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    Dungeon Crawl - The dungeon generating plugin.
    Version: 0.5

    Known issue: if you create a dungeon too close to the void or the height limit strange things will happen, not limited to but including huge pillars of solid cobblestone/mossy cobblestone appearing. There is no undo button because this is your fault, not mine. You have been warned. The safest area to create a dungeon is between y=70 and y=95.

    There is a niche for plugins that let you make your own dungeons, set the monster spawns, curate your little combat zone so your players can have some hack and slash for a while.
    Dungeon Crawl is not your baby sister's dungeon plugin.
    You will cower in fear. You will cry. Zombies will appear out of nowhere. Dungeon Crawl randomly generates a linear dungeon- there are 3 different life-threatening rooms as of now, with more fun to come later- and you don't know how it works. There is no cheat, unless you want to be a cheater. I will not add warping. I will not add a party system. I will not add anything to make this more user friendly. Suck it up and go adventuring like a real man (or woman).
    It's so simple to use Dungeon Crawl, even a pig zombie could do it. Stand somewhere, face the direction you want the dungeon to be created in, and type /crawl.
    You need a permissions node to do that, or you must be an OP. The node is 'dungeon.crawl'
    If you create a dungeon over a structure that you considered important and you want it back, tough luck. Dungeons take up quite a bit of space so I suggest you don't do it in the middle of Gotham City.

    Dungeon Crawl has no listeners. It doesn't care if you interact, break blocks, or smelt items. There is one command. Nothing else. There won't be anything else.
    The dungeons will get harder as I continue to develop. If you have a request that isn't for a dungeon module, I won't listen.

    I coded this in about 5 hours and haven't had a chance to bugtest completely. If you find something wrong, be specific- provide a log if you can. I'll fix it.
    Have you tried this plugin and found the dungeons too easy? Give me suggestions on how to make them more torturous.

    • One command and none of the fluff. Your server will only notice this plugin when a dungeon is being created.
    • Linear dungeon with plenty of monsters and no ambient lighting. Bring your own torches and levers (for the doors).
    • More dungeon modules being added often- check again soon for mazes and branching paths.
    • Real rewards for a real dungeon experience- none of that iron ingot and saddles crap. Gold. Diamond. Multiple diamonds. Anyone who rolls with me is a high roller.
    • Permissions support.

    Version 0.5
    • Release
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    Hmm... As hardcore as you seem, if you allow user's to spam torches and what not, the next bunch of user's that come in won't get monsters, since previous user's placed enough torches to make the monster spawner's stop spawning.

    ... as for placing blocks as presented in your video, it defeats the purpose of the jump quest.

    Just thought I'd share some thoughts.
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    @BioRage the next bunch of users also won't have any reward at the end unless you fix it. What I do is I just create a new one at the place of the other one. I plan to do this once a day and it looks like it will work fine.
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    DUDE!!! YES!!!!! you have no clue how long i've wanted to have a something to make a decent dungeon!!!! Thank you so much!!! :)
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    First. Wow. Awesome. Second, I had an idea- I've noticed that the dungeons are generated in sections- one part lava, one part maze, one part monster spawner. How about a section that is generated, that uses pistons, a 5-clock, an AND gate, a XNOR latch, and pressure plates? The player would step on the panel, and the latch would trigger. Then that would make the AND gate true for the clock as well as start the clock. The pistons would cycle, in a sequence, using repeaters. Blocks would push the player, crushing them. They'd have to figure out the randomly generated intervals and time their movements through. Upon stepping on the pressure plate on the other end, the system would halt. Obviously, not your standard dungeon running, but it'd be a cool addition imo. That said, though, this plugin is AWESOME! Seriously. Keep it up.
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    you should make a creeper spawing module...
    and i would really suggest you make an undo command. also have a bridge with lava at the bottom, and zombies spawning at the top so there's a chance on falls in the bridge
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    after clear dungeon, what should I do with the dungeon? recycle it?
    remove and resotre all of torches, levers, blocks manually?
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    that i want too to know
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    @BioRage I know.
    @Ares513 Complicated, maybe later.
    @jobud9 Undo maybe, creepers possible, lava bridge area possible but may be a little hassle.
    @alfskan Up to you. Maybe if/when I add an undo you can wipe the area and plop down a new one.
    In the future the dungeons won't be as linear- there will be turns and stuff, and it'll be a bit more difficult.
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    I have to be a sweeper a while :'(

