Inactive [MECH/FUN] KittySmite - Protect your Nyans [1.2.5-R1.0]

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  1. Do you love kitties? You want to protect them, but don't want to make them immortal? Then here is your solution! Every time somebody hits or shoots a cat, a lightning strike will teach him some respect.
    This is my very first plugin for bukkit. It works with the Build 1.2.5-R1.0.

    • Every Player, who hits or shoots a pet, will get struck by lightning
    • Kitties/Wolfs are immune against lightning
    • Permissions
    • No lightning strikes for pet owner (optional) (Permissions)
    • Configurable
    • Alternative punishments (lightning, fire)
    Planned Features:
    • Some more kitty-features
    • More punishments
    Please give me some feedback. :)

    • v0.5 - Added option for protection of wild cats/dogs
    • v0.4 - Added new Permissions, wolf protection, configuration, fire punishment
    • v0.3 - Added Permissions
    • v0.2 - Initial Release
    • kitty.protect - Does not smite the player on hurting cats (Default: OP)
    • kitty.owner - Does not smite if owner of cat (Default: false)
    • kitty.puppy.protect - Does not smite the player on hurting wolf (Default: OP)
    • kitty.puppy.owner - Does not smite if owner of wolf (Default: false)
    Download and infos on BukkitDev

    Updated to v0.3. Now with Permissions. :)

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    Tag me when an rb is out
  3. Here you go, md_5 :)
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    Sondre Berntsen

    oh my this is awesome! xD
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    Awww .. instantly downloaded this plugin! Really good idea, because I love my cats :D
    Thanks to you!
  6. Glad you like it. :) I'm working on the next version with protection for dogs and individual/random punishments.
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    Finally people will respect my kittehs!
  8. Updated to v0.4.

    Now with wolf protection! More infos and configuration options on BukkitDev.
  9. Aaaand another Update to v0.5! More Infos on BukkitDev.
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    Seems nice! I would love to se some worldguardsuport, so you will only get punished when you are in a particular region.

    Example: On my server, the only "safezone" is the spawnregion, so you will get punished if you kill someones pet there, but not in the wilderness :p
  11. Haha, WorldGuard could be a challenge. ;) If I can find some time, I will give it a shot.
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    there is a bug,
    players can harm cats/wolves with fishing rod
    without getting punished
  13. Hm, does a fishing rod damage to cats? I think they don't lose health if you hit them with the pole. :oops:
    Oh wait, yeah, you could do falldamage with it! Didn't think of that. I look into it.
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    can you make a option that the nyans have godmode near the spawn?
    the new joined trollz dont care that they die
    they continue killing the cats even they die,
    they have nothing to lose
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    This dont seem to work.

    Could it be that I am useing block control:

    I have fire set to off as i do not want members setting fire to everything.

    My block control settings only allow users to use. Water, Ice, tnt, craft. I do not think I can allow lightening. Inpermitions.
    Allow users to use:
    - BlockControl.water
    - BlockControl.tnt
    - BlockControl.craft

    TNT dose no damage as I also use safe-creeper.

    Could you test this and maybe make a new punishment.
    Like lose life.

    To get arround the fire, and lightening thing.

    All the best J & R
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    I realy like this idea unfortunatly lighting is not a very good punishment.

    Some one killed all the pets im my players houses and the lighting set fire to everything, even though i am useing block controle. Link:

    It would be better for me if when people hit the kats or dogs that they lose half life and half hunger bye the first hit and die bye the seccond hit. Without the lighting.

    Is ther any way you could give us the option. I realy need this plug in.


    All the best J & R
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    OK Problem solved I changed the settings from Lighting to fire. It works great now.
    Big thanks for this plug in.
  18. Glad you could solve it.
    I will update the plugin soon and add some new punishments.

    I will look into the god-mode-at-spawn-thingy. ;)
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    Ohh finally I hate it when people kill there pets.
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    what happens if cat & offender is inside a building?

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