[MECH/FUN] Guns+ v1.8 - Guns, Guns, Guns Galore![SPOUT][1.4.7-R1.0]

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    jakethesnak : try to use the latest recommended Spout plugin and laucher, as well as the last recommended Bukkit build (1.1 R4).

    Try to stop your server before modify the files, and after, start it. Do not modify files will it's online ;)

    MGSulysse : en cas de problème, envoies moi un PM, ce sera sans doute plus simple pour toi ;)
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    i have found out what the problem was im an idiot.
    i was putting plugins in wrong :D
    i just fix the problem in fact this came up
    09:19 AM [INFO] [GunPack] Loading GunPack v1.6.
    09:19 AM [INFO] [GunPack]-------------- Ammo loaded: ---------------
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Crystal
    09:19 AM [INFO] - 9mm Bullet
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Long Barrel
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Metal Receiver
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Wood Magazine
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Charger
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Wood Cross
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Short Barrel
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Double Barrel
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Minigun Barrel
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Heavy Barrel
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Metal Magazine
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Iron Cross
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Minigun Handler
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Visor
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Metal Shreds
    09:19 AM [INFO] - 50mm Bullet
    09:19 AM [INFO] - 35mm Bullet
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Shotgun Bullet
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Rocket
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Napalm
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Heavy Soundwave
    09:19 AM [INFO] [GunPack] -------------- Guns loaded: ---------------
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Needler
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Kalashnikov
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Desert Eagle
    09:19 AM [INFO] - FlameThrower
    09:19 AM [INFO] - M4
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Minigun
    09:19 AM [INFO] - MP5
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Rocket-Launcher
    09:19 AM [INFO] - SiG552
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Shotgun
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Sniper
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Wooden Crossbow
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Stone Crossbow
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Iron Crossbow
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Diamond Crossbow
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Obsidian Crossbow
    09:19 AM [INFO] - Sonic Blaster
    09:19 AM [INFO] [GunPack]------------ ID's of the guns: -----------------
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Needler: 318:1046
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Kalashnikov: 318:1047
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Desert Eagle: 318:1048
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of FlameThrower: 318:1049
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of M4: 318:1050
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Minigun: 318:1051
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of MP5: 318:1052
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Rocket-Launcher: 318:1053
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of SiG552: 318:1054
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Shotgun: 318:1055
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Sniper: 318:1056
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Wooden Crossbow: 318:1057
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Stone Crossbow: 318:1058
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Iron Crossbow: 318:1059
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Diamond Crossbow: 318:1060
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Obsidian Crossbow: 318:1061
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Sonic Blaster: 318:1062
    09:19 AM [INFO] [GunPack]------------ ID's of the ammo: -----------------
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Crystal: 318:1024
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of 9mm Bullet: 318:1025
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Long Barrel: 318:1026
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Metal Receiver: 318:1027
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Wood Magazine: 318:1028
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Charger: 318:1029
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Wood Cross: 318:1030
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Short Barrel: 318:1031
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Double Barrel: 318:1032
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Minigun Barrel: 318:1033
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Heavy Barrel: 318:1034
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Metal Magazine: 318:1035
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Iron Cross: 318:1036
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Minigun Handler: 318:1037
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Visor: 318:1038
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Metal Shreds: 318:1039
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of 50mm Bullet: 318:1040
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of 35mm Bullet: 318:1041
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Shotgun Bullet: 318:1042
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Rocket: 318:1043
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Napalm: 318:1044
    09:19 AM [INFO] ID of Heavy Soundwave: 318:1045
    09:19 AM [INFO] [GunPack] version 1.6 is now enabled.
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    If you wanna test those new weapons before install the pack, you can connect to this server : wormserver.no-ip.org:11001

    It use "Showcase" plugin, that allow you to have unlimited numbers of weapons and ammo.
    Just hit the step beyond the weapon, then type the number you wish in the dial box.

    This server is host on my own computer, and it's open between 2:00PM and midnight (GMT+1 time : London, Paris, Madrid etc...).

    /!\ French Server /!\
    Everybody is welcome, but weapons and ammo names are in french, and only few of my players speak english !
    As it is a test server, there's no law, no registration. Just connect and play.
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    I mean something like this for a target. http://memberfiles.freewebs.com/33/04/45860433/photos/Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops/Crossbow2.jpg

    Just wooden, and with this pointer in the middle for zooming in, it would make more realistic, not like a sniper zoom, and maybe there is a permission for crafting those guns ? Ban recipe dosent work as good...
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    atlan1 When can we expect and update for this? The release day for GrenadesPack? Heavily anticipating it :D!
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    No, you need the Spoutcraft launcher for Minecraft, and the Spout plugin for the server you're on.
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    Do you want them 16x16 or 32x32?
  8. I don't have much time now, but I think the update should come within the next week or two.
    GrenadesPack will be released hopefully in the next 2/3 days.
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    That sounds absolutely amazing. Cannot wait - look at how good your plugins are :D
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    Which ever looks better (and your more comfortable doing). 32x32 has more detail, but I can see that as both boon and bane (especially if you saw the ones I made :p ).
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    Any thoughts for weapon permissions or crafting permissions at all?
  12. Yes I was working on a item craft and use restriction plugin, but it is not finished yet and will not be part of GunPack.
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    Is there anyway to add bullet entities becuase i watched the video and theres no bullets.
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    Spout limitation. Not possible yet.
    However, this plugin can make your guns shoot "legit" bullet, as arrow, eggs, eye of ender etc...
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    hey i was playing around with it and i have a suggestion see if you can add enchantments like infinity and i was wondering where you guys are getting these textures from
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    The textures are hosted in dropbox, (www.dropbox.com) and enchantment changing (not sure) is not possible without changing the game's files on a fundamental level.

