Inactive [MECH] DropIce v1.13 - Ice drops IceBlock with GoldenPickaxe [1.3.2 R3.0]

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    Logo made by: Derpzord

    DropIce - Ice drops IceBlock with GoldenPickaxe:
    Version: v1.13 for CraftBukkit 1.3.2-R3.0

    Drops Ice when you break it with a goldenpickaxe.
    Click here to go to the DEV Page!

    • Drops IceBlock when you break it.
    • Nice effect when you break!
    • Get a message when you break an ice block.
    Commands And Permissions:
    • /dropice - Displays Dropice info.
      Alias: /di
    • /dropice reload - Reloads DropIce config.
      Permission: dropice.reloadAlias: /di reload
    • Permission to use the DropIce Plugin.
      Permission: dropice.use
    • All permission.
      Permission: dropice.*
    More info on dev-page.
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    Simple enough, approved
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    Nice, searched for something simple like this.
    Maybe an option to change the message or deactivate the message?
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    Sorry for the late reaction (i didn't get the alert :/?) anyway.
    I will add this in the next version! =D!
    Thank you :p
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    LuQn Added your options! =D! Have fun :p!
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    Version 1.11:
    • I forgot to add the use permissions. So in this version only that permission! :p (dropice.use)
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    Version 1.12:
    • Custom item drop. (Make new config file!)
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    Version 1.13:
    • Automatic update support.
    • Updated to CB 1.3.2-R3.0

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