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    MineFauna | V.0.4.1 Beta
    Thank you davir1 for providing the .jar I lost! :D
    Warning: You probably don't want to use this plugin on a big server. This plugin spams chat​
    (this WILL be fixed in future versions). It's good if you're on a smaller server with people who can tolerate spam with some new gameplay mechanics attached.​
    At the moment Allora (the chatbot) responds to every chat message! Use /bottoggle to disable that.
    • You can go out at night and find NPCs.
    • There are creeper, spider, enderman, and slime NPCs, among other types.
    • You can tame an NPC by right-clicking it with a piece of wheat or pork.
    • You can ride an NPC by right-clicking it with a saddle.
    • NPCs chat with each other.
    • NPC mobs can go through Nether portals with this plugin!
    • When enabled with /buildtoggle, NPCs can build houses, among other things.
    • Right-click an NPC with an item or blank hand and type /mine to make it mine!
    • Right-click an NPC with an item or blank hand and type /mfrename [name] to rename it!
    • NPCs have moods! Make one angry, and you might have a whole group after you!
    • NPCs get hungry, and will try to get food. You can feed them.
    • You can make an NPC house yourself with /generatehouse.
    • Make blazes fight spiders and creepers using /hostiletoggle
    Extended feature list (open)

    The feature list below is still incomplete list, and not everything may work.)

    There are tamable NPCs. (Types: Spider, Villager, Blaze, Slime, Snow Golem,
    Enderman, Ghast, Creeper, Silverfish, Cave Spider and Magma Cube).
    In the new version, you can save NPCs by stopping the server correctly or by using /mfsave.​
    /mfload reloads​
    You can configure whether certain types of mobs are mobs become NPCs in the configuration. I am not certain that they are all configurable, though.
    -Players can use food (not all types) to tame the NPCs. Blazes eat some strange things!
    NPCs can be ridden using saddles.
    -If you feed an NPC, it will become your friend. (Blazes are picky eaters!)
    -Friendly NPCs will defend the players that they are friends with. (with the exception of villagers).
    -Blaze rods can be used to temporarily make NPCs invincible.
    -NPCs can mate and attempt to find food themselves.
    -Allora (the bot) and spawn slimes are toggleable in the configuration.
    -NPCs will talk among themselves and to you when you come near them.
    -NPCs have death screams, and will say something when you hit them.
    -Mobs dissapear when entering Nether portals. Players who enter them will wind up on an odd platform. I was working on making mobs teleport between worlds.
    -NPCs can build/destroy.
    -Chatting "come here allora" brings the Allora NPC to you.
    -If you say something near an NPC, it might respond.
    -Right-clicking with a piece of paper displays a list of groups.
    NPCs have moods.
    NPCs can be transported to the Nether and back.
    NPCs might attack in groups.
    NPCs can mine after making houses.
    /generatehouse - Makes an NPC house.
    /buildtoggle - Toggles NPC building/destroying
    /hostiletoggle - Toggles Nether and normal mobs being hostile by default
    /alloratoggle - Toggles the Allora chatbot on/off
    /allorabio - Gives a "bio" of Allora.
    /toggleslimes - Toggles slime pets at spawn on and off.
    /mfrename - Used to rename NPCs. Right-click on an NPC with an item to select it.
    /mfdebug - Shows information about the plugin.
    /acom - Used to communicate with Allora. It doesn't work.
    /famine - Starves nearby NPCs.
    /mfsave and /mfload - For saving/loading.
    /attack - Doesn't work.
    /nether - /green - back and forth from Nether commands (/nether doesn't work)
    /chattoggle - Toggles NPC idle-chatting.

