[MECH] CraftBook - Redstone bridges, gates, minecarts, ICs, more [BukkitDev]

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    CraftBook adds a number of original gameplay elements to Minecraft from switchable bridges to elevators to gates (including flood gates)! It also has redstone support, allowing you to wire up pumpkins and use integrated circuits!

    Some cool stuff people made last year:

    • Mechanisms
      • Bridges
      • Doors *not yet ported*
      • Gates
      • Elevators
      • Cauldrons
      • Light switches
      • Readable bookshelves
      • Toggle areas (advanced toggle doors and bridges)
      • Hidden switches
      • Custom block drops
      • Apple tree drops
      • Bookshelf drops
      • MORE!
    • Redstone
      • Integrated circuits
      • Programmable logic chips
      • Redstone pumpkins
      • Redstone netherstone
      • Ammeter
      • MORE!
    • Minecart features
      • Booster blocks
      • Brake blocks
      • Reverse blocks
      • Ejector blocks
      • Chest-storage minecart transfer blocks
      • Station blocks
      • Sort blocks
      • Message announcer block
      • Minecart dispensers
      • Change minecart behavior
      • MORE!

    CraftBook is being developed again, although by someone else. Get the latest downloads here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/craftbook/

    [​IMG] (CraftBook is open source!)
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    its possible to use craftbook with minecart mania plugin ?
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    Yes just don't put the CraftbookVehicles.jar in your plugins folder.
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    im soooo tempted to put together a mass quote post of all the people asking about MM working with craftbook or the missing config file... i just don't wanna fill an entire page with 1 post...
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    Is it normal that I don't have a craftbook.properties in my server files ?
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    Yes, no craftbook.properties for the moment.
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    Ok thanks ^^
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    will redstone wifi and mobspawners (signs) be in craftbook? i hope so, because i really would like to remake my Colosseum again :D
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    They already exist :) Except the self-triggered MC0111(Wireless Receiver)
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    Is it possible to implement hidden pressure plates? a sign beneath a block, which gives off a high when enteties are on top of said block.
    I don't know if this is possible, but could you look into this? it would be really helpful in making traps for example.
    the current pressure plates are way too obvious
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    AJ Bandyk

    building a pyramid with a maze of sorts and prizes at the end of tunnels after completing some tasks and one of the obstacles I wanted was a gate with a hidden switch. is there a reason I can't use a gate where I am? even when the sign is on the same group of blocks holding the gate, it doesn't activate. I tried some stuff but nothing seems to work. any help is appreciated

    EDIT: found out gates don't work underground. bummer
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    could it be possible to invent a revolving door? like a 5 wide door with the sign on top and bottom but instead of openning and closing, it would put you on the other side? i dont think animation is neccesary
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    I have the problem, that I couldn't use the ICs. At the moment I tested MC0230 and MC0262 and both don't react on anything. I simply place a cobblestone block. Then a sign and added a lever to the back. Did I miss something?

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    Wait are ICs out? Everyone is talking about them... [​IMG]
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    Would it be possibal to Have a setting where Gates And Bridges do not create blocks but take them from the player instead (on first creation) Or just require the whole thing to be made before removing it.

    It really screws with the whole No handouts Thing i got going on.
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    The self-triggered ICs are not out yet, there are currently only 8 or 9. To see which ones work check the github page not sure which one but someone in #Craftbook will tell you, or you can check the build notes/changes.

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    Uhm, False with a capital F. Leik, rly rly false. Lurk moar.
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    When will there be a properity's file? cause i dont want to use all features...
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    When its ready.
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    Wow you really need mature players for this to be a good addition. It's very tempting to exploit it's resource generation. I'm looking into if there's a way to disable the resource generation parts, and keep the others...
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    ICs aren't implemented...
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    Ok guys, hopefully this will stop a lot of these repeat questions (i doubt it though)
    At this time (march 18th 2011) Craftbook is currently in Alpha 1, Alpha 2 is due out SOON (no ETA, just when its ready)

    Currently in Alpha 1 Most minecart control features DO NOT work.

    Currently in Alpha 1 IC's DO NOT work

    Currently in Alpha 1 Doors DO NOT work

    Currently in Alpha 1 Gates DO work

    Currently in Alpha 1 Bridges DO work

    Currently in Alpha 1 there ARE NOT any configuration files in /plugins/CraftBook

    Currently in Alpha 1 YOU CAN use Minecart Mania, so long as you remove CraftbookVehicles.jar

    Also for those of you who want IC's now, FalseBook has a independent implementation of IC's, however CraftBook 3.0 when its released will support many more IC's than are currently available. Please dont ask for support for FalseBook in this thread as it is not supported by sk89q!

    Planned in Alpha 2 (not yet released!):

    Configuration files in /plugins/Craftbook (probably)

    Some Working IC's (probably all, however i can promise SOME will work)

    As well as all current WORKING features

    [edited for spelling]
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    dono how to help you with the gates (other than saying "who the hell would farm fences??"), but when the config file comes out you can set the only valid bridge block as glass. this way you could at least limit the farming.
    sure they could just build a bridge each time they wanted a stretch of glass, but they wouldn't be able to get the item itself.

    redstone works fine with my gates/bridges...

    also... lol..
    i support the re-posting of this on each new page until a new version comes out.

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    it works fine on mine too, but im using alpha2 which is unreleased atm, i never tried it in alpha1 but am pretty sure i saw somewhere it wasnt supposed to work, if you are using alpha1 and it works, let me know and ill edit the post to correct this.
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    yup using alpha 1 redstone is correctly controlling:
    gates, bridges, and pumpkins/nether stone (with some inconsistencies)
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    Sorry mate, but what you and SK89Q are telling is just not true.
    FalseBook is not a port of CraftBook.
    It is a totally done from the scratch and only for Bukkit. You might have seen it, if you would have been taken a look at the available sources.
    So please stop telling the people such lies.

    And by the way:
    The ICs are working correctly.. of course there may be some bugs. But thats why its stated at alpha-stage

    And to clarify:
    I really love sk89q for what he has done with CraftBook in the past.

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    sorry mate, i will edit my post to reflect that you created an independent implementation of craftbook for bukkit, i was just going on what has been said on this thread in the past and by sk89q.
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    No problem ;-)
    I'm not here to argue with someone. Was just an clarification ;-)

    And now let's close this, because this thread is about CraftBook and not about FalseBook
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    no problem, subject dropped, thanks for the clarification!
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    AJ Bandyk

    yeah, logged out and back on and wah lah! they worked. thanks though

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