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    Mario WorldCraft - Make your own playable Mario world
    Version: 4.6


    When you first saw Minecraft's pixelated graphics, did it remind you of early Mario games?​
    If not, it probably does now. With this mod, you are able to mix the two and create your own Mario world with blocks which get powered when you smack your forehead into it.​

    NOTE: If you want the HUD and sound effects then you need to have Spout.

    Now on BukkitDev

    • Powers the block above the desired Question Mark block which can power a dispenser (or anything else).
    • A reset command which sets all the Question Mark blocks but to their original form.
    • Become "big" or "small" by eating mushrooms or by being damaged by monsters.
    • Gain the power to fling fireballs eggs by acquiring a red rose.
    • Become invincible for a short period after consuming a cookie.
    • Bricks get destroyed with your head if you're "big".
    • Able to only effect the desired worlds.
    • Give players checkpoints to respawn at when they die.
    • HUD which displays the players current statistics (with Spout).
    • Life and coins systems.
    • Custom default number of lives.
    • Different languages (English, Spanish, Australian, Romanian, German, Dutch).
    • Supports warp blocks so you can simulate warp pipes.
    Custom languages:
    If you would like me to add your preferred language to the list of available languages, just send me a PM and/or fill out the template at this forum to see what needs to be translated.

    How to use:
    Set up commands (open)

    Allow/disallow the plugin affecting the current world
    • /addmarioworld
    • /removemarioworld
    Toggle Mario style damage
    • /mariodamage

    General administration commands (open)

    Restart the world (i.e. reset blocks, player states, player coins, player checkpoints )
    • /mariorestart [c] [world_name]
      • '/mariorestart' will reset player coins in accordance with the "coin persistence" state.
      • '/mariorestart c' will always reset player coins.
    • Note that the using the [world_name] option only works from the console.
    Show a players score (currently just shows the number of coins)
    • /marioscore <player_name>
    Move a player back to their most recent checkpoint
    • type /cpreturn <player_name>
    Toggle whether or not coins are kept when they reach 100, when the player dies or when '/mariorestart' is run
    • /keepmariocoins
    Reset player checkpoint
    • /clearmariocheckpoint <player_name>
    To change the the number of lives a player gets when starting/after game over:
    • type /changedefaultlives <number_of_lives>
    To change the the number of coins a player needs to level up
    • type /changecoinlevelup <number_of_coins>
    To add or subtract lives/coins from a player:
    • type /mario <attribute> <add/sub> <player_name> <amount>
      • Attribute: Either "coin" or "life"
    • e.g. To add 5 coins to "LittleGruz"
      • type /mario coin add LittleGruz 5
    • e.g. To remove 2 lives from "LittleGruz"
      • type /mario life sub LittleGruz 2

    Warp pipe commands (open)

    Cancel the creation of warp blocks
    • /cancelwarppipe
    Display the locations of warp pipes
    • /displaywarppipes

    Language commands (open)

    Change the language
    • /changelanguage <language>
    • The currently available languages are:
      • English - english
      • Spanish - spanish
      • Australian - aussie
      • Romanian - romanian
      • German - german
      • Dutch - dutch
    • e.g. To change to Spanish, type '/changelanguage spanish'

    Mario blocks (open)

    Mario action | Action
    Create powered block | Hit any block with a redstone torch
    Create super mushroom block | Hit any block with a red mushroom
    Create poison mushroom block | Hit any block with a brown mushroom
    Create fire flower block | Hit any block with a red rose
    Create 1-up block | Hit any block with a cake item
    Create invincibility block | Hit any block with a cookie
    Create coin block | Hit any block with a gold ingot
    Create breakable block | Hit any block with a brick block
    Create warp blocks | Hit any 2 blocks with an ender pearl
    Create checkpoint | Hit a stone pressure plate with a cactus
    Create world respawn location | Hit any block (except stone pressure plate) with a cactus

    Use warp blocks | Walk over the entry block
    Break a breakable block | Smack the underside of the block with your head (only if Super Mario or Fire Mario)

    Remove any Mario block | Hit any Mario block with a dirt block

    Mario items (open)

    Mario action | Action
    Become Super Mario | Acquire a red mushroom
    Shrink a size | Acquire a brown mushroom
    Become Fire Mario | Acquire a red rose
    Gain a life | Acquire a cake item
    Gain a coin | Acquire a gold ingot
    Become invincible | Acquire a cookie

    • Download .jar
    • Type: /addmarioworld
    • Type: /mariodamage
    • Get to creating your Mario world (check out the Mario blocks/items spoilers)
    Check out my site here.
    Download the plugin from here and the BukkitDev site here.
    View the source here.

