Inactive [MECH/FUN] CaptureThePortal v2.1.0 - Fight for the right to Portal [1.4.6-R0.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by wargamer2010, Jul 3, 2011.

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    Epic plugin is epic, thanks for making my suggestion become a plugin :)
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    Hey, could you add configurable messages depending on how much time is left until the portal can be captured again? And perhaps a message when someone tries to capture the portal.
  3. Done, as soon as you start up the plugin three settings will be added to the YML file.
    The settings will look like this (the defaults):
    cooldown_message: The portal will be available for capture again within [cooldown] seconds.
    cooldown_message_timeleft: 20
    capture_message: The [team] team is attempting to capture the portal.
    The first specifies the message that is displayed when the cooldown time is equal to cooldown_message_timeleft.
    The seconds specifies the moment the above message should be displayed (in seconds!). In this case the cooldown_message will be displayed when 20 seconds of cooldown is left.
    And the capture_message is displayed when a team attempts to capture the portal.

    Also note the "[cooldown]" and "[team]". These will be automatically replaced with the cooldown time and team (red/blue). To disable either message, just leave it blank so:
    I will be away for three weeks so if anything goes wrong the older version (1.2) can be found here.
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    Whoa awesome, updating now! I'd also like to ask for color support (if it's not already in).
    Also, could you make it possible to config so that the player dies when he tries to enter a portal that isn't captured by his faction? With a message like "Your body was ripped apart while trying to cross the portal. The portal does not belong to your faction."
  5. Added the setting to kill people when they touch an uncaptured portal and gave a color to the teamname in the capture message.
    Is there any more color support you need?
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    Nah, I think I'm good. This is excellent.
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    @wargamer2010 Does it have to be a nether portal? I would like to use wormhole extreme with this...possible?
  8. That is quite an interesting request there fatmarley. It should be possible and I'll add it in the form of a setting ("enablewormholesupport" perhaps).
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    I can't download the latest jar only the old version.. It is an dropbox bug
    (my english is not very well)
  11. Fixed, thanks for letting me know.

    It has been implemented (v1.5). It can be enabled by setting the "enablewormholesupport" setting to true. To use it simply build one wool block next to the "dailer" and put a stone plate on top of it. Now players have to "capture the portal" before they can pull the lever.

    Let me know what you think :)

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    No problem:rolleyes: this pugin is very awesome !!
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    It still works ?
  14. Hello Shooty,

    Yes, it still works, just tested it with the #1337 release.
    If you run into any problems then feel free to leave a post or send me a PM.
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    Can't you add Faction support ? Because actually i use Faction and is very cool.
    On my server they'r three factions and i just want they fight for the NETHER ! It will be fun !
    Thanks you so much if you can do this :)

    (Sorry i'm french)
  16. Hey,

    Should be doable, are you talking about this plugin?
    If so, I will look into it but it might take a week or so as I am currently pretty busy.
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    Yes, this plugin !
    So bad, all developer are busy :( ... and in some case when they say that they never do the update :p
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    the team aspect has me worried i'd have to edit a config/ingame config file evertime i get a new player. i'd like it to just go back and forth. example: player A, B, C, D, and E. none of these players have ever joined my server. player A joins for the 1st time and is auto put on red team. then player B joins for the 1st time and is auto placed on blue team. then player C logs onto my server for the 1st time and is auto placed on red team. then player D gets on and is auto placed to blue team and player E gets on for the 1st time and is auto placed onto red team. that way i can sit back and let teams happen, i can't be there to waste my time 24/7 with putting people on teams.
  19. It has been implemented in 1.6 :)
    Could you test it and let me know if it works? Would be very much appreciated.

    That is a pretty good point. What you are describing is an auto balancer.
    With the support for Factions that problem is solved (if you're running Factions of course).
    I will look into implementing an auto-team-join feature.
    Thanks for the feedback.
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    very interesting idea, good for servers limited to two factions
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    Add factions support and I'll use it.
  22. Faction support was added just a week ago, so it's included in the latest (1.6).
    Let me know if you run into any problems.
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    hey, just started using this,

    and When i try to capture it (after assigning permissions) it says your team has not yet captured it?

    How do i get round this?

    Running Bukkit 1337

    WorldEdit, Worldguard, MobBounty, NoCheat

    Thanks! :D
  24. You can capture the portal by standing on a stone plate in the middle of a wool square.
    Which means you have to have a 5x5 wool square, a stoneplate in the middle and the actual nether portal pretty close to the plate (not on or above it).
    When you stand on the plate it should say "... is attempting to capture the portal.". By default it takes 6 seconds to capture the portal after which it should say "Succesfully captured the portal!".
    Are those messages showing up when you stand on the plate? If not, could you make a screenshot of how the wool+plate+portal looks like?
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    Not They are not. Here is a screen shot.

    Thanks for your reply


  26. That looks good, what Permissions plugin are you using? And which version if any?
    Just realised the plugin doesn't support the built-in bukkit Permissions system so if you're using that I'll have to add support for that first. Which shouldn't take too much time...
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    Nice. Didn't see that. I'll tell my server owner about it and we may just implement it in 1.9 when nether becomes useful!

    Good work.
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    Just using permissions 3.1.6?

  29. After a whole lot scratching my head (really...) and downloading all the plugins you mentioned I figured the only way it could happen is if the person trying to capture the portal has too many permissions or none. By which I mean someone either has the .neutral permission (admins with all permissions automatically get it) or has none related to CaptureThePortal.

    Could you try giving one person just the "" permission (absolutely nothing else) and see what happens?
    Thanks in advance for trying :)

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