[MECH]FastObsidian v3.0 - Speed up Obby breaking [1.4.4R0.1]

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    FastObsidian -- The Fast Obsidian removal plugin

    Give me a reason to go update this plugin more often!

    What is it?
    FastObsidian is a plugin which allows you to destroy obsidian way faster, but only in certain circumstances!

    How to Install
    Simply copy/paste the Jar into your Plugins Folder.

    How does it work?
    To activate faster breaking: /fo <time>
    If I want to break it in 3 seconds, I type /fo 3
    If the block breaks faster then this time, Well, then it breaks. That's it.

    Permission Nodes:
    fastobby.mine : use the /fo command, used to activate faster mining.
    fastobby.debug : use the /fo debug command, not really needed much :)

    Known Bugs:
    - None!

    Download now!
    (CB 1597) --> JAR only: link


    Version 2.0:
    - Added actual faster breaking. :D

    Version 1.1:
    - Tried to add a timer, it partually works

    Version 1:
    - Release
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    No previous versions yet ;)

    I need money for my server, please [​IMG]
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    Changing now.

    Btw, can I just remove the [INACTIVE] by myself if I want to?

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    yeah it makes my moving it back easier :)
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    Any chance of seeing this plugin get finished soon (that is, without the need for a command and possibly a configurable breaking time)? The default time it takes to break obsidian is ridiculous, especially since a diamond pickaxe is required.
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    Well, I'm no longer supporting it. But if you find another plugin dev who wants to continue this I can give him the Source.
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    I'm sorry to say this, but you start the thread by asking us for donations to give you a reason to keep it updated.
    If you think about it from our viewpoint, you should instead give us a reason to donate our money to you.
    Just saying... Your plugin is really promising, especially if it would be possible to configure other block types as well in later versions (as per request). It's too bad I'm only just getting started myself on coding plugins, or I would have offered to give it a shot. Hope you're willing to reconsider at some point in the future!
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    It really suprises me that no-one marked this as inactive. Title said 860 and post said 723 (!) or something. LOL
  8. Interestingly, still works in Bukkit #1337 ! if anyones interested.:)
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    Crazy big update coming soon.

    .. 7 months later..
    Added :D

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    Plz update this for all blocks :)
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    Ehm, it's called FastObsidian. Not FastBlocks. :)
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    Than make a plugin. I have a name idea FastBlocks ;).
    When you can make that, than i'm thinkin youre a god :D.
    I need that for my RPG Server. So plz would you make that for me? :)
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    Here ya go, won't continue it though. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7365249/FastBlocks.jar
    command is /fb, permissions are fastblocks.something instead of fastobby.something
    Should work.
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    Do it works only with obsidian?
    I like you plugin. But I some ideas :).
    A config for all blocks and you can see the default time to break a block.
    And than you can chance the time every single block ind the config.

    Perhaps it's a problem with the different pickaxes oder wooden axes. But I'm sure you can find a way.
    Perhaps like this:

    Is this possible to make that? :)
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    I quote:
    That means I won't add updates to it. At all.
    It's just to please you for a bit, but I don't want to create an interely different plugin.
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    ok :(. It was just a Idea for this or a other plugin. Let's me know when you will make it ;)
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    is there any way to make it so that instead of being able to just click on obsidian blocks rapidly and make them all break first of all make it so that you couldn't break another obsidian until the last one finished (if it doesn't already do this) and also make it so that you either have to keep looking at it or attempting to dig it for it to break if configuring the actual mine time itself is too difficult?
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    It should do this.
    It's a difficult counter which counts the movements of the players armswing, when another block gets hit it all gets reset. (or when the swinging stops, I thought)
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    Is it working yet :p?
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    Very :)
    /fo <time in seconds>
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    I might add this later, when my players start complaining :D
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    Or u just use // or /break ;)
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    Possible suggestion: (not a very big need but:) maybe a config file where you can configure the time it takes to break obsidian per different pickaxe? (stone, iron, gold, etc). (So practically enabling Obsidian breaking with other pickaxes, but time-based?)
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    I guess I could do that. I'd be at the bottom of my todo-list though..
  25. This is an amazingly good plugin, but I have a question, are permissions included? That would ruin game-play for your server, thus people would be on a raiding server and would easily break into an obby base. As I said again, are permissions included?
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    They are. Check BukkitDev, this thread is not updated so much.
  27. Ok, just asking.

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