Inactive [MECH/FIX] Slimey Vines - Now with bouncy green things [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    If i'm correct, then this... you break mob spawners and you get a [mob] mob egg and a redstone torch... then you place the redstone torch and if you rightclick it with an egg it will make a mob spawner? What if someone just has a ton of redstone torches? I'm pretty sure the egg would be used up right?

    Wolves that turn into werewolves would have to just turn rabid at random times. They can't change in shape or stuff without client-mods/spout... as far as I know. As for the sea monster... it would have to be rabid squid? Otherwise it won't be a plugin anymore. I think.

    Sidenote for PermissionsEx: All your plugins will work if they support permissions. Besides that, i don't know. I don't use permissions. All i know is that if you configure them correctly they will work (XD). I will use permissions soon... some of my friends are abusing op power.

    Sidenote for Dylan: Good job on getting your plugin to work correctly. We have yet to found a slime yet in mining... so it is nice to make sticky piston farms too! Thanks for this plugin! I hope you are able to keep it updated.
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    Thanks for your help, I think I only need permitions for two plugins at the moment.
    I have been looking at some you tube videos and all permition programs seem to work very much he same but most people say that permitions ex is the best to use...... unfortunatly it dont look very easy for none teck people.

    It seems most plugins have permitions so I am going to have to learn how to use them, I guess.

    Giving friends or other people ops can be very dangerous. Ther are some bad people out ther. I just found this video

    Makes you want to cry. All ther hard work destroyed in seconds.
    Take care ...all the best J & R
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    Your welcome :)

    Yeah a lot of plugins i see use permissions, so I was thinking, because I wanted to use chat plugins, like herochat, but they don't have much use if you don't have groups of people. And to have groups of people you need... permissions.

    Right now the server I host is a powerful but private server with many plugins. I don't forsee in the near future that it will be public, but I'm not so sure. Maybe implement permissions now than later. Edit: I just looked at the video... why would you op someone that 'says' their from planetminecraft when they didn't pm you before? Just saying.
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    Do you maybe have a video on how to set up permitions ex I looked at a few on you tube but they were not very clear.

    I think all I have to do is load the permitions ex into my plugins file and then add the nodes to the permitions ex files is this correct.

    I need to learn how to do this as most plugins seem to need permitions.
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    myoblastic Yes the mob egg is consumed when it's done guess I should have mentioned that

    I can make a video just for you if you like a have some free time today and I just enjoy helping people so it's not that big of a deal I will go get fraps working and make a video however it make take just a wee bit to upload seeing as how I only have half a meg of upload speed lol

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    Yahoo, Hi I have watched a lot of videos and I now have permitions ex all loaded up.

    wow, I even got filezilla to open up my files with notepad pluss it took a lot of research but its done...:)

    now comes the tricky part.

    in my permitions.yml it says:

    default: true
    - modifyworld.*

    If I want all my users to be able to use parachute ( )
    do I just have to change it to

    default: true
    - modifyworld.*
    - parachute.freefallHelmet:
    - parachute.useByClicking:

    I would also like all my users to be able to use fishpeople

    It would be cool if you coould help me st up the permitions ( nodes ) for
    Parachute & FishPeople

    Have a great weekend

    All the best J & A
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    It looks as though you have the hang of it, but one thing I suggest doing is running it through a yml parser such as here everytime to check for errors because a bad permissions file can cause lots of internal errors and cause users to not be able to join and I may start a help thread in a bit just for helping people.

    PS. I will send you a permission.yml with just those things if you would like and I did record how to do it just haven't had time to upload it yet :S
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    How you going on the config file?
    Also a question: Do you have to break vines in a swamp biome? Or can you go to a jungle biome. I think it should be just swamp.

    Also, can you make a plugin that will edit signs with like right click? Because all the ones i looked at are either outdated/too complicated/not working. It would be nice (we set up shops and prices changes a lot)
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    Yes it's only if you break vines in a swamp biome and Essentials has trade signs like what you spoke of if you wanna use that and kinda busy with work but my wonderful friend mastershake71 is tutoring me on how to make it properly.
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    Lol, I think you misunderstood me.

    I want a plugin that can edit signs with a rightclick.
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    Oh that shouldn't be to hard I don't think I could probably make that fairly easy and add permissions support and such but it will have to wait until around Saturday because I have got a solid schedule of work until then
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    THANKS! Now people won't be complaining of changing info on signs. :)
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    Umm the easiest way I see I could do it is add in a command system like /edit4 $6 and it would edit the forth line on the sign to $6. Would that be ok by you?
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    Can it edit individual lines? Like /edit [line] [content] (also, could it have an alias like /e [line] [content] (unless it conflicts with a command) If it could that would be great. I tried hellsedit, and when i did editing using that plugin, it turned $6 into a font color, which i thought was weird, but it didn't work because of that.

    (Btw i was thinking for a while and i think i should start learning java. I tried a couple times, and scrapped it after it was too confusing. Do you think i should take up javascript directly or start somewhere else. I also have 2 important things: Time and Patience XD)
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    Well if you wanna start learning java I say start here and go through all of his tutorials and by the time your done you will be able to code java
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    Thanks for the vid! But stuff is going wrong. I did the program right, put it in Notepad + +, even corrected that java 1.7 doesn't have javac but just java, and it says 'could not find the class or main of [filename]'. I was reading pages of comments... and no answers.

    BTW This is getting off topic. Maybe you should push out a new update with config and such to attract attention again? And maybe include ways to make stuff drop from other stuff (like more apples from leaves, etc)
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    Well i hope to push out an update this weekend i have been busy with work :s
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    Cool plugin, thanks for the "Slime-noperms" jar option.
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    Any luck on update? (config and stuff) or signedit plugin? (/edit [line] [content])

    Thanks for all the work you've done :)
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    Could you add a feature to detect if vines are broken with shears and make all vines that break as a result of that also drop vines? I can't say how annoying it is to have to break vines from the bottom up.
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    Hmm I think so I'm almost positive it would be possible I will look into it. myoblastic the config is coming I promise and it is gonna be easy to use I have put a lot of thought into it oh and the sign plugin hasent been started yet I'm sorry you could post a request in the plugin request section and the guys there are pretty nice. Aside from that it still may be another week or so before I can release it and I appreciate everyones patience with me.
  22. make it work using player.hasPermission(), that it support the most permissions plugins
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    So... I'm not sure if this plugin is still active but if it is I can do a review on it :)

    My channel is

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