[MECH/FIX] Insane FenceGates v1.1 - Power gates like doors [1337]

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    Insane FenceGates
    Have you ever placed a pressure plate in front of a fence gate only to get disappointed the gate didn't open when you stepped on it? With Insane FenceGate your depression will soon be over! It allows you to open and close fence gates just as you would with a door! All you have to do is download the jar, plase it in your plugins directory, and you're ready to go. It's that simple!


    Bukkit dev page is here.
    Source code is available here.
    Latest development build is available here.

    This is my first public release, so I'm looking forward to your feedback :)

    • v1.1
      • Made gates 1 block above the pressure plate (or triggering redstone wire) also toggle.
    • v1.0.1
      • Fixed an error in the automated build process resulting in artifacts missing plugin.yml.
    • v1.0
      • Everything is new.
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    Your title thing hasnt got the version in
    Do like this:
    [MECH/FIX] Insane FenceGate v1.0 - <Description Here> [1185]
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    jckf your avatar scares me... to say the least
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    Fixed :)

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    Hmm, my pressure plates are not doing anything to my gates. I have them in front of the gate, i step on it and nothing. Nothing in the console either. Nothing in the log as well.
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    It would appear I am retarded. Forgot to include plugin.yml in pom.xml. I'm fixing it now and will upload v1.0.1 in a few moments :) Thank you for noticing this.

    EDIT: New file uploaded, and I actually tested that exact file this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    That did the trick, all is good. Thanks!

    on another note (i didnt test this) does this work if you run redstone to it and use a lever?
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    Spencer Sharkey

    I like the idea, it's nice :3
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    You can always open, but not always close, if you do it like that. I'm not sure what the problem is there, but I think it's because REDSTONE_CHANGE doesn't trigger for every redstone dust on the ground that loses power. If anyone could enlighten me regarding this that would be great :)
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    could you add support for trapdoors that are 1 block higher than the pressureplate?
    in 2d:
    a | t
    p | a


    hope you can add it ;)
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    That's outside of what this plugin was created to do. I will only add functionality for fence gates. Sorry.

    I'll be releasing v1.1 later tonight though, and it will support gates in that position :)

    EDIT: v1.1 released and first post updated :)
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    maybe you can create a new plugin that can do that :)

    thanks for update!
  13. Sweet jesus, just what i was looking for!
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    Updated. Code is the same, so you can all keep your current jar.
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    does this work with all redstone? and can you make it so it activates if theres a redstone circuit under it?
  18. Only just found this plugin - tested on bukkit #1797 - still working.
    - and in answer to your questions Avous , if you never got around to trying it, is Yes, and it already does.

    A small bug where, if using a pressure plate, it only picks up the gate sound when closing, its silent on opening. If you use Redstone to open / close, then the gate makes a sound in both instances.
    The only thing I'd like to see is if you did 2 fencegates high, it would open them both.
    Currently, this is only achievable if you put a block on 1 side of the fencegate (level with the fencegate). Place another fencegate on top of the first, place redstone on top of the block next to the gate and put a lever next to that. Now activate the redstone once and it'll open both gates. After that, you can remove the lever and just leave the block with the redstone on top, and the pressureplate will open both gates from that point on, however, I'm hoping perhaps an update to this plugin will provide a better solution.
    Anyway, a good plugin if you want fencegates that are redstone activated. Many thanks for providing it.
    A screenshot might make things clearer.

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