    About the future of MineFauna:
    MineFauna development is in a bad situation right now. I have lost the up-to-date source code and lost quite a bit of work doing so. (I actually made it so you can not listen to the NPCs via command.) But that does not mean I am done developing this plugin. I have a strong vision for where I want to go with this in the future, and I can pretty much promise you that this plugin will be a very good plugin someday. The next version I post (V.0.5 Beta) whenever it comes will have all players with the default of not hearing NPCs (with the exception of Allora, which is up to high-rankers on the server whether everyone hears her.)​
    Goals for 0.5 beta:
    Less annoying​
    Have a good dynamic learning system​
    Get rid of the explosive mob reproduction​
    Lower the mob screeching rate (not complain everytime they are hit).​
    Less lag​


    -Fixed a spelling error
    -Made /bottoggle work
    -Readded NPC idle talking

    -Updated to new listener system
    -Disable mob idle chatting
    -Allora responds to everything, will be fixed
    -Added new learning engine

    0.3.1b & 0.3.1c/ 0.3.2:
    • Altered friendship.
    • Disabled loading automatically when the plugin enables.
    0.3.1a incomplete changelog:
    • Added a new configuration variable. NPCs can now be set to only spawn under special conditions.
    • Added /npcs
    • Broke the plugin, apparently.
    0.3 incomplete changelog:
    • NPCs can make mineshafts now.
    • Changed NPC houses.
    • Added /nether and /green and /mine
    • Worked on NPC chatting
    • Changed paths
    • Made the spawn slimes be spawn wolves
    Older changelogs (open)

    0.2 incomplete changelog:
    • Fixed some slime and villagers errors
    • Fixed right-clicking with nothing in hand bug
    • Fixed friend mobs, made them defend you again
    • Fixed right-clicking on an NPC with an item firing an error
    • Made some types of NPCs in Nether portals teleport to the other side.
    • Added a message NPCs say if it kills its hunger target.
    • Changed hunger. Hungry mobs will now attack zombies, chickens, cows, and humans.
    • More kinds of mobs can mate.
    • Added wolf NPCs.
    • Expanded NPC moods.
    • Spiders are now passive by default.
    • Made right-clicking an NPC with an apple restore health.
    • Added in-chat health information if you are riding an NPC.
    • You can only ride an NPC if you are its friend now.
    • Added a lot more possible names for NPCs.
    • Added saving and loading NPCs.
    • Added /mfsave and mfload
    • Added "/dictionaries" folder.
    • /famine Will cause all NPCs near you to have very low hunger.
    • /attackplayer added but doesn't work yet
    0.1 incomplete changelog from 0.7p
    NPCs finally have practical purposes for their inventories.
    NPCs collect logs, which are added to their inventories.
    Killing an NPC will cause it to drop its inventory.
    Let NPCs modify other blocks.
    NPCs build houses when they get enough wood.
    Right clicking an NPC with a block will add it to its inventory and remove it from yours.
    Broke right-clicking an NPC to make it chat to you when you have an empty hand This will now add a "nothing" to its inventory and cause the game to crash if you kill that NPC later.
    Blaze NPCs can make Nether-brick buildings.
    Made MineFauna NPC villages have gravel paths.
    Added NPC "groups". You can see a list of them by right-clicking the air with a piece of paper.
    Made some Nether mobs hostile to some normal mobs and vice-versa.
    Altered the mating code a lot, it is much better now + Made mating look more like mating
    Added hunger to Blazes and other mobs.
    Expanded the NPC cap to around 60,000
    Added to NPC chatting AI.
    Added cave spider NPCs, silverfish NPCs, snowman NPCs, and naturally spawning slime NPCs.
    When cave spiders attack a player they sometimes make a "skree".
    Some mobs now have special death messages (which are configurable)
    Made /alloratoggle and /slimetoggle work, along with /allorabio and /mfrename
    Added /buildtoggle and /generatehouse commands
    Made which types of mobs spawn as NPCs configurable
    Re-added Allora NPC, summon it with "come here allora".
    Fixed the villagers only having female names.
    Fixed players not being able to get off an NPC without killing it
    Made NPCs respond to sentences from players more dynamically
    Made NPCs talk among themselves better
    Fixed Allora's chat prefix
    NPCs have more damage messages.
    Removed some right-click functions.

