[MECH/FUN]DropTheBlock v0.3-InstaBreak Bedrock &Glass + More&Get Dropped Block Glass & Bedrock[1060]

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    DropTheBlock- Insta Break Bedrock,Obsidian,Glass and Receive a Dropped block of those items!
    Version: 0.3

    This allows you to break Bedrock,Glass and Obsidian instantly, and since we all know you cant get Bedrock,Glass,or Grass Blocks but we made it so you can! Enjoy!

    • Receive Bedrock, Glass, block after breaking one of those!
    • Instant break Bedrock,Glass, and Obsidian

    Download This Here!
    version 0.4
    • Log of what Op broke the item
    version 0.3

    • Added Glass to break and Receive Dropped block!
    • Added Ops only can use this
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    version 0.2

    • Fixed Bugs
    • Added Material Obsidian
    version 0.1

    • Release
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    please remove your changelog from a spoiler the last two changes must be outside of a spoiler

    also your post says your in version 0.3 yet your title says 0.2?

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    Thats my task list, Upcoming Features that are going to happen.
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    DropTheBlock- Insta Break Obsidian and Bedrock and Receive a block after breaking Bedrock!

    Version: 0.3
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    Ohhh that lol Thanks
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    Your welcome.
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    King Rat

    Don't about a billion other plugins already do this?
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    Just don't make critic on those new plugin developer, they could do what they want, usefull or not, even if it's been already made by someone else.
    This is an open community made of common people, not an Organization heading to the best and less redundant results.
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    and btw I just searched Bedrock in the Search bar and i read nothing that says this.... So

    New version is out!

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    King Rat

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    Well that was in March and I just added newer things
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    King Rat

    Well, it's nice you're improving it, but there are so many other things you could do, if you just tried to be a bit more creative?
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    K, well got an idea mr creative?
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    Im using this right now xD
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    Looks nice. If Permissions gets added I'll put this mod on my server.
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    right now it's only op but we can add a permissions to it.
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    I realize this was over a month ago now, but maybe you should try not being such an asshole.

    It works on the latest version and removes admin blocks like it says. I could not care less about the dropping part but it's a nice bonus. I'm all for more devs making more plugins that duplicate features. Better the chance that at least one of them works with the latest version of bukkit.
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    I want to make a plugin that adjusts how long it takes to break certain blocks, and this is the closes one to what I want to make, but where is the source code? I'd love to take a look at it, before I try doing this from scratch. Also, there are no other plugins, from what I can tell, that make a few specific blocks easier to break, so congrats on making this one. I looked long and hard to find one that changed the ability to break a block, rather than all the TONS of plugins that change the ability to place a block.
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    Added emericask8ur on skype Hes your answer!
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    works on bukkit 1185

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