    Demo video enclosed in the spoiler for v1.1
    Video (open)

    The Mario sound effect tunes are not of my own creation, they are instead made by the lovely folks at The Mushroom Kingdom.

    Enjoy my mods? Donate! Dislike my mods? Donate (and give feedback)! Powers of two are cool (e.g. $1.28, $2.56, etc.).

    Special thanks:
    I would like to thank WingedSpear for some very valuable (and significant) feedback, suggestions as well as providing the Spanish translations.

    Future plans:
    • Take over the world.
    Version 4.6:
    • Added command to return players back to their checkpoint.
    • Checkpoint return bugfix.
    Past versions (open)
    Version 4.5.1:
    • Allow console to restart worlds.
    • Removed coin count message for Spout users.
    Version 4.5:
    • Added player coin/life altering commands
    • Added command to change the amount of lives needed to level up
    • Added command to change the default number of starting lives
    • Updated Dutch phrases
    Version 4.4:
    • Coloured player messages.
    • Added a Mario block removal block.
    • Allow for coins to persist through '/mariorestart'.
    • Extra option for '/mariorestart'
    Version 4.3:
    • Added warp blocks.
    • Fixed checkpoint/lives bug.
    • Toggle for coin persistence.
    • Added Dutch to the list (thanks to NLferdiNL)
    Version 4.2.3:
    • Fixed multiworld bug.
    Version 4.2.2:
    • Tweaked non-Spout displays.
    • No longer using world UID's, using names instead.
    Version 4.2.1:
    • Bug fix for when '/mariorestart' is run.
    Version 4.2:
    • Added German to the list (thanks to Lantecer).
    • Eggs are now removed when loosing fire Mario abilities.
    Version 4.1:
    • Added Romanian to the list (thanks to Jijel).
    • Checkpoint bugfix.
    • Added 1-up blocks.
    Version 4.0:
    • Added ability to change the language.
    • Added English, Spanish (thanks to WingedSpear) and Australian languages.
    • When invincible, player gets a speed boost.
    • Respawn/checkpoint bugfix.
    Version 3.0:
    • Can set custom default lives.
    • Make any block be destroyed by a rouge forehead.
    • Proper checkpoint implementation.
    • Can set custom world respawn locations.
    • Items drop under blocks.
    • Poison mushrooms do not effect invincible players.
    Version 2.5:
    • Added the invincibility block.
    Version 2.4.2:
    • Moar bug fixes!
    Version 2.4.1:
    • Restart command bug fix for non-Spout users.
    Version 2.4:
    • Allow the game to be played with or without Spout.
    Version 2.3:
    • Added invincibility.
    • Plugin remembers mario damage state.
    Version 2.2:
    • Updated to the new Bukkit event handling system.
    Version 2.1.1:
    • Added the fire flower special block as originally intended.
    Version 2.1:
    • Added fire Mario.
    • New sound effects.
    • The special blocks actually drop the mushrooms now.
    • The restart command now resets player stats who are in the same world.
    Version 2.0:
    • Added a coins system.
    • Added a lives system.
    • Added coin, poison mushroom and super mushroom blocks.
    • Player stats displayed in a HUD.
    • Extra sounds.
    • Removed the mariostate command.
    • Added coins (gold ingots) and 1-up mushrooms (cake).
    Version 1.4:
    • Added ability to set checkpoints.
    • /mariorestart now also resets checkpoints of all players in that world to the default spawn point.
    • Added /clearmariocheckpoints command.
    Version 1.3.1:
    • Fixed bug where mod registered hitting a single block as multiple hits.
    Version 1.3:
    • New commands.
    • Mod now only effects the desired worlds.
    • Mario style damage can be toggled on or off.
    • Monsters now deal Mario style damage.
    • More suitable data structure.
    • More suitable location for data files.
    Version 1.2:
    • Sounds added.
    Version 1.1:
    • Player "big" and "small" states.
    • Certain blocks able to be destroyed while "big".
    Version 1.0:
    • Released into the wild.
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    The title is still an accurate indicator of what is needed.

    Version 2.4 is now out.
    This version allows you to use this plugin with or without Spout.

    Also, if you are someone who keeps their server on Recommended Builds, do not worry. This version will still work on 1.2.5-R1.0

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  3. the non spout version its not working, i hit the blocks and nothing happen, even theres no red torch, nothing pop up from flower blocks and other items block, also i get an internal error restarting
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    v2.4.1: Fixed the restart command.