    Incomplete 0.1 changelog from 0.1d4:
    Renamed /mfgenhouse to /generatehouse
    Added /hostiletoggle and /chattoggle
    Made NPCs respond to sentences from players more dynamically
    Made NPCs talk among themselves better
    Fixed Allora's chat prefix
    Fixed NPCs attempting to respond to all text and re-enabled some chat commands

    Incomplete changelog for 0.7p
    NPCs will talk to you when you get near them
    Removed Allora giving you experience points
    You can give NPCs in-chat commands.
    Made more things configurable.
    New commands.
    Incomplete changelog for 0.6.1p:
    Improved the compass functions
    Compasses will continue to point to NPCs even after they've moved.
    Compasses can be used to teleport to NPCs.
    Arrows will not tell the gender of an NPC instead of brewing stands.
    They also tell if the NPC has a mate.
    Right-clicking somewhere with leather can teleport a NPC to you.
    Expanded the amount of foods that normal NPCs can eat.
    Right-clicking with blaze powder when not aiming at a nearby mob will set a players experience level to 9001 if they are an op.
    Added Blaze NPCs:
    They eat special foods:
    They only eat golden apples, gold blocks, or ghast tears.
    Ghast tears are the only one that causes them to be your friend.
    Added Ghast, Magma Cube, and Creeper NPCs.
    Added slime pets.
    They can be renamed with /mfrename [newname]
    Slime pets can be grown by right-clicking on one with a slimeball.
    Altered some of the no-item-in hand messages.
    Removed tips from the start-up process.
    Added some commands
    /mfdebug - Get the NPC population
    /mfrename - For renaming NPCs
    /acomm [message] - For communicating with an Allora-like bot that claims to be Allora.
    /allorabio - Tells about Allora's history.
    /mfversion - tells the MineFauna version.
    Incomplete changelog for 0.6p (for between 0.6p and 0.5p):
    Massively rewrote NPC code.
    NPCs now spawn on their own.
    Hundreds of NPCs are now possible.
    Villager NPCs possible
    Enderman NPCs possible
    More colors for them in chat!
    NPCs are auto-named.
    NPCs now can mate, result ing in babies.
    Added secondary NPCs being able to attack pigs when they are hungry.
    Right-clicking on an NPC with a food item (pork, rotten flesh, or wheat) can feed it.
    Feeding an NPC makes it your friend.
    Friendly NPCs (with the exception of villagers) will defend you.
    Friendly NPCs will also not attack.
    Shooting an NPC with an egg can change its gender
    Right-clicking an NPC with a blaze rod can make it invincible
    Right-clicking an NPC with a saddle can make you ride it.
    Right-clicking an NPC with nothing can make the NPC say something to you.
    "Tips" from Allora.
    "get me [npcname]" teleports you to the NPC.
    Allora has a configurable custom command.
    Allora has a configurable best friend. This can be used to prevent griefers from taking advantage of Allora as much.
    Allora is now a villager.
    "npcpop" command that allows you to see the NPC population (not sure if this is accurate).
    Allora's mood isn't as easy to put in the toilet now.
    Broke a whole bunch of commands regarding secondary NPCs.
    Added NPC "census".
    Right clicking with a book gives a list of NPCs.
    Right-clicking a watch advances time extremely quickly.
    Made add-food/drain-food commands for ops only.
    Broke Allora attacking mobs on command.
    Multiple NPCs work better now.
    NPCs besides Allora now have genders.
    "come here [npcname]" will get the NPC and bring it to you.
    NPCs now have individual moods.
    "how are you [npcname]" will tell you how that NPC is feeling
    NPCs besides the main NPC now have hunger, and over time get hungrier.
    "feed [npcname]" will feed the NPC you mentioned.
    "allorahungerdown [npcname]" will lower the hunger variable of the NPC you mentioned.
    "are you hungry [npcname]" will let you see how hungry that NPC is.
    If a player hits the NPC, it will announce on the chat who hit her.
    "bot attack [mob]" makes Allora attack a nearby mob of that type
    Supported mobs:
    "follow me allora" has been improved
    "drop [block I.D.]" causes Allora to show and drop 1 of that block.
    "trade [block I.D.] for [block I.D]" Allora will how up with the block you requested and the block you trade for it will dissappear from your inventory.
    Damage-specific pain messages.
    If a player hits the NPC, it will announce on the chat who hit her.
    The NPC can have a "baby".
    Players can name it.
    When it dies, Allora says it has in chat.
    Allora can do math now.
    Finding a number's square root
    Squaring a number
    Finding the average between two numbers.
    Allora has a variable that allows her to remember who she was talking to.
    "give [number] [block I.D] to [bot name]"
    "go home allora" is now "go away allora"
    Allora now has an inventory.
    If I (Cactose) join your server, I will get a special message in chat and it will try to set me on fire.
    And some other things.

