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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by DisabledHamster, May 21, 2011.

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    Whoa. Plugins in general for the Minecraft server are pretty awesome, but this... This is incredible. It's more fun bouncing around with the diamond boots than with a client-side fly mod.
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    do you think you could add settings to change the different rocket types to specific type of boot and add a feature that makes the boots degrade(configurable amount) every time you use them? I want to make these boots like a rare item from looting dungeons(I disabled the ability to craft them) If possible that would be awesome!
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    For some reason they dont work for me. I dont have permissions, but im an op
    can somebody please help !!!
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    hi, i downloaded the .jar file, put it in the plugins directory of my server, and it dosent work, i put gold boots on and press shift, and walk forward i just walk forward crouched, my server is running bukkit 818...
    any help?
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    I am having a minor problem with rocketboots crashing my server when they are used for a long period of time, so I was wondering, could you make a configuration where players can only fly for a certain amount of time, and a configuration of how long that time is? (ex: a player can only hold shift for 1 second before having a "Cooldown" time of 1 second) Please get back to me on this :) love the plugin :D

    example of code that usually happens after flying for a long time (or into a wall):
    22:02:32 [WARNING] <name> moved wrongly!
    22:02:32 [INFO] Got position 2248.418454605821, 77.0, -236.52751996746287
    22:02:32 [INFO] Expected 2248.907892592781, 77.0, -237.06545569591364
    Which causes this code to repeat every 3 seconds or so:
    2011-06-22 16:42:03 [WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?
    Which usually ends up in me having to do this:
    Hehe. :p @DisabledHamster

    Great idea!

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    Rocketboots was working fine for me and my admins before I started using permissions. Now that I have permissions installed, none of us can use them. What happened?
    Bukkit 953 MC 1.7.2 Rocketboots 0.3
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    After you fall after flying, you get spammed with what sounds like "running really fast on grass" sounds.
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    I got this to work with the permissions a couple of days ago.
    Now the new problem is my normal members keep getting booted off the server for 'hacking' when they use it.
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    I can't get into my config file. I might not have one. Is this the file name: config.yml? And another thing. When I use the chainmel boots, the server kicks me and it says: "player is moving to quickly. (Hacking?)" any help?
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    Same :(
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    Update for build 1k?
  12. Hello:)

    I dont know what to do with the permission nodes?
    Can someone help me?

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    I have to say... i have been looking for a good flying plugin for a long time, and this has exceeded expectations... not only are the gold boots useful, but it's hilarious to play pranks on my friends with the others... haha.. i still can't over how funny it looks to see someone flying around in 3rd person... try it!
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    When I try to turn on rocketboots with the /rocketboots on command, it just shows this in the text box --> rocketboots [on|off]. I am running this plugin with permissions. What am I doing wrong?
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    works this bugfree with rb1000?
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    This thing aint workin for people other than admin and op my permissions are working well and i typed in the node for VIP and it stiill dooesnt work
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    any issues with it working are from Permissions problems.
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    Thanks for making such a great plugin! Working perfectly on build 1038.
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    Hey i'm still getting those weird running noises when you land.
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    Achievement Get: Rocketboots CB 953 -- CB 1000 tested.
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    Hey guy, got a question...
    I got a battleserver with your mod for using it as some kind of Rocketshooes or something like. The only Problems are planes, because every player can jump upon it and crush it without a risk. Is there any way to limitate the boost you can make with diamondboots?
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    Could you possibly update this for 1000?
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    Would there be an easy way to make it possible to change which item of clothing did what. I know its rocketboots and all but I have my reasons for wanting to use chainmail leggings instead of diamond boots for hovering. Thanks.
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    Any way you can make that superfast pitterpatter feet noise stop when you land? It's so annoying XD
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    Hey any chance on getting some multi world support on this mod?
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    wow thanks for a reliable plugin :)
    its the only good one that i can find (compliment :p)
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    Is ther any nown plugins that this doesnt work with bcuz for some reason i cant fly anymore.
    is their any problems with its multiworld support? somebody please respond
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    edit: it works except once in awhile ppl stop flying
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    Is there a way to configure the chainmail boots to make them go to the speed of the gold boots? Because if I want to go somewhere and be noticed because of lightning, I want to go there while still being able to control my flight perfectly like I do with the gold boots.
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    Please Update!, this is the best plugin ever i love this sooo much

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