[MECH/FUN] Guns+ v1.8 - Guns, Guns, Guns Galore![SPOUT][1.4.7-R1.0]

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    I feel special - I have a spoiler for my videos :D
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    Hey I got 1K views from that in 3 days and fainted. (Metaphorically.) I deserve to be able to wave it around.
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    Plugin Report
    While firing my Barret 50Cal straight into the air the recoil actually shoots me into the air.
    It was pretty cool but I ended up dying after a triple burst.
    atlan1 I was just wondering if you could fix that
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    Hmm I have been thinking about a thing... Could you IF possible add a really cool feature that the sniper scope would be round?? If its possible could you add, pls! Example, Like in SDKS mod.

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    Seems, you forgot to assign a effect to your gun.
    Here an example of my mobarena classes:
    Show Spoiler

    items: wood_sword,318:1033:1, 318:1038:64,318:1038:64,318:1038:64, apple:3, grilled_pork:3
    armor: 306,311,316,301
    items: 318:1044:1, 318:1040:64, 318:1040:64,318:1040:64,318:1040:64,318:1040:64, 318:1040:64, apple:3, grilled_pork:3
    armor: 306,311,316,301
    items: 318:1045:1, 318:1039:64, 318:1039:64,318:1039:64,318:1039:64,318:1039:64, 318:1039:64, apple:3, grilled_pork:3
    armor: 306,311,316,301
    items: stone_sword, 318:1035:1, 318:1041:45, apple:3, grilled_pork:3
    armor: 306,311,316,301
    items: wood_sword,318:1036:1, 318:1043:64,318:1043:64,318:1043:64,318:1043:64, apple:3, grilled_pork:3
    armor: 306,311,316,301
    items: wood_sword,318:1046:1, 318:1042:64, 318:1042:64,318:1042:64,318:1042:64, apple:3, grilled_pork:3
    armor: 306,311,316,301

    I thought that there will be more videos so I put them into a spoiler to save space.:p

    Yes, I'll do this soon.

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    OMG thank you!!!! really you are the BEST! I LOVE GUNPACK!!
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    TheFluffey , 2MAD4U
    Here it is:
    UPDATE: Version 1.4
    • Added option for the zoom key either toggleing or holding. You can do this by writing an underscore("_") behind your key. NOTE: This will only work with keys, means if you chose 'left' or 'right' or 'right/left+shift' this will not work
    • Fixed 'left/right+shift' is a toggle. Now you can zoom in by left/right+shift and zoom out by releasing shift.
    • Fixed headshot damage. No really, I've done it:p
    • Added zoom pictures like in SDKs Gun Mod. They are optional but really cool!
    • Added new recoil method! Now the player will be pushed back on shooting with recoil. That's why the recoil is now smooth and will not block moving. (I removed the old recoil ) If you want to use the old one again for some reason I'll put it back.
    That's all for now, I hope I didn't make a lot of new bugs.
    Please give feedback!
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    BUGS [Priority: Least to Greatest]:
    1. Recoil is AWESOME now, I CAN AIM! But also, it is WAY to powerful... Make it configurable (KnockBack), I can fly with some guns...

    1. [Low] Add 'Buck' option... Set the number of bullets gun fires (shotguns!).
    2. [Low] Add collateral damage [Define how many people a bullet can hit at once]
    3. [High] Give option to select knockback from recoil... Currently WAY to high(for some weapons) :D
    4. [FATAL] Scope images cause lag, also gun should disappear when image appears (Or else its weird, aiming down the sites of a gun that your not aiming down the sites of). Smoother zoom transition to image? (Transparent zoom images with things like acog site)...

    1. EVERYTHING seems to work flawlessly except that of above. Still to test headshots, but everything else works well (except images).
    2. Sure you still cannot move while shooting with knockback, but you can aim. I LOVE IT :D
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    Thank you! This is AWESOME! Man really thanks a LOT!
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    could you add a link to Spoutcraft?
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    Oh really I thought you did hmmm my bad
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    Could you please add permissions for this as i have an RPG server and i don't want all classes to have guns.
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    Ummm Guns aren't firing here.....
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    I so agree. I would also ask for craft permissions for the same reason.
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    Please further increase firing rate

    Headshots - The normal damage is now always accounted for, but headshots still don't work.

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    Please use another plugin for this. e.g. BanRecipe , Incraftable ...
    They are working for me. I put 20 for headshot damage, and 14 for damage. Then I shot a skeleton's foot twice to kill it. As I shot the skeleton's head it was instantly killed.
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    Wont that just block the ability to craft item, not prevent there use?
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    Where can I find the recipes? (Some pics, maybe?)
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    Could you add a command so we can give ourselves guns with a command? eg; "/gun GunName"
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    Doesn't work on people, haven't tested animals... idk
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    I have a suggestion! how about making the guns have custom ID's specified by the user. I'm not sure if this is possible just a suggestion. (Oh and can you please do a guide oh how to make this work with MobArena?!?!)
    - FatMiners
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    hi i got a problem with the gunpack/mobarena :) when i typ in the ID´s i just get flint 1xflint then 64xflint 64xflint..
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    tou need spoutdraft

    you need spoutcraft

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    can anyone help me with getting mobarena to work with this awesome plugin?

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