[MECH/FIX] NormalizedDrops v1.0.2 - Nerf Monster Traps [1000]

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    NormalizedDrops - Nerf Monster Traps
    Version: v1.0.2

    All further updates will be located at: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/normalized-drops/

    NormalizedDrops is a simple little plugin that will limit the amount of loot that can be obtained by giant monster traps and farms. It works by keeping track of where entities die, and if certain thresholds are met, it will remove the loot from that drop.

    There should be very little overhead with tracking entity death as old deaths (older than timeFactor set in the config) will be removed, I haven't found the perfect numbers yet, but the defaults I've included in my config cut my mob spawner output in half, you can easily increase them as you see fit.

    In order to reduce output, I would increase the timeFactor to store deaths longer, or decrease the minDeaths or maxDeaths.Loot will never be rewarded above maxDeaths.

    Keep in mind this plugin is designed simply to slow down loot drops in mob spawners, not to change spawn rate or break them entirely. I wanted people to have the illusion that their trap is working as expected. People put a lot of effort into making their traps, that should be rewarded, but not at the extreme economy breaking rate that happens by default.

    • Limit the amount of loot obtained by killing mobs in a certain radius
    • Only tracks deaths when loot is dropped
    • Disable monster spawns nearby after too many loot drops (Added in v1.0.2)
    • Per world configuration values (Added in v1.0.2)
    If you do not download the zip with config, you should create a config file manually based upon the example. The plugin will use default settings, but you may want to adjust the numbers to provide more nerfage than is done by default.

    Note: The plugin will not create the config file by default, you must download / create one if you want to alter the settings, but the plugin will work without a config.

    Source Code:

    • /ndrop reload - Reload the configuration file
    Example Config:

    Issues, Bugs, and Features:
    Please post all issues and feature requests on the github issue page:

    Version 1.0.2
    [FONT=arial]- Added per world configuration settings[/FONT]
    [FONT=arial]- Debug messages are now on by default, add debug: false in your config to disable (per world)[/FONT]
    [FONT=arial]- Added the ability to cancel monster spawns (disableSpawns: true in config, false by default)[/FONT]
    - Config format changed, so updating to 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2 you will need to redo your config.
    Version 1.0.1
    - Increased event priority to High to play better with other drop altering plugins
    Version 1.0.0
    - Initial Release
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    please update!
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    Long time no see Verrier. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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