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    Version: v1.0
    This plugin is an adaptation of the Mario Party mini game Buried Treasure
    Players have to find the Treasure Chest buried somewhere in the dirt by digging around the layers of dirt.
    To make the game a bit easier, the players can find power ups chests that are buried in the area. The player who finds the Treasure Chest first wins the game.
    Copy the BuriedTreasure.jar and BuriedTreasure Folder to the plugins directory on your server and start the server. Check that all your plugins are compatible with Buried Treasure look for any errors or for BuriedTreasure Enabled! It means a successful start.

    To setup a game simply type /bt arena create <arenaName> note that the following commands are only allowed to OP’s. Example /bt arena create test . and you will enter into edit mode which adds you a shovel and a chest.

    With the shovel you can set the 2 points of the cuboid, left click for point 1 and right click for point 2. After doing this you will see a preview of the affected area, don’t worry it’s just a client side change if something went wrong nothing will hurt the map.
    Next you will need to set where the players will spawn. Stand on the location you want the players to spawn and type /bt setspawn <name>. Example /bt setspawn s1 , if you got a wrong location just get on the right location and then retype the same command and it will override the spawn with the same name. One rule of the game engine is that if you want to allow unlimited players you only set 1 spawn and all players will spawn in that location. If you set 2 or more spawns that quantity will be the slots avaible for that arena. Important note: don’t set spawns inside the cuboid.

    Now that we have set the cuboid we will use the chest in your hand to set the ready chest. The ready chest it’s a toggle block which indicates on the arena, which player have been set as ready to play or not. When players join a game they will need to punch (left click) the chest in order to start match.

    Finally stand on the lobby location, the games needs a lobby where the players will be sent to wait and start match, the ready chest has to be on the lobby so be sure the chest has been set there.
    Type /bt arena save <pvp> <prize:quantity> <powerupsquantity> .
    Example /bt arena save false 266:5 9. This will set the arena lobby where u where standing and set PvP to false, the prize is 5 gold ingots and there will be 9 power ups chest on the arena.
    Now you are ready to play!
    Type /bt join <arenaName> to join an arena, be sure to clear you inventory before joining.
    See the table of commands in the first page for more details.
    If you want to leave a game type /bt leave.


    Download BuriedTreasure (1.2.5-R2.0)

    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release
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