[MECH] Flow Switch v 1.2 - use redstone to control fluids [490-766]

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  1. FlowSwitch - this Plugin allows people to start and stop the flow of water and lava:
    Version: v1.2

    You do not need a file to save because the map saves the data for this plugin!

    This plugin Allows the following placements from the redstone:
    • down and to any side
    • 2 blocks above (redstone sand and water works)
    • 2 blocks down
    Download The Test Plugin

    Source Code

    Future updates:
    • lava dissapears faster from the change in power (I hate waiting a while to get rid of the lava)
    Change log:
    Version 1.3
    • reversed the switch so people can have water when the switch is on
      • fixes water showing up after you brake the circuit
      • fixes the cannon limit (water is not there when circuit is off)
    Version 1.1
    • code update
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release of the plugin
    I realize this video has no sound but it will show you how it can be used.
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  3. my mistake it does work with any source, i just never tested it
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    Could you maybe make a youtube guide?
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    Does it work with latest builds ? 405+ like the fact i can stop water midway
  6. it now works with the latest version and i will make i youtube video when i can.
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    I hope this helps
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    Thank you!.. would you listen to my suggestion?
    I need to control lava. please!..
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  9. I would love to but I don't know what your suggestion is... You may have posted it on RioS plugin, so please respond because I am interested. I know you can control lava and water with this as long as the lava doesn't flow back to where the starting block was. (it overrides the saved information)

    I am going to look into what this is first and then I will see about joining it.
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    ty ♥ and ty for helping me in minecraft last time ^^
  11. no problem and it is added.
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    i reeealy want this plugin for traps and such in my maze :D buttt, does this also stop cannons from working like this one here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeV0XB-w_yM, because i also want to be able to do this and you need water to be able flow onto the position were the tnt is for the tnt not to explode the surrounding landscape (and cannon) so if it doesnt, that would rock .
  13. You can make cannons but your water sorce block can not be next to the redstone or diaganol, so make the distance be 2 for the water and it will still work so it would be water space tnt and redstone for 6 blocks instead of 7.
    I just thought of this, do you want me to see if i can make water not effected if its next to tnt?
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    Hey spacerules - Love your plugin. Thanks!

    I have been playing with it a lot over the past while. I now have a 7-tile wide moat all around a tower that, with the click of a button, completely empties of water revealing a door and then, with another click of a button, comes back again. This is done with an immense amount of red stone 1 block below and cycling power circuit.

    Some things I have noticed while putting this elaborate system together:

    1) If I click the button quickly, and repeatedly, the water will disappear completely - forever. I need to refill the moat and then it works again - unless I do the quick click again.

    2) Occasionally if I remove a redstone circuit water or lava will spring up from the block I am removing it from. This is a real pain because the water wipes out all the redstone around it before I can grab it in a bucket. I can't reproduce this but I noticed that if it happens once then it happens a lot. I have worked around this by temporarily removing your plugin when making elaborate circuits.

    I hope this helps, but really it is working fantastic already and I have no complaints.

  15. I can fix number 2 but everyone would have to reverse the switches, on = block there, off = block gone, as for number 1 the problem is that the way the program works it saves the blocks as air with metadata, if the water is not gone from that area or it flows backwards temporarily it clears the metadata and erases itself. I would have to keep a file somewhere to fix the first thing. If you show me the design maybe we can tweak it so it doesn't happen anymore. I will work on this tomorrow.
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    Hey thanks man. Again, I really love this add on! I personally don't think it's getting enough attention - I mean, there are so many possibilities it opens up.

    I am going to PM you my email address. If you sent me an email then I will attach my world file to you so you can take a look. Anything I can do to help I'm happy to do!

  17. hey i emailed you and am waiting for a reply, there are sever things i use it for like mob traps or people traps with lava, but i am still looking for a way to trace the flow so i can stop it all together
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    Will this get updated for 602?
  19. sorry, it works for 602 already
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    mhhh doesn't work for me, the water just disappears but never comes back again. Mayby it isn't compatible with the new 617 build?
  21. if water is disappearing and not coming back that usually is because the source block gets replaced with air and then something is hitting that air block (probably flowing water falls back to that spot). I am running 617 and its not having any problems, but i will double check the code.
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    Something isn't working in 677. I haven't seen you around spacey - you still alive? Hopefully you are. I'm going to poke around at the code to see if it's something simple. You know how I love my lava-surronded tower!
  23. I am still alive, i will take a look at it, sorry i've been swamped with work
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    Hey spacey -

    Yeah - I got your message on my terminal this morning (do you ever sleep?). I played around with it some more and yes - your plugin is working perfectly with 677. Something is just not working anymore in my setup... so... crap. I will need to play around with it today to see wtf.


    Hey man!

    Yeah, I got your message when I saw the console this morning (do you ever sleep?) ... I redownloaded the plugin and BOOM - everything is working 100% like you said. I have no idea what happened, but there you go.

    So I will put this in bold so everyone sees it - but you should update your title!

    This plugin works with CB677!

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  25. sorry about that Ash I will be back to take a look at your setup again, after craftbukkit gets updated.

    about me ever sleeping i do, but only for 5 hours a day. the rest of the time i am working on an overload in classes, trying to keep my server running, or working. Right now my free time is coding plugins and sleeping. I don't get to play mine craft as much as I want to, and when I do its to make sure everything is working.
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    does it work with 714?
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    I hope you update this to work with cb 733

    Thanks for a great plugin
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    considered inactive
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    i updated it! ill create a new thread if its ok with the mods here..
  30. it still works

    sorry I've been working on finals more then staying up with the mods. this plug in still works with all the updates.

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