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    Toolbox - A bunch of creative tools
    Version: v1.3

    This plugin is a bit like VoxelDoop, but with Permissions and region support. It although implements the feature of VoxelMimic and some other helpful features for creative servers.

    Now with WorldGuard support! Users can't paint blocks or cycle data value of blocks, if they aren't member of the region the block is in.

    Thanks PYROMANIAC702 for this great tutorial :)

    • Duplication tool
    • Paintbrush tool
    • Data value cycler
    • Super pickaxce
    • Give some more of the item in your hand
    • Change the data value of the item in your hand
    • Invincible tools
    • Much more!
    Permission nodes:
    • toolbox.commands.more - Access to /more command
    • toolbox.commands.clear - Access to /clear command
    • toolbox.commands.compact - Allow players to compact their inventories
    • toolbox.commands.pick - Access to /pick command
    • toolbox.commands.mimic - Allow players to mimic their enviroment
    • toolbox.tools.scroller - Allow players to use the data cycler tool
    • toolbox.tools.duplicator - Allow players to use the duplicator tool
    • toolbox.tools.paintbrush - Allow players to use the paintbrush tool
    • toolbox.tools.superpickaxe - Allow players to use the super pickaxe
    • toolbox.tools.invincible - Allow players to use invincible tools
    • toolbox.reload - Access to /tbreload (reload the config file)
    Download here - https://github.com/downloads/bloodchild/ToolBox/Toolbox.jar

    Source Code

    Commands list

    Version 1.3
    • Bugfixes and a lot of code clean-up.
    • Added configurable invincible tools
    • Added a super pickaxe
    • Implemented left-click of the duplication tool for giving only one block instead of a whole stack
    Version 1.2b
    • Fixed a bug with unmimicable items
    Version 1.2

    • Added command to mimic a players enviroment
    • Tools aren't allowed to be duplicated with /more anymore
    • Added arguments to /clear command. Players are now able to clear only the quickbar, the main inventory or both.
    Version 1.1

    • Implemented WorldGuard regions support
    • Fixed some bugs
    Version 1.0

    • Initial release
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    Yes is Permissions support, but where is the node ?
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    It sounds Nice , :D
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    What are the commands for the duplication etc?
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    When I watch there had no node.... he have just added it ... ;)
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    XD No problems, must have just been good timing.
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    Version 1.1 is out, with WorldGuard support :)
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    can you paint armor? (if not so then add, would help with team battles and customizable players)
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    Voxel Box

    "a bit"!

    I think it's important to recognize where work comes from, be it stealing ideas or code. It's important to learn to steal like an artist: that means giving some credit where credit is due.

    Przerwap, EvilSeph, GavJenks and ridgedog all deserve special mention here, and if you're providing downloads of this decompiled and recombobulated version of their free labor, the least you can do is throw them a name-drop or a HREF, you human paraquat!


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    will u update this to be compatible with bukkit build 818
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    It is updated to 818.

    but @sturmkeyser I made a video of this awesome plugin. It's uploading atm and then i'll post it on here. I hope you'll put it in your OP.

    Here's the video as promised. :) Hope you like it.

    If you need me to make another one if you update the plugin, just let me know.

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    Your plugins are fantastic, and I really appreciate the work you and the rest of the Voxel crew put into them... but it'd be nice if I could use them on my server, too. So, thanks sturmkeyser.

    Yes, he should really attribute the work better if he did borrow code, but you should calm down a bit.
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    ... that said, I have two problems with the superpickaxe: One, it destroys bedrock. It needs a way to config indestructible blocks. Two, the superpickaxe permission does not appear to be able to be revoked for a user with '*' permissions; I tried both - -toolbox.tools.* and - -toolbox.tools.superpickaxe

    CB 935, Permissions 3.1.6
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    where's the node for Invincible Tool? or is it automatically invincible..
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    Sorry, there you go ;-)
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    great plugins :) thanks for add permissions and make it all in one :))
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    @sturmkeyser hi can you say me which plugin makes that you have a list of items when you look in the inventory..
    thank you

    da iich glaube dass du deutscher bist schreib ich es lieber nochma auf deutsch damit du es auch verstehst xD so also kannst du mir sagen wie das plugin hei├čt dass rechts im inventar diese liste von items macht? danke im vorraus bis dann
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    This is really great! It would be great if you can log it with LogBlock or something...
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    Kinda off topic, sorry, but where do you get that side thing in your inventory from the video?
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    Yes, LogBlock support is coming next ;) I'm working on a completely new version and I hope to get it released next week.
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    Will this be updated to support the new blocks?
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    Please update!
  24. How's it going? I remember using this a little while ago... was hunting for it for about a couple of hours as I needed a duplicator tool, does this work on 1317?

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