[MECH/EDIT] Creativity 1.1.0- - Creative building, Inv. clear, time settings + more [1.4.7]

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    Creativity v1.1.0 for 1.4.7 out now - Download @ BukkitDev
    Added plugin to BukkitDev (dev.bukkit.org)

    >> Creativity @ BukkitDev
    Version: v1.1.0
    all downloads @ BukkitDev

    This plugin was made for even having a creative mode in minecraft, but with Minecraft beta 1.8 i made some major changes and added support for the built in Creative Gamemode. The plugin now helps you to manage creative and non-creative (survival) worlds and has some useful features. You can protect different blocks, disable placing and destroying of bedrock and protect the bottom layer of the map, so players can´t fall into the void. Also the plugin features different inventories for creative / survival worlds, inventory clear and has an optional time plugin. Nearly every feature can also be turned off.

    Latest additions have been item blacklist, for items users/players can´t place and the ability to turn on ranged building, so players can build and destroy over large distance.

    • Item blacklist for Items that can not be placed
    • Ranged (far distance) building / destroying
    • localisation / language support (available: english, german, french)
    • 3 different game modes
      • survival
      • minecraft creative
      • creativity creative (coded this before minecraft 1.8 and i still prefer it)
    • auto gamemode change on world change
    • no player damage(creativity creative)
    • no hunger (creativity creative)
    • different drop types
      • no drops
      • inventory drops
      • standard drops (only creativity !)
    • instantmine
    • Different protections (all configurable)
      • Bedrock protection (Bedrock can´t be placed or destroyed)
      • Bottom layer protection (Layer zero can´t be destroyed, even if its sponge or dirt)
      • Block protection (you can´t destroy levers, doors, signs and whatever you want !)
    • disable fire spread
    • disable explosions
    • Time plugin for only day / only night
    • easy to use inventory clear
    • Multiworld support (works best with Multiverse 2.0 !)
    • different Inventories for creative and survival worlds
    • Permissions support
    • config files
      • config.yml - general settings
      • CWorld.yml - define in which worlds creative is enabled
      • protlist.yml - define protected blocks
      • playersettings.yml - player related data is stored here you should not edit this file !

    How to use / Installation

    Available commands

    Bugs / Issues:
    • There may be issues with all MultiWorld managers except MultiVerse 2.0 !
    • Day plugin may not load properly with WormholeXtreme (works fine with MultiVerse 2.0)
    • Bypasses WorldGuard !
    • Found a bug ?
      Pls report it @ BukkitDev

    Creativity v1.1.0 for 1.4.7 Download @ BukkitDev

    currently only english available (will do german soon)


    Version 1.1.0
    • Armor not affected from inventory changing (creative <-> survival), now you have an own set of armor for each gamemode
    • slightly adjusted the configuration for the Time plugin
    Version 1.0.0
    • made plugin compatible witz CB 1.4.7

    older changelog (open)

    Version 0.8.0
    • integrated new config system from latest craftbukkit release (#1317)
    • fixed some ranged building bugs
    Version 0.7.0
    • added ranged building
      • new permission creativity.ranged
      • new command /rangedbuilding (aliases: /crb /rb)
      • lets you destroy and place blocks over large distance
    • added new file blacklist.yml
      • Blocks added in this file can not be placed by users
        • by default TNT and Lava are blacklisted
      • Blocks can be removed from inventory when trying to place them
      • new permission creativity.noblacklist (disables blacklist)
      • new options in config.yml
        • Blacklist enabled - turns blacklist on if true (default)
        • Remove blacklisted Items - removes blacklisted items on place if true (default)
      • OPs don´t have a blacklist
    • removed gamemode messages when joining the server
    • hopefully completely fixed the auto gamemode change on worldchange / reconnect
    • changed auto gamemode change
      • removed player teleport event
      • added player changed world event
    • Permission System completely changed to PermissionsBukkit
      • all commands default to op
      • removed the permission system detection on start
    • fixed some MultiVerse related bugs
    Version 0.6.2
    • fixed setting wrong mode on player reconnect
    Version 0.6.1

    • made plugin compatible with Recommended Build #1240
    Version 0.6.0

    • added localisation
      • available: english, german, french
      • you need to download the localisation files
    • added no player drops, so players can not drop items from inventory (can be disabled)
    • explosions are now disabled (can be enabled)
    • fixed the reload issue with MultiVerse
    • recommended Multiworld plugin is MultiVerse !
    Version 0.5.3
    • fixed a bug when switching from minecraft creative to creativity creativeadded no damage in Creativity creative modeVersion 0.5.2
    • fixed no spread not properly working
    • fixed no spread applying to all worlds
    • fixed not setting normal game mode on teleport if using creativity creative
      • was only affecting admins
    • fixed hunger not being disabled for admins or players with creativity.all/creativity.allworlds permission
    • fixed an inventory issue
    Version 0.5.1

