[MECH/FUN] Guns+ v1.8 - Guns, Guns, Guns Galore![SPOUT][1.4.7-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by atlan1, Jan 31, 2012.

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    i downloaded showcase standalone
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    fu ok thx
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    1 question : only 1 gun or am i missing something?
    1 problem : everything i make with recipes comes out as flint. :/
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    Oi, I'm on a fallout server. I can't shoot guns. I am on a mac. I used to be on a server where I could shoot guns. I am positive it is not a permissions error. Help me please. Thank you for your time. Also I get the ammo screen yet I simply cannot fire the weapon itself.
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    I cant use guns until spout has updated :(
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    We all can't with 1.3.1.
    1. If you didn't install any loadouts yet you have only the default gun.
    2. You are using Spoutcraft?
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    can someone plis help me?
    i try to craft pistol but i see it as a flint.
    i try to craft everything but it looks like flint.
    i understand that i need spoutcraft launcher,
    but i have minecraft cracked and i cant find spoutcraft cracked for 1.3.1.
    what could i do?
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    Buy minecraft.
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    Exactly what I said.
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    Is there another solution ? XD
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    Not a legal one, and if there is we don't support it.
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    ok thnx anyway...
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    I love this plugin and am running a private server for friends with it, however the gun does not fire or use ammo. Thanks to anyone who can help!
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    How do i get the gun?
    Do i have to type command?
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    Hey, I got a question...
    Let's say I have a custom object/item called: Projectile, for example.
    In guns.yml, you can change the projectile. Can I choose "Projectile" instead of the
    other types? Thanks!
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    When you release 1.3.2 update? Or 1.3.1?
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    It should still work for 1.3.1 or 1.3.2, We can not do much work on the plugins currently cause of school.
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    Its not working on spoutcraft for 1.3.2 :(
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    Hello, yesterday I installed 'Spout plugin', 'Api+', and 'GunsPlus' on my server host by a company so not running on my computer.

    I Launch minecraft using SpoutCraft, I can join the multiplayer game, but I can't find any weapons. Also, when I craft these weapons using 'recipes.yml' like the sniper. It works but I just see flint as a result and it's the same for the ammo using in the craft of the sniper.

    My server is running minecraft 1.3.2, SpoutCraft on the latest version, I'm using SpoutPlugin build 1304, Api+ is also on the latest version, and using GunsPlus 1.6.

    I'm asking your help, please.

    Ps: I apologize for my english if you can't understand what I said just retain I'm french :p
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    Whats Happening with this plugin?
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    It does work, but you have also to use compatible versions of SpoutPlugin and Spoutcraft!
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    It's still working, but due to me and atlan being in school we are not able to work on it.
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    ok it doesnt work for me though im using the latest spoutcraft launcher and the 1.3.1 spoutplugin

    what version of the spoutcraft plugin do you reccommend me using for 1.3.1 or 1.3.2?

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    Spoutrcraft isn't a plugin, but I guess you mean SpoutPlugin. So I am using this one without problems: http://get.spout.org/1331/spoutplugin.jar
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    nope it still doesn't work, is there anything else i can get the right versoin of or should i just wait for the new version of guns+
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    What exactly isnt working? Does the plugin not load or what?
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    no it loads and comes up with guns+ blah blah.... but only in the chat thing. I do have spoutcraft and i do use it and it still comes up in the textbox but it does load. When i go in spoutcraft and go into custom items they just aren't there.
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    I have heard that because of the new change to creative mode, spout items do not show up in the creative menu. I do not know if this is true or not but it is what I have heard.
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    That means that you are not using SpoutPlugin with the correct CB build. There should show a message in the log that says something like "SpoutPlugin does not work correctly...". Then you just have to download the right version pairs and you should fine.
    I saw that they have added a new tab on the left edge of the creative inventory for the custom items.
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    Have tried so many versoins and i cant seem to get the right one

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