[MECH/FUN] BadWater v0.2 - Make Water do Some Damage! [953]

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    BadWater - Make Water do Some Damage!: Version: v0.2

    This plugin is from a request that I though would be easy enough for my first. It's
    nice and lightweight, just drag the .jar into your plugins
    folder and reload or restart your server. It makes water hurt
    the player, simples :).

    * Make's water hurt players when they try to swim in it.

    Download BadWater - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    This being my first plugin, the code is pretty messy, but the src is in the .jar for whatever you want to do with it!

    Know Bugs:
    * Players are hurt when trying to cross water in a boat.

    To Do List:
    * Add config file for optional amounts of damage.
    * Add a message that tells a player to get out of the water when he starts to get hurt.
    * Mulitworld support.
    * Need to be fully submerged in order to take damage. (Not too sure if this is possible, though.)
    * Permissions support.

    Remember that this is my first plugin and I know only some Java. New feautures may take some time, especially things like Permissions and Multiworld support..

    Version 0.2
    * Support for Bukkit build #953
    * Added source folder to BadWater.jar

    Version 0.1
    * Initial release.
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    Multiworld support?
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    Permissions for being able to swim in water?
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    Great thanks for making this! I will test it out! If you get some of the stuff on your todo list it will be amazing! If possible make the message when they go in water customizable in the config =)

    just tested it. works great! kills you nicely.

    the only thing that i might say to add is an options for boats being safe to go across water.

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    would it be possible to make it so that if a player is crossing shallow water (1-2 blocks deep), they don't get hurt.

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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    I was away from home for a while and haven't been able to update anything. I apologize and updates are on the way. All suggestions will be looked in to ;)

    New release, support for latest Bukkit build and the source is now in the jar.
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    You have no idea how much I've been in need of this exact kind of plugin! I'm running a ww2 server and we wanted to keep players from going in the water, because they could swim around the opposing teams defenses... I'm going to test this out right now, again, thanks!

    I tried it, its just what i was looking for. I do have some issues/suggestions, though. They would make the plugin a whole lot more useful in my eyes.
    -If you had options for what depths cause damage, ex. shallow water (1 block deep) causes no damage but water 2 or more blocks deep causes damage
    -option to allow boats in the water
    -if you could change the amount of damage done
    Anyway, great idea, keep up the good work
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    might as well put that [INACTIVE] tag on it it hasnt been edited science post
  10. It's not a bug, it is an advantage. Thanks to this plugin movecraft gaining importance. You could add it as an option?
    Diving prevents the hunt for squid. Could you add options in the night that the plugin does not work?
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    I have not seen any updates but regardless, this is a great plugin and i will be using for my adventure map however i need the function to allow players in boats to not get hurt, thanks!

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    Hey guys, I am new to plugin development and java, but as a first project I am going to try to play around with this unless NGBDevon updates it.

    -Implementing superperms should be easy enough i think,
    -Depth of 1 block deals no damage too, i think should be do-able.
    -I have a couple of ideas to work with boats too possibly.
    -Adjustable values too should be possible.
    -If I get the above things worked out, I will try Multiworld also.

    Edit: I have SuperPerms working, I think. I don't like the 1 block depth dealing no damage code at the moment, so it is left out. I have to test boat, but it should be functional. And amount of damage is adjustable in the generated config.yml. I will post it on a page of my own if any are interested.

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