    As for the other problem, have you run the command '/mariodamage'? That command enables all that Mario stuff you described.
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    Would love to see video!
    [to entice us to spend the minutes needed to set this up on a test server, and then maybe invest the time to turn it into a production server. =) ]
    Even just a short teaser. Anything!
  6. No i didnt, im gonna try now, thx for update

    Still nothing happen =S, sorry...even with mariodamage enabled

    Theres already one video, look at the spoilers...

    Sorry i didnt left a pastie, here u go

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    I have been thinking of making new ones since my voice sounds so lacklustre in the current ones. But since I want to make them interesting (instead of just telling you what is in the plugin) more time is needed.

    Geez, I am not terribly good at properly fixing things at the moment. Thanks for the pasties though. Fixing it up now.

    EDIT: *fixed* Version 2.4.2.

    WingedSpear Did I end up fixing your problem with the blocks and the items appearing?

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  8. Sorry i was not able to test it cuz i has too many players online, and no....dont work, also i cant destroy any block jumping:

    a little suggestion, mario dont hit the blocks with hes head, he punch em, what about forcing the player to jump and punch under the block? also will be great if the block its destroyed like blocks normally do in minecraft, that will look more like mario =). (still waiting for test the plugin, i wanna make an mario bross map)
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    Judging by the location of that error, you may still be using version 2.4.1. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    It is true that he raises his arm to punch it, but I think it would be too awkward to play if you had to look up and click every single time you wanted to break/activate a block. Interesting observation though.
  10. Mmm i get it clicking in the ''Download the mod here'', im gonna try with the one at dev.... , internal error restarting =(

    (Look at my post in ur RPG plugin)

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    Wow. I have no idea how that occurred. I have tried using the '/mariorestart' command under all the situations I could think of to try and re-create that exception. But there was no success. Currently my only thought is that your blocks text file was edited or saved incorrectly.
  12. Its working nice now =), thx, think about the block breaking, will look much better like that, now, i want to translate the plugin, i speak spanish, what about adding support for translations?
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    Oooh. That would be cool. Do you have any nice links on how to do that properly?
  14. Like doing the translation editing the jar? i dont know what do u mean =/, i know how to edit the jar and change translations but there should be a way for do that in the plugin folder.

    Hey how im able to add the ''invencibility item'' to one block? i hit with one cookie and nothing happen.
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    I was hoping for some easy way of having the messages/in-game text display in the suitable language. I think for that I may have to resort to just 'if statements'.

    Uhh, *cough*...I have not actually added that yet. Which really seems quite silly...
    EDIT: Version 2.5! Added that block type.
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    @LitteGruz Sweet!! Gonna test it here soon!
  17. Hmm well im able to left u an translated config if u add that feature. Another suggestion, let us change the breakable blocks cuz i want to break the ''broken stonebrick'' or redbricks, the cobblestone look so sad =/, or hit blocks with specific items (maybe red bricks) and the blocks is able to be broken, at that way we can have different breakable blocks.
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    Fair point, I will add that in the next update. But that update may be later this week because I have University work I should really be doing. Thank you for all your help.
  19. sorry my fault, actually they are able to break ''red bricks'' (still will be nice break ''broken stonebricks''), but theres still one issue, the broken bricks cant be restarted =/, im gonna need an huge area with the plugin Rebuild, at least i have that plugin but will be better if this plugin restart these blocks.
  20. Mmm little issue, if u wait too much time after hiting one invincibility block and u restart, the block stay as ''stone'' instead of the original one =/

    EDIT: another issue, sometimes if u hit an special block, the item stay above the block and of course u cant pick it, i suggest to make the item fall under the block, i know in mario the items go above the block, but in minecraft we cant jump as mario for pick the items above the blocks xD

    (im working in a mario world map, i want u to see it, as soon u have time to talk ill left u the IP of my server)
  21. Plz i need u to fix the item dropping, make them go under the block, not above, im about to finish the map and i cant use it till everything its fixed =(
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    What is your IP? I like seeing how other servers work ;)
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    Hmm, making it drop under the block instead is a good idea. I might add that too.
    Sorry about the delay, I should be able to do some work on it tonight when I get back from uni.
  24. Thx, ill wait for that, also i want to know how the checkpoints and lifes work cuz i dont know how im gonna do for let my players play it at least once a day, i want em to have 5 lifes (is a pretty hard map) and if they lose the 5 lifes go back to the main world, i have some ideas but i need to know how the lifes and checkpoint system work.
    Mine is an spanish server, but im gonna make a video for this plugin with out any word so every1 will understand whats happening, i can left the IP here but i dont want to spam the plugin topic of LittleGruz.
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    Ok. When a player steps on a pressure plate which is a checkpoint, the plugin saves the checkpoint location for that player, so when they die (and have at least 1 life left) they respawn back at the checkpoint. If they do not have enough lives left, they will respawn back at the normal respawn point. Changed.