    Made Allora have strings it defaults to instead of saying a lot of "null".
    Changed some strings
    Probably more than what I listed above.
    Allora uses a configuration file
    Allora's name can be changed in the configuration, along with a prefix and suffix
    Allora's respawn point can be changed (Edit: this doesn't really work very well though, maybe not at all!)
    Allora break apart sentences into words and handle them.
    Allora can learn words.
    Allora announces in chat after taking damage
    Probably more than that.
    Fuctioning NPCs
    NPCs respawn when killed (usually)
    "come here allora" summons the NPC
    "kill me allora" summons the NPC and causes you to lose health
    "go home allora" sends the NPC home to its respawn point
    Expanded "alloradebug", now has the NPC entity ID and location
    Quite a few removed commands including "kill me"
    Probably more things, I don't know.
    All the stuff in the original bot (First release :D)
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    I'd love this plugin even more if you somehow made it able to copy people's mannerisms/styles, so I can use it to impersonate myself.
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    eternal errors sound aweful! lol

    maybe if you get internal errors, you should post them.
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    Video would be nice :D
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    Hey, I don't get any config file or folder of Allora! Help!
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    Allora can cause continuous null pointer errors.
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    made me laugh my ass off

    oh and no config folder or file was generated in plugins

    ok, so i have checked up an a good amount of allora's things and compilied a list of her problems:

    1. her learning is quite bugged. the problems with it are below

    2. you can't teach her phrases. i tried to teach her "a indifferent is a not caring" but all she learned was a "indifferent is a not"

    3. i tried to teach her "a walk is a come" so that i could use "walk here allora". when i tried using "walk here allora" she replied "a walk is a come". i tried using "come here allora" and she replied "Hi Imm0rt41walk".

    4. she doesnt trade

    5. she has Could not pass event PLAYER_MOVE to allora errors in console

    6. she doesnt generate a config file.

    7. how do we make allora do math?

    8. allora doesnt really learn anything

    aside from that, people in my server really like allora for some reason, so good work.

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    add a video
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    GREAT idea! im getting this is the npc plugin required i cant tell... but i am getting this for sure.
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    Great plugin :) Very fun. One thing, when you post a comment to Allora she answers before you. LOL
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    i get this error
    16:52:26 [INFO] [Allora] Allora 0.4p is active. Hello [Allora is by BlueCactus]
    16:52:26 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling Allora v0.4p (Is it up to date?)
    : hello.first.getConfig()Lorg/bukkit/configuration/file/FileConfiguration;
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: hello.first.getConfig()Lorg/bukkit/configuration/fi
            at hello.first.onEnable(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManage
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

