Inactive [MECH] CrowdControl v0.0.3 - The creature control plugin [1.1R3]

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    CrowdControl - The creature control plugin.
    Version 0.0.3

    New Rewrite is out! Get it at:
    Temp Download Link Below

    Yes it's back, the two plugins MobControl and CrowdControl have been merged now and I present to you on the behalf of the elBukkit team the new and improved CrowdControl! Features are still being added from both of the old plugins but i have decided that enough basic functionality is here to release it to the general public!

    If you're not familiar with JSON i recommend this online editor:





    Full Changelog
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    Looks awesome would this allow pigmen to spawn out of nether?
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    Yes it would, but for now you would have to replace a creature type in the normal world, but in the future there will be natural spawning of every creature in every environment and you have to set up rules manually to control them. :) and i just realized i forgot the command section :p
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    Shall I facepalm for you?
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    Why not :)
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    Shay Williams

    You may want to post download links to the dependencies needed to run this. (Persistence & SQL)
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    Weird, are you sure you needed those to run my plugin. I'm using a built in SQLite library not ebeens from bukkit.
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    Shay Williams

    Mm, when I run it without them, all commands just null. Feel free to join test server.


    I'll OP you / give * permissions.
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    Hey, @WinSock! This is awesome!

    Running it now on ...

    I've only added one rule - replace spiders with giants. So far so good! Looking forward to percentages, and all the other cool features. I love the idea of making it so mobs ignore me but attack everyone else <eg>. Hello, "mob" spell!

    Speaking of spells, I think it's cool that CC works with the "familiar" spell- now, if I "/cast familiar spider", I get a giant XD

    I can't speak for any problems you may be having- but I do know that WinSock re-wrote this sucker from scratch, and it doesn't need/use Persistence anymore :)

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    You could use a development build :) My friend who has a better internet connection is setting up jenkins :)

    Added my Jenkins link to development builds, build #3 is semi-stable for people who want to try customizable spawn rates, and monsters that spawn naturally everywhere.

    Version v0.23 is released with a crap load of new features!

    Edit: v0.23.01

    Edit 2: v0.23.02

    Edit 3: v0.23.03
    Fixed a bad memory management error... I fail lol.

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    How the heck do you use this plugin.. theres no instructions that are actually good..
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    I tried to add better instructions, please comment if they provide any help. And comment with a question on how to do something if you need help.
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    Woah, once again I was tired and not in the mood when typing this comment :O sorry for looking like a douche bag. But when I logged on my world and saw Giants and weird noises I was like WTH. I didn't know how to config the plugin still after reading the post 3 times lOl.
    Yes, thank you there better instructions but shouldn't there just be a config that generates and you can set everything from there! ;O Much easier.
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    I'm working on that, I wanted to get base functionality first :)

    Confirmed CrowdControl is working on build 860

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    So, whenever I try the listPending command, it keeps giving me the player list instead. Anyone else have this problem?

    Also, would it be possible to get a listing of all the default spawn heights and such? While it's truly neat to be able to fux with all the spawns, having oozes on my lawns is... frustrating.

    Additionally, nuke doesn't get recognized either so I can't seem to explodify all the giants now roaming the surface >_>

    Lastly, examples of the set command would be very useful. Namely what the two sets of Passive/Aggressive/Neutral settings mean. I ASSUME it's Day/Night but it would be nice to know for sure. Also, what variables go into the damage and misc damage spot.

    Lastly, what command ensures that squid spawn in water instead of on land?
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    edited the title - moved the version to the right place
    why do people do this? rules say to have it in some order, yet some people just have to have it in another?
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    This plugin looks very promising and is something I'd really like to setup on my personal server but I'm a little fuzzy on the documentation and the given examples and had a few questions.

    In the example code, what does the ID number represent exactly? If its the database id number for the rule, should the number be changed for each new rule? Another question, is "GIANT" actually supposed to be "PIG_ZOMBIE"?

    On the Instructions page, there is an example for adding a rule to make ghasts and pigmen only spawn in the nether with the following rules:

    /crowd add SpawnEnvironmentRule
    /crowd finish [id] world GHAST NETHER
    /crowd add SpawnEnvironmentRule
    /crowd finish [id] world PIG_ZOMBIE NETHER
    I am guessing the above commands create a rule so that pigmen and ghasts will only spawn in the map named "world" if hellworld is turned on. So if my server has multiple worlds, I would need to repeat the rule for each one, right?