    At least that is what it should do. I thought I had implemented checkpoints, but from testing it seems I definitely have not. So in the version which is coming within a few hours, that feature will be re-implemented. Fixed.

    Version 3.0! Lots of changes and additions. For the full list, check the changelog up top.
    But I wish to describe some of the changes here in full.

    Checkpoints can be set by hitting a stone pressure plate with a cactus and the default world respawn point can be set by hitting any other block with a cactus.
    When a player dies with more than 1 life left and they have reached a checkpoint, then they will respawn at the most recent checkpoint the reached. Otherwise they will respawn at the default respawn point.

    The custom amount of default lives (i.e. the number of lives a player gets after they "game over" or first join) can be set in the config.yml file with the syntax - lives: x - where 'x' is the number of lives you want.

    Breakable blocks:
    Instead of just being bricks and cobblestone that can break, any block can now be "breakable" if you hit it with a brick block. They will also return with everything else when the command '/mariorestart' is used.

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  26. huge update, tyvm, i was not expecting all these changes, im gonna test it as soon i can, if everything work fine i think that will be enought for finish my map, once more, if u want to see my map tell me, maybe u can give me some suggestions.

    edit: about the future update, the warps for pipes is a nice plan, actually im gonna do this with autorun commands, button warp (for pipes) and of course, this plugin.

    Ok now:

    teleport by checkpoints and respawn are pretty bugged cuz they spawn under the plataform and they fall instead of spawn exactly where they should.

    suggestion for coins: save them in a different flatfile, and make them stay, so then the players can change these coins for minecraft items like diamonds, armors, tools, etc..., if they are gonna beat a mario map they need a nice reward, and will be great make them collect coins so after a lot of try's they can change these coins for better stuff.

    (maybe this gonna take a while, i mean the shop feature, but at least u can make the coins stay and add a command like /marioscore PLAYER so im able to give rewards manually to the players who reach an amount of coins)

    lifes: there should be a 1-up item, like ummm...a diamond? or diamond helm? dun know...theres no green mushrooms in minecraft xd

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    Yeah, the reward system could take a quite while.
    The only time a "coin" can be seen is if it has been dropped/placed on the ground. This is because when a player hits a coin block, nothing actually spawns, they just directly get a coin (just like in the game).

    You can make blocks for these as well.
  28. oh i didnt remember the life item, surely i read it but didnt remember, thx.

    but i still need a way for know how many coins they get, at least with an virtual score saved inside the plugin folder, cuz i need a way for reward my players for get hidden blocks in the map. (also will be enought giving gold blocks, so im able to open their inventory and know how much ''coins'' they have)
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    Version 4.0.
    Another big enough update for a significant version number change!
    The main thing here is the addition of changeable language displays. The current available languages are English, Spanish and Australian.
    If you wish to have your own preferred language added to Mario WorldCraft, just send me a PM and I will send you the words/phrases that will need to be translated. I have set the plugin up so it should only take me about 10 mins to add a new language.
  30. Nice, thx =), the star power work great, theres still some things:

    The cake block cant be added, also i tryed dropping one cake from my hands and still dont work (i always have the max amount of lifes so dont know if thats the issue)

    In the spanish translation, i dont changed the ''(invencibility)'' after picking the star power cuz i thought u dont needed it, change that for ''(invencible)'' if u can =)

    the checkpoints are still bugged =(, im not able to test the lifes system cuz each time i die i respawn falling to the void, i tryed setting the pressure plate above a lot of blocks but still dont work u_u, so i have to teleport to the mario world again and i have all my lifes (i think that just happen cuz im teleporting myself instead of respawning at the checkpoints)
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    *facepalm*. I have realised that you are right with the 1-up blocks, they simply do not exist (could you please translate "1-up block saved"), so I will try and fix this today...

    and this,

    and this...again. Since I do not actually get this problem, I will keep on releasing fixes which I think will fix it, so keep on doing what you do. Pointing out all the bugs!

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