Inactive [MECH/FIX] Slimey Vines - Now with bouncy green things [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    Current Version: V0.3.1

    SlimeyVines is a simple bukkit pluggin that gives players a chance of getting slimeballs when they break vines in a swamp biome. It allows access to slimeballs at a much earlier stage in the game and doing away with the excruciating need for slime farming.

    • SlimeyVines.Drop - Allows slimeball drops for players with node.

    Simply place this in your plugins folder and give the users you wish to use it the node.

    Download: 1.2.5-R1.0 With Perms. 1.2.5-R1.0 Without Perms.

    To Do List:

    Add BPermissions support.
    Maybe use Vault ???
    Maybe a config file?
    Taking suggestions. =D

    Change Log
    5/1/12 - V0.3.1 Fixed missing plugin.yml
    4/26/12 - V0.3 Add .05% chance of slime spawn.
    3/30/12 - V0.2 Added Permissions.
    3/21/12 - V1.0 Initial Release.
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    I will test this out now :)

    "Permissions: None"

    Maybe you could have permissions like:

    SlimeyVines.Receive - So that on a server (For example) a certain donor rank can receive this
    SlimeyVines.NoDrop - This could be for like staff - So they don't receive the slime balls

    But.... You could combine these into one:

    SlimeyVines.Drop - All in one - people with this permission gets the drops :)
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    Alright adding permissions is simple enough, however if I'm gonna add permissions what is the preferred permissions plugin right now? I myself enjoy PermissionsEx.
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    Ditto with pex, but it shouldn't matter... right?

    Also i failed to find a god dam swamp biome :D

    EDIT: Edit the god dam change log :p
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    On the title please put a simple caption to it :)
    Also use "Vault" . Gets all permission plugins.
    EDIT: The Bumps...
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    Version 0.2 released.
    Added PermissionsEx support and an override to enable it if you aren't using PermissionsEx.
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    love it
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    At first I was a bit skeptical of this plugin but after placing on my server and whatnot I realize now that this is a freaking awesome plugin! Not only is it well written but for anyone looking to make sticky piston easier will LOVE this and when trying to mess with Redstone contraptions the easier it is to get stuff the better, right? I really would recommend this simple and efficient plugin to any server that was wanting to make themselves the best they could be. A++ TechManDylan! I will always use this plugin from now on! Also, adding permissions that you can toggle on and off was an amazing idea, thanks again!
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    Thanks and yeah it's only 4kb lol
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    Exactly! I should have mentioned that. ^^ I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next TMD. =D
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    also it gives swamps some purpose :)
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    Exactly it gives people a reason to look for them lol.
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    Bump. Feel free to suggest new features.
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    Approved, please don't bump
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    I can't get this to work! D: I tried adding the PermissionsEx , didn't work. I tried without it, didn't work. Anyone able to help me?
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    Sorry for the late reply. What problems are you having? is it giving error messages? not dropping slime? are you in a swamp biome? when you were using PermissionsEx did you give the users the permission node "SlimeyVines.Drop" if you can be a bit more specific I'm sure I can help.
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    I get this error:

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    what CB version are you using?
    what version of slimey vines are you using?
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    CB - recommended build R1.0/#2149 (MC 1.2.5)
    Slimey Vines - SlimeyVines1.2.4-R1.0.jar
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    please update this.
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    i am running mc 1.2.5 with slimeyvines 1.2.4 and still works fine
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    Sorry guys have been busy with a new job I will compile against latest craftbukkit build and are there any other features you guys would like to suggest while im doing this?
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    Have a 0.05% chance to spawn a slime of random size while breaking a vine/lily pad in a swamp?
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    I like the way you think sir I will add it.

    Slime spawning chance should be added did it really quick posted new link I will check back tommotorw post any errors or bugs you have and I will fix them

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  26. does it work in 1.2.5 ?
    works with bPermissions?
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    Yes works in 1.2.5 and I can add bpermissions support if you like maybe a seperate release with it.
  28. if u could that would be awesome and appreciated a lot.
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    I will work on it when I get home should only take me like 20 minutes or so
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    i've just tried to load this plugin while running my server and saw the error log from the plugin loader: Error with SlimeyVines: Jar does not contain plugin.yml
    Just asking, that you could add a plugin.yml to your jar?Thx for answer!

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