    On a side note:
    VERSION 1.4 of Stuxrt'sGunPack is ready! We now have 19 guns!
    Added Machine Pistol
    Added Drill (WIP)
    Added Elephant Gun
    Improved Flamethrower
    Added Hunting Rifle
    Added Chainsaw
    Added M4 Rifle
    Added Double Barrel Shotgun
    Next Up:
    Please tell me any requests you have for guns or changes to the pack.
  17. Nice.
    But it is better to put the names of the parts of your guns in the recipes, because the ids will change from one to another server.
    Also it would be nice if you name the zip archive just StuxPack and replace it with newer versions on update, so i don't have to a new link in the first post.
    Anyways another great GunPack!
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    Drill and Chainsaw oO
    How do you do that, isn't it close combat weapons ?
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    So there ar no ways to ban people from creating for example crossbows?
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    I reduced the range to one block with no knockback or recoil and made smoke as an effect for the chainsaw, for the drill I boosted the firing rate and made it break blocks.

    Make them very hard to craft or not able to be crafted at all. Just remove the entry for the weapon in recipes.yml
    for example:
    On my server I have an admin gun that kills instantly. I don't want users to have this, so I made it uncraftable.

    Quick Question: would you guys like to have elemental crossbows?

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    hi im having trouble making this work with mobarena. it always gives me flint... I have spoutcraft and i can get the item just fine but when i try making Classes on mobarena they just give me flint... :(
    this is what it looks like-
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    You have to use the latest devellopement build of MobArena :)
  23. No, there is no way to do this currently without a third-party plugin. Or you just do what Stuxrt said, but I am working on a plugin, just not finished. ;)
    Perhaps try also not to put amounts over 64. I don't know if this would solve it. Otherwise do what Adkos said before.
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    Grenadespack soon? Also, what are you doing about Bukkit merging with Mohjang? Please stay up to date! :D
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    Hey, for my new crossbows the arrows just flop out the gun. What is the average speed of a bow-arrow for the projectile section?
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    2012-02-11 09:43:46 [INFO] [GunPack] Can't find zoom texture url for Sniper!
    2012-02-11 09:43:46 [INFO] [GunPack] Can't find zoom texture url for Revolver!
    2012-02-11 09:43:46 [INFO] [GunPack] Can't find zoom texture url for Thompson!
    2012-02-11 09:43:46 [INFO] [GunPack] Can't find zoom texture url for Minigun!
    2012-02-11 09:43:46 [INFO] [GunPack] Can't find zoom texture url for Shotgun!
    2012-02-11 09:43:46 [INFO] [GunPack] Can't find zoom texture url for SG552!
    2012-02-11 09:43:46 [INFO] [GunPack] Can't find zoom texture url for Rocket Launcher!
    2012-02-11 09:43:46 [INFO] [GunPack] Can't find zoom texture url for Musket!
    Nearly none of your guns have a zoom texture, and have of them are saying they can't find the projectile something.
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    BTW WHY DOES THE HUD ONLY SHOW TO OP'S!!! The cool notifications and Clip/Total Ammo is so awesome but standard players dont see it.. :(
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    Zoom textures and projectiles type are totally optional.
    You'll have "errors" on launching, but it will not affect the weapons at all, don't worry.

    Atlan1 is currently working on it, I think.

    I've got the same problem, and fix it.

    The speed value is a multiplicator. If you put "2", your arrows will be launch with twice the normal speed with a legit bow.
    Ok... but twice the speed with string not pulled at all (just falling at your feet).

    For my crossbow, I've put values between 3.0 and 3.8 , and it looks just fine.
    Do not forget to write the value with the "dot" and the second number, even if it is a "0".

    The real "bug" is that arrows launch from custom weapons don't stay in a wall. It just display while in the air, then disapear. So you can't take it back :(

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  29. Yeah GrenadesPack is finished, but still in testing on my server to fix major bugs.

    Stuxrt - the normal speed of the arrow would be 1.0 and if you put 2.0 the speed is twice as fast as normal.
    EDIT: ah missed your post Adkos - I made the projectiles disapear on hit because I thought it would be better not to let them interact with entities (e.g. deal damage to them), I did'nt think of getting them back, but I'll make that configurable.
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    Thanks! Super Exited for GrenadesPack! Better install some anti greif plugins though...

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