    But worth it.

    your plugin is awesome :p

    please don't make me wait too long. :oops:
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    this looks fantastic im a lil iffy bout adding it yet though due to the result after one is compleate ima add my vote for an "undo" command or better yet "reset" to put the dungeon back to its origional state, loot an all :D
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    A simple idea- when the dungeon is generated, make towers of brick appear at the farthest possible corners, so players can easily protect dungeons. That way, you don't have to interface with WorldGuard, players can easily mark out their dungeon and get rid of the brick- brick isn't commonly used and can be likely removed with a simple /removenear command. Just a thought-

    Also, I realize that my previous idea is exceedingly complicated, I should've said- what if you used a schematic file, like a MCEdit file, a completed system, and include that with the plugin- then the plugin could paste the schematic. Just an idea, I LOVE THIS PLUGIN. IT IS AWESOME :D
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    Dude - this is great! Really like it!
  14. Just wondering, does this actually generate, or is this an pre-made layout that just builds together?
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    Generates a random set of premade rooms.
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    I have some suggestions, though :

    - Could you make leveled dungeons ? like for example level 1 dungeon would be short with few rewards and level 5 long, tortuous, horribly difficult and with a lot of rewards ? The op could choose with the /crawl [level] function, and without any specifications the level would be random.
    - A no return door : Once you pass the entrance, you can only get out if you get through all the rooms till the end or just die ( there would be an other 1-way door at the end for the exit ). That way, the player would have to really prepare himself for it, not choose at the middle of the dungeon 'hey I'll go back to my home get those cakes that I made'.
    - Along with the 1-way door, add a dungeon cleaner that would restore back rooms, chest contents, etc. That would make more sense, I think. Walking through the exit would trigger the cleaning process.
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    I'm not working on this plugin at the moment- I wouldn't call it inactive, but I'm taking a break from developing, as far as adding new features for a while. All of my plugins are in bugfix only mode. When I have more time I'll update this a bit.
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    @marinating: I would like to make some personal simple changes to this myself for my specific server. I was wondering where in all of ur classes and coding did you put the chest spawn for the end and the item spawn for inside those chests? I would like to change it to only one chest and less loot so that my Conomy market doesn't get flooded like mad bc I plan on having about 5 of these dungeons going at any given time to add to the fun of the server. So i don't want them getting uber non stop free loot.
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    Yeah it's all at the end. Do you want the source code?
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    Sure if your offering it up.
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    IDEA: Add a room of pistons smashing together for danger
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    This is amazing I'm going to use this on a new server when players want to give the dungeon a try. I can't wait to test this thing out. seems like one of the coolest plugins I've heard of ^_^
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    phil cooper

    Yeah, Sorry if we were mean about it. We just threw in the plugin and went.
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    Its very fantastic this plugin , it will te best if you put one option to delete the dungeon when a player take the treasures or respawn the treasures in 5 minuts
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    @phil cooper Awesome :D Yeah I know about all those drawbacks- the doors are iron to make you work for your items, and the torches could be done but 1. it takes away the terror of dashing around placing torches and 2. this plugin is mostly inactive except bug fixes. I may curate it a bit when Demigods is finished, and I would absolutely love it of you could review that.

    @ogr93 Also, maybe in the future (when I finish Demigods).
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    This is awesome, I went through lotsa AdventureCraft and playing with Dungeon/Quest building plugins, but this ended up being the experience I really wanted :D Actually I plan to do more DungeonBuilder just to make something shiny for myself, but this is a really excellent way to add lotsa content with little work.
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    Never mind
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    For me it appears "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command" and then i reach a room full of obsidian with nothing in it.
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    This plugin is outdated now, sorry.

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