[MECH/FUN] Guns+ v1.8 - Guns, Guns, Guns Galore![SPOUT][1.4.7-R1.0]

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    Yeah, but most spout devs like to wait until RBS so that if some major change happens they won't have to do a massive recode.
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    when will you update the gunpack plugin, i really wanna try it out but i have the new 1.2 version

    o ok thanks

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    Ah, that's good to know. Currently we are building the plugin from ground up, but finally we can test the changes!
    I think this will be gone after we our rebuild. Had to do with the inventory item storage.
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    First off, I agree with most other people here; this plugin is revolutionary! Even for people like I, who don't believe guns really work in Minecraft, this plugin is configurable enough so guns don't kill people in a few shots. I can also combine it with shop/economy plugins so the ammo is expensive! Basically, I'm in love with your plugin :D

    However, it's got flaws. I agree with basically all the ideas so far, especially the bugs, such as inverted movement while zooming; but I think the most important thing so far is sound. In the config the sound can be edited, but several posts say that there isn't sound already. Unfortunately, custom sounds are just silent for me and spam the console with errors! :(

    I've tried Mediafire and Dropbox links, as well as a few other file uploading sites, and the sound file(s) are definitely .ogg and not corrupt or anything. Is this a bug with the plugin, or am I doing something wrong?

    Could use help ASAP as I plan to get the server live in a few weeks, with custom sounds (the sniper sound works fine for most semi-auto weapons but definitely not automatic ones!). Please get to me as soon as you can, thank you!
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    Can you pleeeeeeease add a block that auto targets and shoots players? it dosen't have to look fancy or anything.
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    Ill discuss it with atlan and work on it if its agreed upon, It may wind up going into a separate plugin (maybe a Mechanics+?? for all your mechanical needs?))
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    Okay thanks for replying! If you want to see your plugin in a Fallout server, hop onto Spout and check us out!

    FALLOUT: NUKA BREAK | | TEXPACK: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/52411443/FALLOUT Nuka Break.zip |
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    Perhaps you're using loops? Also, I believe there is an issue with sounds and weapons in general: if you hold down your fire button long enough, sound stops playing. I found that restarting the client is the only remedy.
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    For the console problem, my guess is that you're using a "private" account of dropbox (for exemple), so only you with your own account logged in can access the file. The console, when trying, get it's connexion refused and get errors.

    You have to use a "public" account of dropbox (not with the httpS:// stuff in front of it). Dunno how it works, as I host my sounds on my own computer ^^'
    If you download my pack (first page) and try it, you'll heard sounds : they are keep in a public server, with classical http connexion (not secured). Try and you'll see :)
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    Ah thanks!
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    There is my gunpack pack , it's a mix between others ones , i've disabled explosions , players were blowing up my server :( you can add them manually :D , crafting recipes aren't added yet
    (devintelo's gunpack)
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    Hey, can you add support for factions? It's annoying because this plugin works great with faction wars but things like rocket launchers affect faction land, so people can grief it using rocket launchers even when it's faction protected.

    Or, if there's a way, can someone tell me how to stop faction land being destroyed by guns that place blocks, destroy blocks or do explosions?
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    ah yeah I will add it to the list when we get out the first stable build of Guns+.
    This will be fixed
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    to-do :
    vehicles , or porting vehicle mod to spout ?
    greandes and mines ?
    bullet shooting ?
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    1) Not in progress currently
    2) Part of GrenadesPack (and Guns) that is being changed to Greanades+
    3)Bullet shooting = No Arrows being fired. Which is also being ported into Guns+
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    Hey, if you are going to mix the packs, please ask permission first, ok?
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    Could you please update this for Minecraft 1.2? i really love this plugin. i use it for nazi zombies on my server
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    Me and atlan are working on Guns+, a merging of GunsPack and my Guns plugin. Both should work for 1.2 but we are not working on those anymore as we are now going to be doing Guns+ as the replacement for both.
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    Just had an idea, MAYBE a new dispenser or just editted dispenser, so if a gun is in the center of a dispenser with ammo in the dispenser, activate dispenser = Fire gun?
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    When will it be available? Been waiting for years now :D
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    You have to take into account that they're building this from scratch, so it could take a while.
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    It won't work can you make a turtorial vdo for me please or telling me the lear instruction
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    Stuxrt , when you share your packs , everyone can do what they want with it , you should know it
    If you don't want so , protect your works with licenses. I hate this kind of people ...

    SirTyler so much projects : mechanics+ , guns+ , grenades+ , planes+ ? , vehicles+?

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    Just Guns+ and Grenades+ for now, others will be worked on sporadically as we figure them out.
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    Custom vehicles aren't possible yet. We are waiting for the EntityAPI of spout.
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    atlan1 I know creating entities is yet impossible without EntityAPI, but can you make minecarts run on every blocks , and boats flying . this should be made without spout , i think ?
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    yes, I created a plugin calles MineVehicles in the past, it does something similar. Perhaps I can improve it...
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    Cool , very cool !

    with spout features : textures for the boat and minecarts tha could be changed with a GUI

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    We are so going off topic but could spout's new base_block be extended to minecarts and boats? If it can then you reskin them and give them the fly, drive abilities. The RidaDragon plugin even used spout to make the dragon (mostly) controllable via the arrow keys...
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    We can modify existing entitys and vehicles to a certain extent, but the Entity API will give us more control to do what we want.

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