Inactive [MECH] FishPeople v1.7.1 - Gold Helmet = Infinite Air While Swimming [1.2.3-R0.2]

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  1. FishPeople - Infinite air underwater:
    Version: v1.7.1

    This plugin is for servers that focus more on creative rather than survival. It makes building underwater infinitely safer because you no longer drown. The only downside is that people who are underwater can no longer speak. Instead there is a comical [glub glub glub] accompanying any underwater chat messages.

    • Infinite air while wearing gold helmet (or configured item)
    • Garbled underwater chat (if configured)
    • Permissions support!
    • Now swim in lava! (if configured)
    • Supports item names as well as ID numbers
    Also available here

    File located at /plugins/FishPeople/config.yml
    This file will be created if it does not exist and will contain these default settings.
    These default settings will also be used if a value is not set.

    • fishpeople.infiniteair
      Gives the player infinite air while wearing the helmet (overrides extended air)
    • fishpeople.extendedair
      Gives the player more air while wearing the helmet
    • fishpeople.cantalkunderwater
      Lets the player talk underwater and bypass the filter
    • fishpeople.invinciblehelmet
      Prevents the player's helmet from taking damage if damage is configured
    • fishpeople.lavasafe
      Allows the player to swim in lava (no burning damage)
    • fishpeople.config
      Allows the player to call /fishpeople
    • fishpeople.*
      Emulates having infinite air, invincible helmet, lava safe, config, and chat filter bypass

    • /fishpeople help
      Lists all commands available
    • /fishpeople help <command>
      Gives help on the command given
    • /fishpeople reload
      Reloads the configuration from the hard disk
    • /fishpeople enable
      Enables the infinite air and chat filter
    • /fishpeople disable
      Disables the infinite air and chat filter
    • /fishpeople helmet-type <id>
      Sets the item id for the head item that gives infinite air
    • /fishpeople chat-filter true
      Replaces chat messages when players are underwater
    • /fishpeople chat-filter false
      Allows users to talk normally underwater
    • /fishpeople underwater-chat <message>
      Sets the message that appears when someone talks underwater
    • /fishpeople air-multiplier <number>
      Extends the amount of air players have
      "/fishpeople air-multiplier 2.5" would mean they have two and a half times as much air
    • /fishpeople helmet-damage <amount>
      Every second a player is underwater and wearing the special helmet it will take the damage specified
    • /fishpeople helmet-replacement <id>
      Sets the item id for the head item that will be set when a helmet is destroyed
    • /fishpeople low-air-warning <seconds>
      When a player has only <seconds> left of air, they get a warning
      Set negative to not give a warning
    • /fishpeople low-air-message <message>
      Sets the message to be displayed when a person hits the low-air-warning mark

    Version 1.7.1
    • Fixed null pointer exception occurring on Minecraft 1.2 and higher
    Version 1.7
    • Removed defunct Permissions 3 support
    • Fixed helmet damage
    • Updated to match Bukkit's new event handling system.
    Version 1.6
    • Compiled for Permissions 3 support
    Version 1.5
    • Bug fixes: falling damage while in lava, and race condition when loading Permissions plugin
    Version 1.4
    • Bug fix: replaced player.getLocation() with player.getEyeLocation() so effects only happen when the player's head is underwater
    Version 1.3
    • Changed event registration to match Craftbukkit 600+
    Version 1.2
    • Permissions support
    • Can have extended air instead of only infinite air
    • Can configure a message to appear warning those with extended air that they will drown soon (since the client bubbles are wrong)
    • Can configure helmet to take damage while being worn
    • Can replace the helmet when something else when it is "destroyed" from being used. You could use this to say, turn your gold helmet to a leather helmet when the magic runs out
    • Added the ability to swim in lava
    • Fixed problem where some servers would not restore air
    Version 1.1
    • Helmet type configurable
    • Underwater chat message configurable
    • Underwater chat message disable-able
    • Can limit to ops only
    • Can adjust all options at runtime
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release

