Inactive [MECH/FUN/ADMIN] RocketBoots v0.3.6 - Rocket boots for flying around on your server - flight [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by DisabledHamster, May 21, 2011.

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    Coooooooool :)
    I'm Try It On My PvP Server :D
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    This look amazing would totally go well on a server with classes like wizards.
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    cool, though a little fast on the flying... kind of like 7 league boots.
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    Simply Put: This is one of the most creative and well-written plugins of this sort that I've seen on bukkit. Kudos to you, nice job.

    Perhaps writing some code that (based on permissions) allows boots to take damage or consume an item when you use them, so you can let your normal server members fly around without abusing the power... and even further down the line, add iConomy support. :)
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    Can u add a simple list for player names that can use the boots so i won't need permissions, or have to op them?
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    hmm, can you add an optional toggle damage option to the chain mail boots, i want to give this to a op, but only have the chain mail boots, and i don't want him to die from it(with out being invincible), nor necessarily kill people(unless he wants to). I'm trying to give each mod there own unique method of travel to differentiate them.
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    Is there any way to make a pair of boots that leave fire behind as you run fast (or jump/fly)? :)
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    also can i have away to toggle between wasd keys only and mouse only, i personally find the current mouse focussed one a little in efficient, but i can understand it as the default, i'm kind of using it for admin powers.
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    Optional Cooldowns on use - Permission overrides
    Possibly Iconomy on use ?

    Fantastic job!
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    @acetech09: Woah, nice, thanks :) [See below for iConomy stuff]

    @Cowmaster: Sorry, but no. That's what Permissions is for - and Permissions isn't that hard to use. Most plugins support it, most servers use it - I'd suggest that, unfortunately

    @rwp140: In the next release I'll add some way to make the lighting strike from chainmail boots only an effect - not actually set things on fire, damage things, etc (still default real lighting strikes, though ;))

    @Bronski: As you're on the ground... that's a little silly, no? :p
    It would be possible, I guess, by setting alight the blocks that you pass over before you take off... though the majority of servers probably won't want this, so if I do add it, it'll be hidden away in configuration or as a command or something. I'll add it if more people request it

    @rwp140: There's no nice way to detect the WASD keys from a Bukkit plugin, and the mouse suits the purpose well IMO - sorry

    @ledhead900: If cooldown periods are added, it'll be hidden in a configuration file somewhere (that I'll document) as it's not a feature that many servers would likely want. I'll add it if more people request it


    iConomy => I guess a lot of people want iConomy support. I'll probably add that to the next release - so you can buy 'tickets' that let you fly for a set period of seconds/minutes, and then your boots just stop working after that - configurable via a command?
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    Excellent thats excatly what I had planned a set cool down in a config per boots and a cost to use them for xx time.
    This mainly to support both end of the scale the people who openly let users fly and the ones that would preffer to manage the boots in a controlled way. I think the user base would grow form such changes.

    Personally I am waiting for a cooldown or cost before installing this as I dont actually allow open flying but I would not giving these to some of my player ranks in a controlled way.

    This is probably the first plugin I have seen that did flight in a unique way like this.
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    I cant seem to get this to work, im OP and not using permissions but when i equip boots, nothing, Gonna try with permissions see if that helps.
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    Gabriel Moon

    hey disabled hamster, would it be possible to add different modes for the same boots?, because me and the other players on my server have been wondering if you can add boots the make you rrun superfast but not fly, but since all the boots are used you cant, so maybe you could toggle the gold boots from running to flying with a command?, or maybe if you hold left control with the gold boots you run superfast, and when you hold left shif you fly?, im ot sure if you could do that or if you even want to, but if you like the idea and if its even possible then please consider it :)
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    Hello. I'd like to start by saying that I really like the plugin. I use it for my admins and mods on my server. I was wondering if there is, or could be implemented a command to toggle rocketboots on/off while in game without having to edit permissions.

    I run a pvp server and pvping with armored boots, I want to be able to disable the boot use while in war zones so that I can continue to crouch/sneak, but don't hover (as i usually have diamond boots on) in the process. A /rocketboots command or something of that nature toggle all boots on/off for the individual with rocketboots permission would be excellent.

    Thank you.
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    That post gave me an idea for a separate plugin (that you could use for that effect)...

    I'll be back in a couple of days - I'll probably write it up then ;)
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    Bukkit has a native harmless lightning function if I recall, have a look at how the ThunderJoin plugin handles harmless lightning :)
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    Cool, but you is it always on? or is it like there is a /rocketboots off/on command? :eek:
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    Just a little report, Iron boots also throw items.

    And I'm getting a lot of "moved wrongly" console errors. Any way to suppress these?
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    Phantom Index

    Could use a config to edit speed and etc.
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    One suggestion: Maybe a command like /rocketboots (short: /rb) to enable/disable it for a player (just for themselves). So if your wearing armor, and need to use sneak, it wont launch you. =D Otherwise, BEST FLYING PLUGIN YET!
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    Can't the rocket boots use up fuel?? I run a pvp server that different teams use different abilities. One of the teams has the flight ability, but I dont want them to be over powered. So what if each click of the rorcket boots use up one gunpowder, or an configurable ammount of a configurable item.
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    Very nice plugin.
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    Very very nice plugin. Tried it on 818, and works well. Only thing I would like is if there was a way of stopping in mid-air while using the gold boots. Landing on a specific area, or getting a good bird-eye view is quite difficult :(.
    So if possible, could you add it?

    Also, this mod made me make an account :D
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    Cooldowns would be awesome for this, and a toggle.

    For cooldowns, think of using it in arena based combat.
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    Phantom Index

    be nice for it to use coal as fuel.
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    update this please : )
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    v0.2.5 hasn't been released as a full release as it contains just minor improvements (though it's committed to the source) - fixed the iron boots bug where dropped items would fly away, too. Also, improved how iron boots calculate how things should fly away from you

    v0.3 will be released (very) soon, incorporating v0.3's changes and with a new config file for adjusting the speed of certain boots, setting whether the chainmail boots strike lightning (and how much / do any damage, etc), and a "/rocketboots on|off" command so you can turn the boots on and off for yourself.

    This also includes a hack to allow you to fly (if you have permission) without "allow-flight=true" in the file, so you can allow certain people to fly with the boots without being forced to let everyone fly, even with client-side hacks.

    v0.3.5 might be released tomorrow, with iConomy support (ie, buy a 'ticket' to use a boot for a certain number of minutes) - I still need to figure out how that should work. Any preference? ;)

    @Haelbarde: Stopping in mid-air can be done, but how does the plugin know when to make you stop? The only thing would be using an item in mid-air, using a command in mid-air, etc, and that's not easy to do in time while flying. Unless you double-tap shift, or something?
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    Phantom Index

    I just wish it would use Coal up as fuel. I don't know if you can have a option where it uses up a specified item every second your flying.
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    What about something like control?

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