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    EverCart - The Storage Minecart Chunk Loader:
    Version: v1.0

    EverCart is a plugin thought up by @amd3th that keeps the chunks around Storage Minecarts loaded while it moves to you can transport goods distances that are usually too far away and would cause the cart to stop moving due to it going into a chunk too far from any player.

    • Dynamically loads and unloads chunks within a short range as it moves
    • Improved chunk loading and unloading to increase performance
    • Config options to enable logging of chunk loading and unloading
    • Config options to track different kinds of minecarts besides just the Storage Minecart

    Download EverCart

    Source Code: EverCart

    Version 1.0
    • Release of EverCart
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    This is extremely useful on big minecart stations etc!
    Great solution
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    great Idea!
    I'll try this

    thx for your work
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    could you replace
    if (v instanceof StorageMinecart)
    if (v instanceof StorageMinecart||v instanceof Minecart||PoweredMinecart)
    (if it is called powered minecart, i am not shure about it)
    or, at least give the oportunity to enable them in a config file (not ervery admin is javageek)
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    Sure, I'll create a config with each kind of cart being a true/false so all kinds can be tracked. I'll do that today. A warning though, if the carts are close together, unless the server manages chunk loading better than I think it does, this may cause a few problems since I still don't have the code worked out to be efficient as I'd like. Until then, be warned that it may cause a lot of lag and stress to the server.
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    I should warn you - your current implementation does not protect the chunk the cart is currently in. If a chunk unload request is called for the chunk the minecart is occupying, your plugin will do nothing to stop it, and the minecart will be unloaded. I've also noticed from test cases that a range of 2 is not sufficient. Minecarts will still outrun the chunks around it in most cases.

    If you figure out any improvements in this area, I'd be interested in hearing them.
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    Yeah, it still has a lot to be improved upon and I think I'll have to up the range to at least 3 around it. I've been wanting it to instead watch for change of direction so it'll only load the chunks it needs to to the front and sides instead of all around it, but the chunks being all around it helps when loading future chunks.

    I did a small patch to the JAR that increases the chunk loading range so if you've been having your carts stop, this SHOULD fix the problem at least for the most part until I can improve how the chunks are managed.

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    Hi, very interesting plugin !

    Improvement idea: It would be great if the users could make arbitrary/square/rectangle patterns on the ground to let those chunks always loaded.
    I am thinking at the crops : it would be great if the chunks where crops are stay loaded !
    Also for the chunks where there are redstone, water flows and things like that :)
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    I think I'll make another plugin where you'll use a command to add the chunk you're standing in to stay loaded and even when the server starts up again it'll run through that list and load each of the chunks you want to always be loaded. Only bad thing is that can eventually cause a lot of extra stress since they're always loaded, but that's the trade off I suppose.
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    Does this work nicely with Minecart Mania?
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    I would think so. Nobody has said otherwise so far and it uses similar code, so I wouldn't think there would be any problems.
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    could you possibly make a plugin make wheat load the chunk it is in so you can let stuff grow without being in the chunk?
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    I will keep that in mind. Previously I've had someone ask if I could make a plugin that you'd stand in a chunk and use a command to force it to stay loaded and when the server restarts, etc. then it will stay loaded so crops will always be growing. The main issue is finding a way to show the player the bounds of the chunk so they'll know if their crops are in multiple chunks and will have to keep a few loaded. Once I figure out a "nice" way to do this then I will make that plugin. Please follow me or keep an eye out for when I do happen to release that.
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    Doesn't minecart mania do this, when you set:
    In the config?
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    Yes, but this is meant to be a light-weight version of only that functionality and will handle chunk loading and unloading differently. Once I can find a good method that works I'll probably be sharing it with Afforess so he can implement it into Minecart Mania. Most of my plugins seem to be things that other, larger plugins can do, but I'm more in favor of small, fast plugins that don't take many resources and are easy to use. Nobody has complained thus far and I always keep my source open for other developers to use as they see fit. I'm in this purely for the community :)
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    Edit: Ninja'd
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    Haha :p
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    Never meant to sound rude, just asking. I've wanted to have my stuff churning about even when noone is logged in.. Gonna try this, MCM has issues.. :p
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    I didn't take it as you being rude, sorry if I made it sound that way. Looking back I notice I may have sounded a bit..brisk. I hope it works well for you, it still has a ways to go.
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    Thank you. Now I can operate my redstone minesweeper without needing someone else. :p
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    I've tweaked a few lines so that this plugin will remove chunks from the correct world as needed, and submitted a Pull Request with the new code on github, because the Nethrar plugin currently supports players travelling in minecarts throught Nether portals (and ideally will support unoccupied carts going through eventually).

    ...though I just now checked the Nethrar code and it turns out it destroys the first minecart and makes a new minecart for the player on the other side of the portal, so there's no immediate benefit now really. Guess it does prep the EverCart plugin for any other future plugins that move the cart between worlds (assuming that's even possible; I'm not too familiar with Bukkit, but I guess it's feasible anyway in the future and this makes the EverCart code a bit more correct).
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    It's not actually possible to "transport" a minecart from one world to another. It's not even possible to do this with Players - although the entity interface specifies a "teleport" function, it's implementation involves creating a new generic Player in the other world, having it inherit all the characteristics of the old one, and removing the old one. This dance has to happen with everything it seems.
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    Hey akrieger! This works great but it seems the carts go invisble after travelling out of the render distance of the players. Is there a way to fix this? Or are we out of luck?
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    It shouldn't be doing that...but I'm a bit busy with other plugins and haven't had a chance to work on this.
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    That's fine man. I was just wonderin!
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    I've had the oppertunity to look at chunk loading in detail the past few days, in a (successful) attempt to get chunk loading around minecarts work for MM. Long story short, unloadChunkRequest will never, ever unload any chunks, and basically that means this plugin leaks memory, causing it to load chunks but never unload them.

    I think I got it working for MM, take a look at the ChunkManager class. It was a PITA to get to work right.
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    No wonder it was just causing a bunch of lag, thanks for the heads up and I'll check out your code. Hopefully they'll fix that bug that way we don't have to do as many checks to see if the chunk can be safely unloaded.
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    Drei Gyuu

    I hope this gets fixed and working right. It would really be nice to send convoy of carts from point A to point B
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    Yeah, I've been a bit too busy lately, but once I get a chance then I'll be fixing it up to work right and manage the data better so it won't lag the server so bad.
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    if you really (but really really) need to use more versions of CB use a version range, enumerating them is a mess.

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