    Known issues:
    • Client side remaining air bubbles still disappear; I cannot do anything about this.
  2. Bump with thread update to recommended build. No code changes.
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    still active or inactive?!
    (Because the title is [INACTIVE])

    But thanks for the update!
  4. It was marked inactive because I hadn't updated the thread title for the new recommended build. It just needs to be moved back to the release forum.
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    Moved, thanks. :)
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    is there no chance it could be made so that the air bubbles don't deplete with the helmet on? I thought it wasn't working for a second until I waited to see if i'd drown
  7. The client controls the bubbles being drawn. Server mods can't change that at all.
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    Pumpkin diver(a similar mod) shows a nice status indicator with remaining air. Do you think you could incorporate/steal something similar?

    Thanks for the excellent mod!
  9. Mine does do that. That's what the low air warning is. Are you just wanting more notifications than one?
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    Pleaseee update to 1.5!! I miss tis plugin :(
  11. Not until there's a recommended build for 1.5. Also, please describe what doesn't work so I can address it more quickly.
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    It just doesnt work :p stopped working awhile ago.
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    Perhaps a clip from your server log where it tries and fails to load would be helpful? As saying it doesn't work with no idea why or in what way, he'd be as well writing it from scratch. :)
  14. Are the players drowning? Is there an error message? Is the chat filter not working? Have you checked your settings and permissions to make sure they are set right?
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    Permission were set right. They were drowing. No error.

    But it dont matter till u update it now unless it will work with the latest 1.5 build
  16. There isn't anything for me to update if I haven't got a direct problem to fix.

    So you're saying that people with 'fishpeople.infiniteair' are drowning while wearing the helmet that is configured in the file?
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    I did the following;

    New Server
    Only using FishPeople plugin
    Default settings (no change to config.yml)
    Login a player (non-ops)
    Give player a gold helm
    Have them step into water deeper than head height.
    They drown.
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    Does the chat filter work? Just that's set as on by default in the config so if not using a permissions plugin, then they should get [glub, glub, glub] when typing underwater.
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    Both the test player and other players on the server see the other players text as normal, not [glub glub glub].
  20. Which version of CraftBukkit and is there anything in the log at all?
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    CraftBukkit 714
    The log indicates that the plugin is loading on startup and disabling on shutdown but that's it. I took your source and made a jar reference against 714 and didn't find any errors, either; peculiar. I wonder if they missed a process on the last update and that's why this plugin isn't working?
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    Could try updating to the first RB for 1.5 which is #733, see if that helps at all.
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    I knew you would write that so when the release came out I did - the exact same pattern occurs.
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    Haha just had to check, sometimes the bukkit updates do break things so it's always worth trying. :)
  25. Now that there is a recommended build, I can do a little more testing. I already knew the code compiled fine because I've been downloading the source from Git.
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    Just to let you know I've just updated to #733 and the plugin is still working perfectly for us. Don't drown and (when enabled) impervious to fire.
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    After reading this I hit the link in the OP and re-downloaded and tested it again; nope, still die. Still not seeing the glub message when talking underwater.

    What do you have as a config.yml? I'm using the one created by the jar by default. Do you have any other plugins enabled?
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    Our config.yml looks like this;
    enabled: true
    op-only: false
    helmet-type: "gold_helmet"
    chat-filter: true
    underwater-chat: "[glub glub glub]"
    infinite-air: true
    air-multiplier: 1
    helmet-damage: 0
    helmet-replacement: "air"
    lava-safe: true
    low-air-warning: 1
    low-air-message: "You are about to drown"
    We don't use any other plugins that effect breathing under water. We do use permissions though with the following assigned.
            - fishpeople.infiniteair
            - fishpeople.cantalkunderwater
            - fishpeople.invinciblehelmet
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    Once you update for build 733 i will see if it works then. but before they would drown with permissions and the helmet.
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    I'm running it on build 733 without any problems.
  31. I just tested on my server with 733 and it works perfectly fine.

    I haven't even touched the code for the last few RBs.

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