[MECH/FUN] ArmourChanger v1.0 - Change your Armour on the go [1000]

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    The Angry kat

    ArmourChanger v1.0

    Change your armour on the go!
    - Changes your armour
    - Clears your armour
    - Works with BananaPermissions
    /diamond - Sets diamond armour
    /gold - Sets golden armour
    /iron - Sets iron armour
    /chainmail - Sets chainmail armour
    /leather - Sets leather armour
    /clear - Clears all armour
    Permission Nodes:
    (ONLY Works With BananaPermissions or Ops)
    • arm.*
    • arm.diamond
    • arm.gold
    • arm.iron
    • arm.chain
    • arm.leather
    • arm.clear
    Known Bugs:
    - Feel free to report
    Version 1 - Released the plugin into the public!
    To do list:
    - Make usable with different permission versions
    - Kat
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    Cool.Might try this later.
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    Let's integrate it with iConomy ?
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    The Angry kat

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