Inactive [MECH] FalseBook 0.96alpha - CraftBook for Bukkit,85++ICs, Gates, Minecarts / MC1.4.6

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    FalseBook - Your CraftBook for Bukkit

    Current version: v0.96alpha
    Minecraft: 1.4.6

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    • supported Permissionplugins
      • bPermissions
      • bukkitPermissions
      • Essentials GroupManager
      • Permissions
      • PermissionsEx
      • SuperPerms
      • Vault (still in development)
    • uses the syntax of CraftBook for better compatibility
    • implements over 85 Integrated Circuits (ICs)
    • implements [Lift Up] & [Lift Down]
    • toggleable ...
      • ... bridges
        • undestroyable
      • ... doors
        • undestroyable
      • ... gates
        • undestroyable
      • ... areas
    • a lot of fancy features for minecarts
      • collect and deposit items from chests to minecarts
      • make furnaces which refill themselfs with minecarts
      • program carts to take only specific items out of chests
      • craft things out of a chest with a minecart
      • lift up & down for minecarts!
    • chatsystem with different chat-channels to clean up the normal chat
    • toggleable...
      • netherrack (with fire)
      • pumpkins
      • glowstone <-> another block (even if minecraft itself has the glowstonelamp now...)

    Minecart Blocktypes:
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    • BenchOut : Iron-Ore
    • Booster 2x : Gold-Ore
    • Booster 8x : Gold-Block
    • Brake-Block 25% :Gravel
    • Brake-Block 50% : Soulsand
    • Burn : Iron-Ore
    • ConstantSpeed-Block : Iron-Block
    • Craft : Iron-Ore
    • Deposit / Collect : Iron-Ore
    • Eject-Block : Coal-Ore
    • Emitter-Block : Lapis Lazuli Ore
    • Reverse-Block : White wool
    • Station-Block : Obsidian
    • Sort-Block : Netherrack
    • Teleport-Block : Lime wool
    • Program-Cart : Lapis Lazuli
    • Programmed Deposit-Block : Blue wool

    Other Features:
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    • Bridge (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Doors (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Gates (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Toggle Netherrack Fire (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • Toggle Pumpkins (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • Toggle Soulsand to Glowstone and back (my addition) (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • ToggleAble Areas (Experimental):

      Define the area with the "Wooden Hoe" (use rightclick)
    • /farea <areaname> -> Adds an Area
    • /delfarea <areaname> -> removes an Area
    • /listfarea -> Lists all Areas
    • /fareatoggle <areaname> autosave -> toggles the autosave function of an area. Autosave = save blocks, when toggling the area off.
    • /fareatoggle <areaname> protect -> toggles the protection of an area. ON = Area is only destroyable/buildable to users with permission: falsebook.destroy.blocks
    • /fareaallow <areaname> id[:subid] -> will add/remove the blocktype from the toggleable blocks of this area. Default: all blocks will be toggled.
    • (FalseBookBlock.jar)

    Important Note:
    You must copy ALL jar-Files over the old ones (all files have been changed) !
    The "Package_..."-Files must go into "plugins/FalseBook/ICPlugins/"

    Download FalseBook 0.96alpha for Minecraft 1.4.6

    FalseBook Wiki - Work in progress

    YouTube-Channel with Videos

    Donations are welcome if you wish to support me


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    @charlie k-j
    were waiting for an update from GeMo some IC's are buggy in 1.6.6
    err how much are you fliping on/off? you could of over didi it :)
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    I would like to request an IC.
    The anti-mobspawner


    What it would/should do is that it prevents Mobs from spawning in a radiusX around it, as long as no player is in a radiusY around the IC. The purpose of this IC is to lower the serverload by deactivating Mobtowers that are not in use.
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    want a new command - /fb reload to reload the configs without restart and complete /reload
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    Thats weird, i did this too (like the moment i installed falsebook) and rigged a room with like 25 lightstone, and its working fine ever since. What i did was run redstone around the room (below the redstone) with diodes/repeaters/delayers (used as delayers) at least 2 blocks away from the lightstone in a little loop attached to the 'main line' Making sure the end of the 'main line' didnt hit the start (by routing the last redstone to the side of the last lightstone) and it works ever since.

    I still enjoy this every time i use it btw, i made it as a circle on the floor in a round room, and i added some single block cieling lights, so it fills (and when turned off cleans) the circle starting and ending at the button, which looks just awesome due to the delayers.

