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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by asdaarg, May 1, 2011.

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    As you all know or should know, new blocks, custom items and receipts cannot be done modding the server alone, but neither can it be done alone on the client if you want to use them in SMP.

    While there are other server mods that support them Bukkit doesn't yet, so I made some experiments with MCP and Bukkit and after some work I managed to create a new block and shorly after a reciept as well as item that all worked. So now I'm about to create a little plugin that lets other do this as well using an API based on MCP's naming conventions since Bukkit is pretty much "a" "b" "c" and this also makes it easier for MCP programmers to add bukkit support to their plugins.

    Here is some example code of API usage:
    CustomMaterial x=addMaterial().setBurnable();
    addBlock(99, x).setResistance(5F).setHardness(1.5F);
    Item ix=new CustomItem(400).setMaxStackSize(64);
    addCraftReciept(99,1,new Object[]{"##", "##",'#',3});  //4 dirt blocks makes my custom block with id 99
    addCraftReciept(345,1,new Object[]{"#", "#",'#',3});   //2 dirt blocks makes Item with id 345 (compass)
    addCraftReciept(ix,1,new Object[]{"#", '#',3});   //1 dirt block makes my custom item
    addFurnaceReciept(4,3);  //smelting dirt into cobble
    addFurnaceReciept(4,3,2);  //smelting dirt into 2 cobble
    addFurnaceReciept(267,3,1,3);  //smelting dirt into damaged sword
    For those who don't want to mess around with the API but simply put in blocks and items that don't do anything advanced, I intend to have a simple text file that you can put in your reciepts and block properties etc.
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    This is Awesome =D
    But there was someone else working on something like this as well, he made some objects and added them to Bukkit... Sadly I can not find it again.
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    The point with this plugin however is to make it possible for just anyone to do it :)
    I'm at the moment making an example with Kaevator's SuperSlopes. Just got the slopes working now, and now moving on to the corners.
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    I would suggest contacting Pogic and Dyncraft developers, and working with them.
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    Yes, that may be a good idea. I've been looking at them for a quite a while but they've been doing mobs and such and its taking its good time, and I just wanted the blocks, so that's why I ended up doing this. I'm not exactly interested in the part where you have mods downloaded and run on the client, but this could certainly benefit from a common interface.
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    +1 internets :p
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