block explosion and fire damage in the config.
    - Safe and peaceful zones are now protected against special arrows.
    - (NEW!) Users can now remove unwanted arrow types from bow cycling! See the usage instructions!
    - (NEW!) Customize razor and piercing multipliers as well as doombringer poison duration!
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    sounds good i will test it ^^

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    looks good testing now

    nope didnt for me

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    ?? Is there an issue? Did you find a bug? I need more info if there's a problem to fix.
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    What commands is it for enableing an arrow? Where can i find some instructions, anyway i luv the idea!
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    Approved :)
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    This plugin is freaking awesome. Definitely making a plugin spotlight

    Here it is! Hope you enjoy watching it, and please embed it on your post if you want.

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    All up to date information and downloads is now on bukkit dev.

    Nice video man. I I'm glad you enjoy the plugin!

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    Thanks :D
    The plugin is great, I have been using it a lot already.
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    :'( its not working for me. and i now why, but not hoe to fix it! it says the download is 1.2.3 right? at the top, but when i click the link to dowload it takes me to this page that has a 1.1 dowload link, and thats the only downlad link i could find, please give the 1.2.3 link. pleasess! and thankyou in advance. lol
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    The MoArrows version and Minecraft version are two different things. MoArrows 1.0.0 is the latest release (as of this second) and it's designed for Minecraft 1.2.3-r2.
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    I installed it, and when I left clicked it showed arrow types and cycled through them but never actually shot the arrow type. And kept saying I was too encumbered also, which was kind of wierd. How do I set all this up to work?
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    Hi there clint. The first thing I will say is that I highly recommend that you read all documentation for any plugin that you install on your server. Part of your issue was covered in the bukkit dev page for this plugin. As for the arrow types not firing, I need a bit more information to address that problem. Do you have any server log errors when loading the plugin or shooting arrows? Are you using the required plugins? Are you using the latest version of bukkit and moarrows? These are the types of questions that will help us both solve your issue.
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    MoArrows v1.2.0 is now available!
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    Download link for 1.3 seems to be missing =o
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    v1.5.1 is available now!
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    By the way, is it configurable for Admins to use any type of arrow without needing the materials? If not, this would be great so Admins can play around with the arrows without the hassle of the materials.

    I kind of mean like an Admin could do "/arrow explosive" if he wanted to use only explosive arrows and then "/arrow normal" if he wanted to change it back.
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    The moarrows.bypassmaterials permission would negate material requirements. By default, this is enabled for op use.

    You can download the plugin by visiting the Bukkit Dev page as listed in the description. And don't advertise on my thread again, or I will permanently disable this plugin's use on your server.

    This also goes for anyone else posting server information in this thread without my permission.
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    Go to PlanetMincraft is you want to advertise your crappy server, not on this super legit plugin thread.
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    I don't know if I am just not seeing it, but how do you add the poison potion requirement? The item id for the lowest one is 373:8196. I would like to be able to have the poison arrow require 2 of these, but when I put 373:8196:2, there is an error parsing it :/ Thanks for the great plugin!

    Also, even after editing the config file, I am able to use all the arrow types no matter if I have the correct items in my inventory or not. And when the server starts, it says that it won't allow the doom arrows, like I want it to, but I am still able to use them :/

    EDIT: Never mind, I was OP, and I guess I didn't realize that would over-ride the config file. Thanks again for the great Plugin! Keep up the good work!
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    Can you post a recipe? because the arrow types page isn't really clear on how to create the arrows. It just says the materials needed. Thx:). I GIVE YOU [cake]
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    Awesome plugin!!!!
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    Where in the entire description did you read anything about crafting? There is no need to craft anything.

    Thanks man! I love your server! =P

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    Any chance of Ice Arrows?

    Id love to make a Metroid esque map, and ofcourse you cant have metroid without "ice beam"
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    Oh... Right anyway GREAT Plugin is it possible to get dispensers to shoot other arrows?
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    I've had several requests for that, and it's a fun idea. What I might end up doing is making an add-in for it at some point. That way, people can use the basic MoArrows plugin, or include a separate jar to add dispenser support. Not sure when that might happen, but keep an eye out for "MoArrows for Dispensers."

    Sorry.. decided against it. I want to stay away from the magic spells side of Minecraft.

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    Any way of allowing players to cycle through only the types of arrows they currently have ammunition for?

    Its kinda unwieldy cycling through 9 arrow types if you accidentally left click.

    Thanks either way!

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