    About the lightstones staying on, make sure every lightstone recieves redstone input, a diode (in 0.8.5 anyway) does not count as redstone (and is buggy when near IC's btw) the reason the lightstones do turn on but not off (from diodes) is that were on a old falsebook, 0.8.6 soon
  6. I have big Problems with this Plugin. It have created a server log over 50gb..... with errors a part of them are:

    Can someone help me??
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    This error is fixed in 0.86 hopefully!
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    Hey is 0.86 gonna work with bukkit 860? Also when will it be released?
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    Of course! :)
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    Kool (I know i sound impatient but)Is 0.86 almost done or just in the start?
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    Release within the next 24 hours.. guess I won't change any more right now for 0.86. If I can't see any serious bugs, it will be released!
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    I need your help guys. It seems that mob spawners dont work for me.
    I got falsebook files in plugin folder, i got worldedit and permission plugin cofigured
            default: true
                prefix: '&2'
                suffix: '&f'
                build: true
                - 'falsebook.anyic'
                - 'falsebook.ic.worldedit'
                - 'falsebook.blocks.*'
                - 'falsebook.ic.standards'
                - 'falsebook.ic.detection'
                - 'falsebook.ic.selftriggered'
            permissions: []
            groups: Default
    And when i make a mob spawner sign it says that i have created one but when i pull the lever mob doesnt spawn.
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    just wait for 0.86 to come out IC's are buggy in 1.6.6
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    I think i did something wrong, because when i used craftbook it didn't work too.
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    I think you should knwo that if any one has any of the MMO/RPG plugin(s)
    the default Ejecter block (42-ironblock) will not work so change it to something like item id 22 lapis block
    and gemo i think you should also put this conflict report in your main post as well

    like i said IC's are bugy in 1.6.6 and craftbook isnt updated eather also use prems 2.7 and make shure theres NO tabs only use SPACES in ur prems file. did you name the file right?

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    Emm, i use the newest perms... I'm usure i named everything right
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    Yeah, actually I just checked and I had a ceiling 8x6 with glowstone every 2 blocks and it worked fine before, but now it also doesn't switch all of them correctly. The only things I changed were craftbukkit to 860 and Minecraft to 1.6.6 so I'm assuming it has to do with one of those, so yeah hopefully the update fixes it.
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    How can I change the maximal width of bridges??
    I changed it in the properties to 5. But ingame its still on 3.
    How to...?
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    Where is the cauldron.txt file? Thanks.
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    hey!! with the 0.86 update will it be compatible with permissions 3.x?
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    My Server is Giveing me Three Errors.
    i do not know how to copy my log
    "Transmitter.db Not Found"
    "Receiver.db Not Found"
    "SensorList.db Not Found"
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    Very odd happening and I don't know what to make of it and would love some help.

    Currently I have a room rigged with pumpkins and netherrack. There is nether in each corner and pumpkins on 3 of the 4 walls. There are also 2 pumpkins in the "pool" in the room. Drawing Below:

    X = Wall
    [] = Nether
    {} = Pumpkin
    L = Lever

    X[] []X
    X {} {} X
    XL {}
    X X
    X[] [] X

    It's a little wonky, I'll get a SS later. Anyways: I found that the netherrack does NOT work when connected certain ways:
    Standing at the lever and looking north, Netherrack will not power up if connected by a redstone wire going EAST into the block. In other words, I CANNOT wire it like this (Top down view)
    L >>> []
    I have to do it: [] <<<< L
    or from the top and bottom.

    No idea why... It DOES work if I run the wire underneith the block and and this wouldnt be an issue but the pumpkins are lighting a pool
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    dont worry man just make some IC's and this will go away!
    just wait for 0.86 ge,o said it woll be today or tomarrow!
    @Ret YES!
    did u copy everything from the .zip file? any way i tosed a download for it here
    did you edit the right file? and after you edited the file did you type /reload in-game?
    i donated go look at what i put in it :)

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    Some issues I have noticed.

    1) toggle glowstone is buggy or not working with repeaters. Glowstone before repeater works, after does not.

    2) my gates file occasionally jumps in size from 1 - 2kb up to 144kb and says i have 4092 gates. It causes some gates to stop working and act funny. I delete the file and all is resolved.
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    I also Can Not Light Up Netherrack only Glowstone

    I am going to use CraftBook Untill yall fix the glitches..... The Netherrack LightUp is messed up... When I connect it to redstone with two netherrackblocks beside each other, Only One Lights Up. Then When i click the switch again the other one does but the first one doesnt.. Please Fix this.

    Wait i cant use CraftBook they are at update like 766. Well i guess i will have to deal with the gliches. Thanks for the good plugin.