    And then, this
    16:53:22 [SEVERE] Could not pass event ENTITY_DEATH to Allora
            at hello.death.onEntityDeath(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
            at net.minecraft.server.EntitySkeleton.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.EntityLiving.die(
            at net.minecraft.server.EntitySkeleton.die(
            at net.minecraft.server.EntityLiving.damageEntity(
            at net.minecraft.server.EntityMonster.damageEntity(
            at net.minecraft.server.EntitySkeleton.damageEntity(
            at net.minecraft.server.Entity.aa(
            at net.minecraft.server.EntityLiving.aa(
            at net.minecraft.server.Entity.s_(
            at net.minecraft.server.EntityLiving.s_(
            at net.minecraft.server.EntityMonster.s_(
            at net.minecraft.server.World.entityJoinedWorld(
            at net.minecraft.server.WorldServer.entityJoinedWorld(
            at net.minecraft.server.World.playerJoinedWorld(
            at net.minecraft.server.World.tickEntities(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
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    spams the console with "could not pass event PLAYER_MOVE" errors for me and doesn't create a config.
    also when i tried "come here allora" it spawned a spider that attacked me and set me on fire.
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    It normally spams PLAYER_MOVE errors, you have to create the configuration yourself, and try spawning the NPC in a place that a spider would not normally attack you in. I didn't completely override the spider AI.
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    Why is Allora a spider?
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    1. Not bugs, just lack of features.
    2. She can only learn one word as a definition to a word so far.
    3. Learned words cannot override words in commands. You got the response you did because you added "walk" to the group "come", so when you said "come" she added "walk" to the end of your response.
    4. Are you sure your doing it right? I think she needs the item you want to trade for in her inventory first.
    6. You're right, she doesn't. I'm not sure when I'm going to tackle that problem.
    7. "add 1 to 2", "multiple 123 times 223", "divide 6 by 3", "subtract 67 and 34", "square 2", "root 9", "average 6 and 5". I don't think the word between the numbers in the four basic operations actually matters, so you could have it say "add 1 water 2" and you'd still get 3 for a response. It also doesn't matter when averaging.
    8. There isn't much learning code so far.
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    ok, thanks. and i think you should get to that player_move event thing first, then teach her how to chat.
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    Is Allora really ment to be a spider or is something wrong?! And why is she attacking everyone and everything?
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    could not get past entity event move or something random?!!??!?
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    Please make it so that this plugin creates a config folder in the plugins dir. as of right now it's a pain too configure her.
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    Please upload a config file - this would save you time replying to everyone. Also does this work with bukkit 1.0.0?

    Maybe add -> People can type commands into her... and she can process them.
    -> Some use for allora, it's a little pointless right now :/
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    I don't reply to everyone (Lol?). It says in the post how to configure it. In the future it will auto-generate a configuration file, but I don't know what I'm doing yet so I'm going to work on things that I do know what I'm doing. Allora will work on the latest version of CraftBukkit.

    I'm not sure what you mean about the next thing, are you saying I should let players type commands "/command" style? I want to, but that's another area I'm lacking in skill, so in the future. "allorahappy", "allorasad", "debug", and "allorainventory" are going to be commands.

    As for uses, eventually the main NPC will anti-grief. The other NPCs will be NPC companions. In 0.4p, the main NPC CAN generate mineshafts, its just very hard to use because it doesn't actually work right. I don't think I'm going to get it fixed before 0.5p, either, in fact, I think I've broken it more. :(

    I will, but not soon.

    I'm trying to get those console-spam errors fixed by the next version (0.5p). Sorry about that!

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    This is a nice plugin but, when ever you make here speak it shows here response above the question.
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    Hey, just wanted to know if it's available for version 1488 MC 1.0.0? If not..can you update to that version? Would mean ALOT and i really mean it ALOT! Thanks.
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    why the fuck did you just quote the entire first post?
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    It works on 1488 I'm pretty sure.
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    Thanks :)
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    Well, i'd prefer typing a few commands. Maybe add a swear filter to her - or even maybe she can stop people from swearing.
    - > run a plugin called AnnaBot is a very advanced plugin and similar to this! It works great! Shame the developer isn't releasing it :(
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    I have some questions.
    What files are supposed to be in the allora folder? is it just the config.yml?
    whenever I move, my server box says: [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_MOVE to Allora
    Why is this?
    And... why is allora a spider?
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    Is there a way to change allora's skin from a spider?
    I run a Towny server and she keeps getting killed by the new people,and i was wanting to change her to something a bit less menacing.
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    Nice plugin! Been looking for something like this forever. Can it have a bit better mining system though, as if you could pay them to get X of cobblestone, or iron. Also building would be nice. Have [diamond].

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