    • fixed Auto Gamemode change not working, if different inventories was disabled
    • changed CWorld.yml handling (all worlds will be automatically added)
    Version 0.5

    • implemented Minecraft Creative Gamemode (now is default, but can be changed in config (config.yml >> "Default Creative mode (minecraft or creativity):")
      • implemented Block protection
      • implemented inventory drops
      • no normal drops !
    • new command /setmode (player) <mode>
      • Player is optional
      • modes: normal (which is survival), minecraft (for minecraft creative), creativity (for the creativity creative mode)
    • Different inventories for Creative / Non-Creative Worlds (config.yml >> "Different inventories for creative worlds")
    • New File playersettings.yml - player settings and inventories will be stored here, pls do not edit this file !
    • disabled hunger in creative worlds (only if creativity creative mode is used)
    • Block amount is now "frozen" instead of setting it to 9
    • fire spread is disabled (can be changed in config.yml)
    • bottom layer of the map can´t be destroyed (can be changed in config.yml)
    • GameMode is changed depending on Worlds setting (can be changed in config.yml)
    • you can now define a default for the block protection in config.yml
    • OPs or players with permission creativity.all or creativity.allworlds can now use creativity in all worlds !
    Version 0.4

    • Extended Permissions, new nodes:
      • => creativity.all - grants full access
      • => creativity.create - grants access to /create, /drops, /idrops, /prot
      • => creativity.clear - grants access to /clearinv
      • => creativity.time - grants access to /timeset, /timeplugin [new commands]
      • => added error messages if someone does not have permission
    • added 2 new commands:
      • => /timeplugin - Time plugin enable / disable
      • => /timeset <day|night|normal> - sets the Time preset for your current World
    • changes to config files:
      • => change from *.txt to *.yml
      • => blacklist.txt changed to protlist.yml
      • => CWorld.txt changed to CWorld.yml
      • => "Day plugin" renamed to "Time plugin" in config.yml
      • ==> you will have to rewrite your CWorld.yml and protlist.yml, sorry for that
      • ==> you will have to reenable Time plugin (can be done via ingame cmd)
    • rewrote the /create help and /create alias commands
    • changed some messages
    • fixed a bug within the time plugin
    Version 0.3

    • changed default settings in config.yml (should not affect current users)
    • Added optional Inventory Clear
      • You can clear all, the main window or your bar
      • plugin has to be enabled in config.yml (Clearinventory: true)
    • Added optional Always Day / Night (may cause lag !)
      • can be enabled in config.yml (Day plugin: true)
      • edit settings for worlds in config.yml
        • available Settings: day, night, normal
        • by default all worlds are normal
      • works fine with MultiVerse 2.0
      • u may need to reload Server after startup with WormholeXtreme
      • not tested with other Multiworld plugins (if u need support, tell me the plugin and i will try figure it out)
    • some minor code changes
    Version 0.2:

    • General Config file config.yml
      • => Set if worlds listed in CWorld.txt are enabled or disabled
      • => Disable Bedrock protection
    • Config file for Block Protection (blacklist.txt)
    Version 0.1:

    • Initial release
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    Great! Just what I was looking for. I have just installed it in combination with Multiverse-core and Privileges, looking good. :)

    I think I have one issue though, it appears that the armor did not get cleared when moving from a creative world to survival world.
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    i will look into that
    usually it should be cleared

    Edit: ok, issue exists for me, too -> Ticket @ BukkitDev created
    i will start working on it as soon as i can - fix should be ready tomorrow (have to go to work this evening)

    Edit2: armor saving works - now just code for loading ;)

    Creativity 1.1.0 is out
    Download @ BukkitDev


    • Armor not affected from inventory changing (creative <-> survival), now you have an own set of armor for each gamemode
    • slightly adjusted the configuration for the Time plugin

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    Great to see you back snikkers, if you ever need a beta tester ill be here

    -Download :)
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    i am currently developing v2
    it will be a complete re-write of the plugin with a lot of code improvements

    by the end of this month i will need a beta tester :)
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    I'll be happy to help! :)
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    Hi there. This mod seems to be exactly what I've been looking for. But since I'm a minecraft/bukkit virgin I have some problems with running it:
    When I launch a server with this plugin installed and enter a game, it seems that the survival mode is always activated. I'm unable to fly and have no inventory but health and food bars.
    I guess it's an issue with the config.yml, but I've no idea what I'd to change to make it running.
    CWorld-yml enables worlds: true
    Bedrock protected: true
    Default Creative mode (minecraft or creativity): minecraft
    Different inventories for creative worlds: false
    Auto switch to creative: true
    Disable fire spread: true
    Bottom Layer protected: true
    Clearinventory: false
    Block protection default for players: true
    Players can´t drop items from inventory: true
    Disable explosions: true
    Blacklist enabled: true
    Remove blacklisted Items: true
    Language: en_GB
    Any ideas?

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