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    Just wait for some hours now... Release of 0.86 within the next 6 hours!
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    AHH !!!!! 1 hour for me to go and we got this!!!
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    Version 0.86alpha


    All Packages:
    • checked Support for Permissions 2.*
    • checked Support for Essentials GroupManager
    • added Support for Permissions 3.*
    • codecleaning und several bugfixes
    • Settings are now separate for each world
      • FalseBookBlock
      • FalseBookCart
      • FalseBookExtra
      • files are stored in plugins/FalseBook/<worldname>
      • your current settings will be the default for new worlds
      • there is nothing to do for you, just start the plugin

    • implemented Apple-Treedrops
      • added Setting in
        • TreeDropChance= * (Number from 0 .. 100)
        • default: 10
    • implemented readable bookshelfs
      • bookshelfs are only read, when the player has NO item in his hand
      • bookfile is: plugins/FalseBook/books.txt
      • added Setting in
        • ReadableBookShelfs = true / false
        • default: true
      • permissionnode:
        • falsebook.blocks.readbooks
    • improved Lift-Handling
      • THANKS TO !Phoenix! for his implementation!
    • improved destroycheck for signs
      • Bridge/Door/Gate/Lift-Signs are only destroyable, when having permissions to build them
    • implemented LightSwitch for torches
      • EXPERIMENTAL, might be changed in 0.87
      • permissionnode:
        • falsebook.blocks.lightswitch.use : use of lightswitch-signs
        • falsebook.blocks.lightswitch.create : creation of lightswitch-signs

    • fixed carts, when colliding with another cart
      • added Setting in
        • killOnCollision = true / false
        • default: false
    • improved Ejectblock
      • only ejects the player, if two blocks are free
    • improved Deposit/Collect
      • tools won’t get repaired when transferred
      • Sub-IDs are now handled correctly, if transferring all items
      • Items will only be transferred if the Chest/Cart has place for the item
      • Doublechests are now implemented
    • improved Deposit/Collect, when using LWC
      • /cpublic-chests will now transfer Items from/to a chest
      • if the chest has the same owner as the sign under the block, items will be transferred from/to the chest
    • implemented station-based sorting for the sort-block
      • THANKS TO tehbeard for his implementation!
      • the sortsign now handles #st:<stationname> as a valid line
      • command:
        • /fbst <stationname> : will set the players targetstation
      • permissionnode:
        • falsebook.cart.command.fbst

    • fixed Netherrack to work correct
    • fixed a bug, which causes the Blocks not to toggle, when powered from some directions

    • implemented MC3101
    • implemented MC1510
    • implemented MC1511
      • Commandsender
        • permissionnode:
          • falsebook.ic.mc1511
          • falsebook.ic.worldedit
        • same usage as MC1510
    • implemented MC1111
      • triggered Receiver
        • permissionnode:
          • falsebook.ic.mc1111
          • falsebook.ic.standard
        • same usage as MC0111
    • implemented MC0232
      • selftriggered Set-Time
        • permissionnode:
          • falsebook.ic.mc0232
          • falsebook.ic.selftriggered
        • usage:
          • Line 2: [MC0232]
          • Line 3: Number between 0 and 24000
        • descriptions:
          • sets the time of the day to the specified time
    • implemented MC1232
      • triggered Set-Time
        • permissionnode:
          • falsebook.ic.mc1232
          • falsebook.ic.worldedit
        • usage:
          • Line 2: [MC1232]
          • Line 3: Number between 0 and 24000
        • descriptions:
          • sets the time of the day to the specified time, when input goes from low to high
    • implemented Z-Offset for MC1210 & MC1211
      • Line 4 can now be the following:
        • X,Y:W,H
        • X,Y,Z:W:H
    • added option for MC0420 to disable it via redstone
      • Line 4: true / false
        • default: false or “ “
      • if Line 4 is “true”, the clock can be turned off, using redstone for input 1
        • counts, if redstone is on
    • improved MC1200
      • Mobs will only spawn, if two blocks are free above it
    • fixed MC3001 & MC3003
      • they now work like they should do (like a NAND)
    • added Setting to load unloaded chunks for sensors/transmitter/receiver
      • loadUnloadedChunks = true / false
        • default: true
    • increased the default value for the execution of selftriggered Sensors
      • old value: 2
      • new value: 10

    Thanks for your donation! Much appreciated! :)

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    Hey GeMoschen

    Is the Self-triggered set-time also using .worldedit as permission?
    It's kind of pointless to deny access to the non-selftriggered version if selftriggered IC's are allowed.

    Also, thanks for the bookshelves and apples.
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    The MC0232 is a selftriggered IC, thats why it has the falsebook.ic.selftriggered permissionnode.
    The MC1232 has falsebook.ic.worldedit
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    I know, but I can't give every user access to the 0232 IC, since I only deny my users access to the .worledit IC's.

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