    Is there any other documentation besides instructions and commands? Where can I find a list explaining the different arguments and possible values? I'd like to set the mob behavior as close to default as possible before I start tweaking things. Well, either way Thanks!

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    I am having a LOT of trouble getting this to work. Default server installation to test, only got CrowdControl installed. Desired effect: Only zombies spawn in the world, in any level of light. So I've set MaxRule for each monster to 0, and Zombie to 400, and SpawnLightRule for ZOMBIE is set to 0,15 .

    It's giving me "Could not pass event CREATURE_SPAWN" to the console, and stuff is still spawning. Giants, squids, everything. They've all been set to MaxRule 0.

    EDIT realised that SpawnLightRule should actually have been 15,0 - I have changed it and am experiencing the same problems.

    This is on Bukkit 818 and 860

    More info:

    2011-06-12 20:12:58 [SEVERE] Could not pass event CREATURE_SPAWN to CrowdControl
        at com.elBukkit.bukkit.plugins.crowd.rules.MaxRule.check(
        at com.elBukkit.bukkit.plugins.crowd.RuleHandler.passesRules(
        at com.elBukkit.bukkit.plugins.crowd.CrowdEntityListener.onCreatureSpawn(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callCreatureSpawnEvent(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.addEntity(
        at net.minecraft.server.SpawnerCreature.spawnEntities(SourceFile:155)
        at net.minecraft.server.World.doTick(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
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    File is missing, between lines 102 and 103, the statement "return CreatureType.ZOMBIE;"
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    Thanks for catching that :)

    The [id] is returned after calling /crowd add [RuleClass], Yes for now you have to add each rule for every world. And i'm working on more documentation as I speak :)

    I'm soo sorry, i should of read the Submission guidelines more closely...
    I will look into the listPending command code right now, I have no clue on the default spawn heights sorry. I have been having troubles with the nuke command with the CreatureType as a param for now nust do /crowd [world] all to kill every mob. And yes First is day And second is night. I'm working on better documentation right now :)

    Here you go this development build should work :) Control/22/com.elmakers.mine.bukkit.plugins.crowd$CrowdControl/

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    WinSock: I don't have time to test it right now, but I also noted that the monster allows the spawn of "MONSTER" monsters - i.e. the minecraft skinned dudes. There's no line for him either, perhaps that's something else to add if Zombie was missing?

    Will get back to you tomorrow with if it works or not. If I'm right about Monster then it won't :p
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    Ohhhh.... yea your right :p

    Release 0.24 :)

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    Is there a way to edit what item or items each creature drops when they are killed?
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    Hrm, good idea :) I have to think of a good way to add it but i think this should be added by 0.25
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    Hey WinSock, thanks for the help yesterday. I've got it running on my server machine now (2GHZ dual core, 2GB RAM) and there's a lot of lag. Added MaxRule for every mob to 0 except zombies for 500. (which is fairly low imo).

    Like I said, a lot of lag - server constantly spamming "[Warning] Can't keep up!"

    Is this a known issue? There's a large delay in executing a command and then having it apply, breaking blocks has about a second delay etc.

    Anything you can do to help will be great. If you want to see the problems in action I can provide you access to the server to check it out.
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    Hrm, i thought i solved all performance issues. I used to have this problem but i thought i fixed them. You're running 0.24 right? And how long has the server been up?
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    0.24 is correct with bukkit 860 and WorldEdit/WorldGuard (just so I can /butcher, to test).

    Seems to lag a long time. Server was up for 10 minutes and spawned all 500 requested zombies, but was still lagging.

    Lag goes away if I turn off 'Animal Spawning' in, but then it appears that the plugin doesn't work at all (only 70 mobs ever spawn and only underground)

    I can give you full access to the server for you to troubleshoot if you request. It's a PC I don't use often. Or you can just connect to it (I can send you IP in PM).
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    I see the error but i'm confused why its happening. If your familiar with java the Creature isn't getting added to my Map that tracks all of the monsters thus allowing almost infinite monsters to spawn creating huge lag.

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