Inactive [MECH/FIX/ADMN]ANTIPvPLOGGER V 1.4 - Prevent Players From Logging Out [1.2.5RB]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by KillerSmurf, Dec 4, 2011.

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    If your Line 35 is the same as mine. It is a bukkit error. What version of bukkit do you have?
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    Dev 2117 :) 1.2.4 mc
  4. Question:

    What if, player logs out lets say in mines or forest during night , if MOB (skeleton or zombie or spider) shows up and attacks? does the player die into mobs then also? coz thats kind a stupid, i hope this works only for PVP not PVM.
    So does the mobs ignore the player after he "logs out" and creates the NPC? do they target the NPC?
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    nope mobs kill npc :) and I like too keep it that way

    got same issue but not as much spawn as yours xD maybe cuz you got more players!

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    He needs to update his NPCManager and listeners. Nothing we can do on our end, its all him.
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    Hi is there going to be an update for R1.0 1.2.4
    It's a great Plugin but under CB R1 it fails , you can't kill the NPC.

    and i would appreciate if there was a Bukkit Dev site ! :)
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    Needs an update please KillerSmurf ! Love this plugin.
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    +1 Needs an update please ! your plugin is very nice. :)
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    Updated to 1.2.4 enjoy!
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    Thank you KillerSmurf!!!
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    Finally. Now I know what 'combat logging' means. I thought people were somehow logging the combat moves or something of other players. Now it makes sense why people don't like 'combat logging'.
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    Can we has a 1.2.5? LOL. Just kidding! Poor you KillerSmurf. :D
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    I am going to be automating this a little bit more, and professional. With Development Builds, current releases, and out dated releases. I am possibly moving to BukkitDev. Even though I hate it. Thanks for the feed back.

    Ummm... Right now it is if an Entity is Nearby (player or mob.) I will update it to only player soon.

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    Hmmm it seems that combining this plugin with mcmmo allows for a dupe exploit, where if someone 'disarms' someone using unarmed, they get the item, but when teh player logs in, they still have said item.

    Any way to fix this?
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    Yea get the MCMMO, developer to fix it. His problem not mine. Its breaking when you using something from his plugin. Ask them. They probably wont reply though.
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    With the last version, I can't kill or hit the NPC. Have you a solution ?

    Thank ! :)
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    There is an dublicate bug with potions...
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    have you a solution ?
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    Correction: I will fix this... I can fix this really easy. Should be out later today.

    Are you using an Older version of AntiLogger? Or are you using 1.2.3? If so the title says this is a 1.2.4 RB/1.2.5


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    I use AntiLogger v0.1.4, before this update, I have never any problem.

    Have you a link for DL a other version of AntiLogger with craftbukkit 1.2.5 ?

    Thank !
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    Ross Gosling


    Is it compatible with Towny's disabled pvp between town members?
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    I don't know. It depends on the way Towny does their code. Towny is pretty derpy though.
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    Have you a solution for my problem ? :s
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    Hi there! I'm currently using the following plugin on my server.

    With the following plugin and AntiPVPLogger plugin running at the same time I've discovered an exploit. I'm honestly not sure how to fix this without choosing between one or the other plugins. They are absolutely vital to my server. Hopefully you can help.

    How to duplicate the exploit:
    With both plugins installed, and configured. Using the Disarm spell.

    Step 1.) Account #1 stands stationary with the item you wish to duplicate in your hand.
    Step 2.) Account #2 faces Account #1 with Disarm ready to be cast.
    Step 3.) Account #1 logs offline causing AntiPVPLogger to kick in and spawn an NPC.
    Step 4.) Account #2 Disarms NPC, causing the weapon to drop to the ground.
    Step 5.) Account #1 Logs back in, picks up the sword off the ground, and now has a shiny new sword. Their inventory was saved upon log out from AntiPVPLogger and was restored after logging in (as they did not die.)
    Solutions: Check if the target is an NPC and block the spell?

    I'm also reporting this on the MagicSpells thread. Thanks!
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    So you are running CraftBukkit 1.2.5? If so I am not sure this plugin works on 1.2.5 yet. But it may.
    Thanks for reporting this, I actually have already fixed it. I just have not uploaded the new JAR file yet. I will as soon as I get home from school.
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    Yes I use 1.2.5 bukkit.

    Your new JAR file is for 1.2.5 ?
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    KillerSmurf But I will make one, and upload it too. When I get home.

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