Inactive [MECH/FUN] Collapse - Cave-ins with fences for support [1.2.5-R1.3]

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    We're now on Bukkitdev. :p

    Collapse - Cave-ins with fences for support

    Version: v1.0.1
    • Added WorldGuard, Towny, Factions, iZone and Regios support.
    This plugin will cause caveins unless you have support beams in your tunnels (fences). If you have one of the support land protection plugins any protected land will not have caveins.

    • Cave-ins while digging.
    • Support for support beams (fences) that protect against caveins.
    • No configurations yet, I plan to have some.
    • WorldGuard support.
    • Factions support.
    • Towny support.
    • Regios support.
    • iZone support.
    • None yet.
    • None yet.
    Download Collapse

    Source Code:
    Source Code on GitHub

    To do:
    • Allow configuration of various settings from a config.yml file.
    • Add support for Spout user interface updates and sounds to indicate a cave in or instability in the cavern.
    • Add Residence support to allow protection against caveins.
    • And more.
    Known Bugs/Issues
    • None yet.
    Change Log
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    So how does cavein really works?
    Does dirt, gravel, sand fall in, or does stone just appear and start suffocating you..

    and Instead of Spout, why not add a message like.. if you are enterring a cave it would display a message:
    This cave looks unstable.

    Then if the cave might really contain instability:
    This cave might cave on you. Quick! Build some support beams(fences).
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    Cool. And realistic! :p
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    I already display a message like that. I display Cave In!!! if one is happening. And, if you have built support beams (fences) in your tunnel, then I tell you when they saved your life by printing out, "You hear the support beams creak."

    The Spout support would just be in addition to that. You wouldn't be required to have Spout to use my plugin, it'd be optional and would just add some cool effects when it happens. TBH I haven't looked into doing that yet. It'd just be cool to be able to hear a creaking sound for example when the support beams creak. And, maybe flash something on the screen during a cave-in, etc.
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    You should make it occasionally spawn a few silverfish when it reaches a certain darkness, if the player passes through a dark area, and add an explosion animations while collapsing and after, so it looks like flying rubble and dust.

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