[MECH]FastObsidian v3.0 - Speed up Obby breaking [1.4.4R0.1]

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    FastObsidian -- The Fast Obsidian removal plugin

    Give me a reason to go update this plugin more often!

    What is it?
    FastObsidian is a plugin which allows you to destroy obsidian way faster, but only in certain circumstances!

    How to Install
    Simply copy/paste the Jar into your Plugins Folder.

    How does it work?
    To activate faster breaking: /fo <time>
    If I want to break it in 3 seconds, I type /fo 3
    If the block breaks faster then this time, Well, then it breaks. That's it.

    Permission Nodes:
    fastobby.mine : use the /fo command, used to activate faster mining.
    fastobby.debug : use the /fo debug command, not really needed much :)

    Known Bugs:
    - None!

    Download now!
    (CB 1597) --> JAR only: link


    Version 2.0:
    - Added actual faster breaking. :D

    Version 1.1:
    - Tried to add a timer, it partually works

    Version 1:
    - Release
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    No previous versions yet ;)

    I need money for my server, please [​IMG]
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    hooray! you're a hero

    edit: wait, you just click the blocks and they break? can you not configure the mining time on them anywhere?
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    Nope, that looked way too difficult, this was easier. I might do that later, when I've got that timer mastered.
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    You click, and you get, so roughly instant.
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    so its like the super pick in world edit?
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    I was about to put a request in when I saw this. Thanks for beating me! :p
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    Heh :p I will add some timer later, I have not mastered that part of Java yet.

    I was about to add this to CbutD, but it seems it got Auto-added!

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  10. If you get the timer mastered, I'd be interested in mining obsidian faster. Not really liking the idea of instant drop ..... takes some of the idea of the game away, and having to type a command first - takes away that 'in-game' feel !
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    I think I almost know how it works.
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    Ross Gosling

    good good then i might be interested
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    @Lolmen Any progress on a timer?
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    Yes, sort of. I need to run some final test, but haven't had time to do it since my other plugins are super much wanted and kinda sort of more useful then this one. Will go test it when I got time ;)
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    I've been wanting this since the hmod days so this is pretty important to me. :)
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    @Lolmen Hey, I'm curious, would you be able to toss in brick block support for the update with the timers? My players have been building stuff with bricks the past few days and it takes a surprisingly long time to break down those blocks.
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    I dont think that would be too hard. Have to change the plugin name though :p
  18. @Lolmen can you give an ETA? :)
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    I've got it partually working. It seems to always break at 7 seconds, not sure why. If you want anyway: link
  20. Just tried - using your latest link (in your post), and bukkit 767, a block took the usual 15+ seconds to break. However, please keep trying ....... it'll prove a great plugin if you master it.
  21. Ill look at implementing it, In the mean time, if you can get it to work for "half the time" eg, it will take the 7 seconds, that would be good... as the above icephantom claimed, it breaks at 15+.
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    You can alter it in the new made folder.
  23. It was set to 5 - I presume that's seconds - Yes, I found the file, although I haven't altered it. Any suggestions on a number please ?
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    eeh, one? btw, you did do /fo before starting mining it right? And yes, that is in seconds.
  25. OK, Tried again at 5, still took 15 sec.
    Set the file to 1, still took 15secs.

    Sorry no change .......... (still bukkit #767)

    Apologies, I had forgot to type the /fo - however, when I type it and then mine, it takes around 5 secs. as per your post, no matter what I set the setting file to.
    Also, a little odd, but the first time I mined a block, I ended up with 2 in my inventory ? and I only started with one. I put the block down, mined it and ended up with 2 blocks ....... a little odd, but at least its better than instant .......
    Any way to make it be defaulted 'on' when the server starts, and you have to switch it off, rather than the other way round please ? (i.e. not having to type /fo to switch it on)
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    I can add that, yes. Would become a permission, if you have it -- always turned on except you turned off.
  27. I don't have permissions installed - don't need them - perhaps ops only ?
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    Yes, when theres no Permissions it will default to OPs only.
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    Oh nice thanks verry verry much
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    CB 670 - inactive
    title and post are missing a version
    changelog has to show two latest versions without a spoiler

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