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    Dungeon Crawl - The dungeon generating plugin.
    Version: 0.5

    Known issue: if you create a dungeon too close to the void or the height limit strange things will happen, not limited to but including huge pillars of solid cobblestone/mossy cobblestone appearing. There is no undo button because this is your fault, not mine. You have been warned. The safest area to create a dungeon is between y=70 and y=95.

    There is a niche for plugins that let you make your own dungeons, set the monster spawns, curate your little combat zone so your players can have some hack and slash for a while.
    Dungeon Crawl is not your baby sister's dungeon plugin.
    You will cower in fear. You will cry. Zombies will appear out of nowhere. Dungeon Crawl randomly generates a linear dungeon- there are 3 different life-threatening rooms as of now, with more fun to come later- and you don't know how it works. There is no cheat, unless you want to be a cheater. I will not add warping. I will not add a party system. I will not add anything to make this more user friendly. Suck it up and go adventuring like a real man (or woman).
    It's so simple to use Dungeon Crawl, even a pig zombie could do it. Stand somewhere, face the direction you want the dungeon to be created in, and type /crawl.
    You need a permissions node to do that, or you must be an OP. The node is 'dungeon.crawl'
    If you create a dungeon over a structure that you considered important and you want it back, tough luck. Dungeons take up quite a bit of space so I suggest you don't do it in the middle of Gotham City.

    Dungeon Crawl has no listeners. It doesn't care if you interact, break blocks, or smelt items. There is one command. Nothing else. There won't be anything else.
    The dungeons will get harder as I continue to develop. If you have a request that isn't for a dungeon module, I won't listen.

    I coded this in about 5 hours and haven't had a chance to bugtest completely. If you find something wrong, be specific- provide a log if you can. I'll fix it.
    Have you tried this plugin and found the dungeons too easy? Give me suggestions on how to make them more torturous.

    • One command and none of the fluff. Your server will only notice this plugin when a dungeon is being created.
    • Linear dungeon with plenty of monsters and no ambient lighting. Bring your own torches and levers (for the doors).
    • More dungeon modules being added often- check again soon for mazes and branching paths.
    • Real rewards for a real dungeon experience- none of that iron ingot and saddles crap. Gold. Diamond. Multiple diamonds. Anyone who rolls with me is a high roller.
    • Permissions support.

    Version 0.5
    • Release
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    sounds awesome. i am going to test it right now...
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    great job so far... keep up the good work.
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    Hey man, just some quick feedback!

    I made a few dungeons, and if you rush right in, theres nothing in them. I had little more than a few skeletons/ zombies in each. Maybe the dungeon should spawn random monster spawners inside as well. I'm not sure how hard the coding is, but perhaps chests could spawn with random loot that could be defined in a config? Either way, this is a great start to an amazing plugin. Been wanting something like this for ages. Good work!
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    i also just did a quick test and got tons of monsters in each room (i think the last room had three spawners in it) and a room full of chests with gold/diamond gear, food etc.

    have you seen mcdungeon? its awesome and i highly recommend checking it out as well...

    overall i think its going to be cool as hell if you can get more room types/traps and more complex layouts happening. cant wait to see it evolve...
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    I love this!

    This is the greates Plugin ever!

    Real good Dungeon feeling .. ;)

    You could make the dungeon harder with dispenser .. and labyrinths, and and and .. i love this so much!
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    Haven't tried this yet, but it reminds me of the dungeons in Terraria. I'll be giving it a go when I get home.
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    Going to fix the lava room glitch today, and hopefully add mazes and branching paths tomorrow.
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    Make the doors from pistons so fools won't have the temptation to use redstone torches to escape (evilness)
    Might be a bit too complicated though... I'll try this out real soon!
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    Piston/dispenser related traps will be coming later since I don't really know how to use redstone myself, and I don't want to have any code in this plugin that runs after the dungeon is created (so there won't be any player detection or extra commands).

    Added a corridor (not really a maze) and fixed the lava room.

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    a redo Command would be good :)
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    Really nice plugin and the entire post made me laugh.
    It's time to be a high roller.
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    Hooray, I can now plop down the spawning point in a dungeon to test if their combat ready :p.
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    Seem to be having issues with Download Link, just me?
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    It's fine for me.
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    Hi, I'm going to try this now on my server.
    The video doesn't look very dangerous and hard, I'd suggest adding more spawners and rooms on top of each other with holes in the ceilings so you, or a mob, can fall down through them (like Battle Towers) so it's even harder.
    Might be too easy for my server members, I treat them with giant mossy castles under overhangs with creeper spawners in them, so they're used to hard stuff, but this plugin has much potential. Nice job.
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    You are a very very honest plugin developer...I love the honesty.

    Im going to give this a try.
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    THE BEST PLUGIN EVER!!!!! (if: )
    Could you make a config and the option to protect from building/destroying in/the Dungeon?
    People just find the entrance and dig their way to the finish (through the roof) in my server (they are assholes) so...:
    that option would be great, and ops could just modify the dungeon to being possible without building

    Default to only op's can edit in dungeons plz


    This plugin works great with TorchLight

    If OPs add some Obsidian in lava room, TorchLightplugin and pressureplates by doors Dungeons become possible without building
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    I might hook into worldguard or another existing plugin because adding protections is a pain in the ass.
    Thanks for the support though.
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    Why do we need to bring our own levers? Shouldn't they be generated?

    I like the plugin, but it gets annoying to have to use levers all the time for the doors.
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    Bring your levers because 1) it takes a lot of code to put that lever in the right place 2) some people might want pressure pads or buttons or whatever.
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    "I might hook into worldguard or another existing plugin because adding protections is a pain in the ass.
    Thanks for the support though."
    Ok, I could just download another plugin that protects without disableing PvP and monsters (I am using factions SafeZone).
    But let me know if you are going to implement Protection.

    Still the best Plugin on Bukkit!! :D
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    Hooking into Worldguard would rock. Thanks for the effort that you've put into this.
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    Yeah, I missed the part when it was made to be a base to create dungeons. Fair enough.
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    Are you going to work on protection?
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    Yes. Not now. Later. But yes.
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    ok Great!
    Thank you so much!
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    I just set up a brand new server and decided to try this out as it sounds really cool. Upon generating my dungeon I began to explore it to get an estimate of how big it is. In one part it went underwater and to my dismay I found this:
    One of the rooms has a missing roof or it generated really wierdly.

    I also really think you should add an undo command. In cases such as this it's a pain to remove. I did use worldedit and manage to regenerate that portion of the map, but in the future I'd rather not have to.

    EDIT: Sorry the pic is a little hard to see due to lighting
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    Undo is maybe. I may have figured out how to do it simply, so it's worth a shot.
    And you're right, I have no idea what's going on in the picture.
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    Thanks for the quick response. I'm really impressed with this plugin. I just watched one of my players get brutally murdered. I just checked the height of where I was when I rejoined(autokicked for standing on top of something while regenerating the dungeon) and there's a chance it was over 90.

    The coordinates it was created at are 184, 92, 61. (x, y, z,)

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