Inactive [MECH] FieryInferno v0.1 - Faster fire spread! [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    Create fires like you never could before! [​IMG]Description: Makes fire spread much faster than default, similar to pre 1.6b fire mechanics. It also doesn't go out after a certain radius from the origin. Great for any pyromaniacs!
    Features: *Makes fire spread faster and larger
    • Customizable spreading speed
    • Emulates pre1.6b fire
    • No commands or permissions
    Note: It is recommended you install WorldEdit and use its /ex command to put out nearby fires. Be careful with this.
    Setup: Leave at 2 if you want a slightly faster fire speed, like pre1.6b. Change to 0 to return to default fire. Over 20 has not been tested, so I wouldn't try it. (20 almost crashed my server)
    Credits: hawkfalcon: Created the plugin
    Rowrin: Used some outdated code from his InfernalPreigniter plugin
    Suggestions/feedback welcome!
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  2. Same as the other thread "CartWarp," edit your thread title pertaining to the plugin submission guidelines :)
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    Sorry, fixed!
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    That fire would probably lag most servers to pieces, approved though.
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    Lol that was a test running on my really old computers server... That's why I made the fire spread configurable.
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    Havent played minecraft in ages, good to see there are other minecraft pyros xD
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    I love this. I missed old fires. I felt like an old man saying "Back in my day, you were screwed when your house caught fire". Not telling anyone on my server this is installed :D
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    Please make it so flint and steel still only lights one block, or a command to toggle this plugin. Either would help me greatly ^.^
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  10. Awesome, just wandering why do you stop fire spreading to portals? I know its to stop portals from lighting but doesnt it do that in vanilla?
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