Inactive [MECH/EDIT] LyTreeHelper v2.5.1 - LyTreeHelper 3 is coming!

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    LyTreeHelper v2.5.1 - LyTreeHelper 3 is coming!

    LyTreeHelper is now on BukkitDev!

    I've started developing version 3 of LyTreeHelper.
    I will rewrite the whole project and add some really cool new features! :)

    If you're interested in helping me out developing this plugin, please contact me ;).

    You can find the new changes and the whole changelog for 3.0 on github (Link below).

    I've found back to the bukkit forum after a long stressful time and have read the many requests for an update of LyTreeHelper.
    So I decided to try to update (maybe rewrite?) LyTreeHelper, but I can't do it alone. I need some help.

    If you want to take part in the development process of LyTreeHelper, please let me know.
    If you have no programming knowledge, you can just make feature suggestions, just post them in this thread or create a ticket on Github.

    Thank you for your support, help and for using my plugin.

    Planned for LyTreeHelper 3:
    (Under Progress - Maybe 70 % done) - Rewrite the whole plugin
    (60 % Done) - Custom world populator (add custom trees saved in the MCEdit schematic format and insert them only in specific biomes, e.g. palms on beaches)
    (Done) - New simple and highly configurable configurations system
    (Done)- Enhanced permissions system (using Vault, same for economy)
    - Some more developers? :) I can't do it alone, because I've only a few hours in the evening to develop
    (Done) - Switch to Maven

    Download the latest version of LyTreeHelper from (02/06/2011 16:46 GMT +1)
    (Or this direct link)

    LyTreeHelper Features

    • Custom drop features - LyTreeHelper lets you add custom drops to leaves (Maybe, sticks? :) )
    • Full customizable drop system - Adjust the drop chances for each drop (apples, golden apples, leaves, saplings, ...)
    • Timed apple drops - Apples falling from trees? Yes, you can have this feature ;)
    • Easy to handle multiworld-support - Each world has it's own configuration file, which settings overrides the global settings, so you can setup LyTreeHelper for each world with your custom settings
    • Tree destruction - Cut that damn trees by destroying the ground connection
    • Powerful forest and tree generator - LyTreeHelper comes with a powerful great generator for forests and trees, you can generate every kind of tree or forest in minecraft
    • Full permission support - You can use each permission system which is supported by Vault (
    • Full economy support - You can use any economy system supported by Vault (, so let your members pay for destructing trees at one hit
    • Custom world populator - LyTreeHelper's powerful world populator uses MCEdit schematic files to populate your world(s) with custom trees, e.g. palms, only in specific biomes (e.g. palms on beaches)
    • Mob Spawn in trees after destruction - Harvesting whole trees by removing the ground connection is great, but too easy? Let creatures spawn inside the chopped tree

    Github repository:

    You can find the changelog on github, simply open CHANGELOG.txt.

    Having Trouble?

    Use the Issure Tracker on Github.
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    please update it ...
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    Now that we have tree saplings for each type of tree it would be nice if it dropped the right kinds....
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    Is this plugin still working? I'm using bukkit 684 and it's not exploding trees when i break the first log. No console errors.

    # LyTreeHelper's configuration file
    # About editing this file:
    # - DO NOT USE TABS. You MUST use spaces or Bukkit will complain. If
    #   you use an editor like Notepad++ (recommended for Windows users), you
    #   must configure it to "replace tabs with spaces." In Notepad++, this can
    #   be changed in Settings > Preferences > Language Menu.
    # - Don't get rid of the indents. They are indented so some entries are
    #   in categories.
    # - Lines starting with # are commentsand so they are ignored.
    # Should LyTreeHelper show the config for this world if the world is loading?
    show-config-on-start: on
    # Should LyTreeHelper use the Permissions plugin?
    use-permissions: on
    # Enables or disables the normal leaves decay in minecraft.
    enable-leaves-decay: on
    # Enables or diables faster decay of leaves.
    enable-faster-decay: off
    # Let you destroy more leave-blocks at once.
    enable-faster-leave-destruction: on
    # Enables or disables the full destruction of trees.
    enable-full-tree-destruction: on
    # Enables or disables the full destruction of the tree wood.
    enable-full-wood-destruction: on
    # Leaveblocks drops their items only if the player harvests the tree from top to bottom
    # That means, the block above the harvested block must be air
    enable-only-top-down-drops: off
    # WARNING! Setting this option to on will enable a maximum tree size of 6000 instead of 1800.
    # WARNING! If your craftbukkit setup isn't running with enough RAM for this option, it will
    # WARNING! cuase many errors and force an server restart!
    # WARNING! This option is only for experienced users!
    enable-high-stack-size: on
    # Sets the maximum tree size. can be an integer from 0 to 1800.
    max-tree-size: 2000
    # The max. radius which can a tree have. This makes it possible to chop single trees in forests.
    # Set the max. tree radius to 0 to enable an endless radius.
    # This setting can be an integer from 0 to 50.
    max-tree-radius: 6
    # NOTE: The following 2 settings are not working at the moment!
    # This option works only if both "enable-full-tree-destruction" and "enable-full-wood-destruction" are set to on/true.
    # If you destroy a tree, one creature in this list will spawn at the location of the destroyed tree.
    # Possible items for the list are:
    # Example list: creatures-to-spawn-in-trees: [PIG,COW,SPIDER]
    # If you want to change the chance of spawning a creature, use the "creature-spawn-chance" option below.
    # "creature-spawn-chance" must be a double from 0.0 to 100.0
    creatures-to-spawn-in-trees: []
    creature-spawn-chance: 50.0
    # Lists below this comment may match this example:
    # full-destruction-tools: [283,284,285,286]
    # An empty list means, that all tools can be used.
    # Tools which can be used for full destruction of trees.
    full-destruction-tools: []
    # Tools which can be used to harvest leave-blocks and apples.
    harvest-tools: []
    # The following options can be a decimal number from 0.0 to 100.0
    # Use this settings to modify the drop chance of apples, golden apples, leave blocks and saplings.
    apple-drop-chance: 0.02
    golden-apple-drop-chance: 0.005
    leaves-block-drop-chance: 5.0
    sapling-drop-chance: 8.0
    # Custom Drops
    # Custom drops must match the following mask
    #     "itemId": dropChance
    # itemId is the id of the item which should be dropped.
    # dropChance can be a decimal number from 0.0 to 100.0
    # Example:
    # custom-drops:
    #     "2": 10.0
    #     "3": 38.2
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    please update for 1.5_2 so t complyes with the diffrent type of saplings
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    Don't use a plus sign in the version tag. If you really need to use more versions, use [X-Y] or [X,Y].
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    Would you kindly update to support the new saplings? I realise I can allow dropping the new data values, but that's cheating ;)
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    I'm really busy in reallife this time... and I have really no time to develop and read through the forum :(... I have to stop the development of lytreehelper for some time... Sorry guys...

    If someone would help me in this time (developing, releasing, ...), so please mail me :) games[at]
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    Why not open source it?
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    I second this request.
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    I third this request.
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    Is there a way to make it that if you chopped the tree down from the bottom, only 25% of logs would drop (perhaps item-dependant too if possible)? I want the flying trees to be gone, but if it drops all the logs as it is now, it would cause problems with the economy on my server.
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    I fourth this request.
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    I fifth this request.
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    considered inactive
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    I sixth this request.
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    Clever Trevor

    Thanks for posting the repo!
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    Added support for different types of saplings. Each treetype now drops the correct sapling.

    Done on behalf of the generous woodzy.


    Compiled version:
    (only changed the affected class)

    Attached Files:

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    Hey Everyone,
    I have been helping DarkLiKally with the programming for LyTreeHelper. So far I have added custom drops with meta data (I had red wool falling all over the place on my test server) and the Tree Sapling drop fix from diddiZ. So for those of you who want to try the latest version before the thread gets updated, here's version 2.2RC3 that I compiled:
    Download LyTreeHelper.jar v2.2RC3
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    Thank you for your help!
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    It looks like the link you provided is for downloading the source rather than the jar and config files. Could you post a link to those too please? Thanks.
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    Hi DontMakeWaves,
    I just checked and it is the right download. (I actually used that download link to update my server). Sometimes Internet Explorer takes the initiative and renames the .jar to .zip and open it for you (there should have been a whole bunch of .class files in it). What I would do is save the file, not open it, or use firefox or chrome to download it.
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    not to be meen but its working 100% with diddz fix i know my server LOVES this plugin SOOO MUCH and couldnt wait any longer we payed him to get it done :D tested it hard and worked out all the bug we could find, money talks it really does. a plug we want not updated? we have a devepler well pay him, to get it done. we have a lot of Premiums and thay do donate monthly so we have err "extra cash on hand". but yea man it works 100% as far as we can tell no consol errors eather *winks*
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    Yay! Is this going to automatically detect the tree type to drop the appropriate saplings?
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    Fix fix does it alredy :D
    And it looks like DarkLiKally is going to merge it.
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    Yes, it's included already.
    Today I will try to finish the drops over time and the spawn mob in tree features... and then release v2.5
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    Do you think you could possibly incorporate being able to have custom drops for each type of tree?
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    DLK, if you're looking for ideas :), just had a thought, since you're recursively going through trees, you could include the snow on top and have it drop snowballs maybe. Brings up another thought though, are snow on top of trees considered in the felling logic? I could probably look for myself once you release 2.5.
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    Thank you for your suggestions, I will see what I can do in this things, but not for 2.5. I will release v2.5 today or tomorrow.


    If you wish, you can run your server with a development build with all new features/bugfixes which I will push after the release of 2.5,
    How to build:
    All dependencies are included in the github repo., the only thing you have to do is to build LyTreeHelper with the Ant build script ( build.xml )

    If you have some fixes or want to help, send a push request on github :) Then I will merge your requests with references to you into the code.

    LyTreeHelper 2.5 works with
    • CraftBukkit #740 - #779 and maybe later,
    • (optional) Permissions 2.7.3+ and
    • (optional) iConomy 5.0+
    LyTreeHelper v2.5 will be released it in the next 48 hours!

    LyTreeHelper developers: Tux2 and myself (DarkLikally)

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